Arsenal was not always a club so bitterly divided and it will reunite

I doubt that many Arsenal fans will deny that the Arsenal fan base is a divided one and it has been for a few years now.

Of course, there is always division in every club, however, the split among the Arsenal fan base is quite severe and personally I trace it back to the end of the Arsene Wenger era.

Prior to Wenger, there was arguments and disagreements but in my experience never to the degree, it was when Le Professor was in charge.

The minute fans accepted a banner to be unfurled calling for Wenger to go the seeds of discontent were sown and once that door was opened up then there was no shutting it.

Whenever an article about Alex Iwobi was put up one just knew that opinion would be split down the middle and unfortunately racism would creep in.

Then there is Mesut Ozil, stick an article up about the German and the fans would be divided, though that tends to be driven mainly by his followers that have infiltrated our great club, at least they will follow him out of the door when he is finally ejected kicking and screaming from the Emirates.

The point is, that right now, no matter the subject Arsenal fans cannot help themselves but to disagree with each other.

It has become contagious but it will not always be like that.

Once the club starts winning silverware, once it gets back into the Champions League, once they eradicate the poison from the club then harmony will be resumed.

It will never be perfect, there will always be a difference of opinion and rightfully so but it will not be as venomous as it is today.

2021 is too soon in my opinion, 2022 however, is the year that I am confident that Arsenal will get its identity back, hopefully under Mikel Arteta with new loyal players backed up by genuine Arsenal fans.

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  1. Well , there will be no games played in the Prem for many months to come , so hopefully we can all calm down. To be honest, mere team matters are on the back burner now for a good time to come. But the fact of huge and huger still wages as each year has gone by has been bound to cause this fan dissent. I have been forecasting it for ages and left unchecked it will destroy our game.

    Believe it or reject as you wish but this pandemic is actually our greatest opportunity for decades to regain some measure of morality back and as each week passes with the country in lockdown and daily news showing us exactly who the REAL heroes ARE and which are NOT, the general fan intolerance of gross greed will become more intense. It is up to ALL players and agents to reduce their greed and rejoin the REAL human race. Nuff said!

  2. Jon
    Having just watched the daily Coronavirus update on the box there is virtually no chance that our lives will get back to normal until a vaccine and/or drugs to treat the illness are available to all. We are talking about a year for that and until then it will be a certain level of social distancing and other measures. Football and other arena sports will suffer and probably this will mean we get our fix from tv or via laptops etc. Surely this will reduce revenue and that means less money for wages.
    Your last paragraph says it all.

    1. SueP, can I direct you to the thread on”Will the 2019-20 season be completed ” topic? You will see my very detailed reasons why I totally agree with you. Congrats on being among the slowly growing but still minority of fans who are realists.

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