Arsenal watch out! Chelsea about (to bid for the Ox)

If Arsene Wenger does not want to risk losing one of the best young players in the current Arsenal squad, he is going a strange way about convincing Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain that he is an important and intrinsic member of the Arsenal team and if the most recent Arsenal transfer rumours are true then the Frenchman needs to act fast to stop the Ox from giving up on the Gunners altogether.

The England international may not have had the same sort of impact as our star striker Alexis Sanchez but then again who did? Both of them are now in the final year of their current contract and while Arsene Wenger is trying desperately to persuade the Chilean to stay with the club, no one seems to have even bothered talking to the Ox about a new deal.

This is despite the fact that he played the most number of games in a season since joining from Southampton and also recorded his best goal tally with a fair few assists thrown in for good measure. Chamberlain enjoyed a great end to the season with a Man of the Match performance as we beat Man City to reach the FA cup final.

He also showed his possible impact once again for England, so is it any wonder that some Premier League clubs are interested? With the news reported recently that our player was frustrated about the lack of contract talks, Chelsea have now joined those EPL clubs and I think that is very worrying for us indeed.

The Mirror claims they could be about to make their transfer move and unless Wenger talks to the Ox soon and gets him signed up, could that spell the end of his Arsenal career?



  1. If you know football then by now you should be to realize that this is how agents use other clubs’ interest to Secure a lucrative deal for their client.

  2. He’s staying
    This rumour is dumb

  3. The papers will pedal anything… The stories about the Ox being frustrated amused me because I saw him on insta having a sunny holiday with his little mix wag. How frustrating that hammock on the beach looked- Oh well, add 12 months left to run on contract to frustration and you have links to Liverpool and now chelsea. Such tired journalism.

    Rambo has 12 months left on his deal too- where are the stories linking him to… oh ok.

  4. He wouldn’t even want to go to Chelsea.He’s just gonna be used for squad rotation.I’m pretty sure he’s gonna sign a new contract although it could take a while.I wonder what those in charge are doing.Are they counting stars or what?

    1. Hope he extends his contract. As for being a squad player at Chelsea, he’s definitely an upgrade on Moses in the system Chelsea play under Conte.

      1. Ox an upgrade on Moses? You need to watch the replays of Chelsea matches for the season.
        To be realistic, Moses was one of the key players that won Chelsea the league. Apart from high level performance, he was consistent which was what could not be said of Ox.
        You can as well say that Xhaka is an upgrade on Kante after all Xhaka eclipsed Kante by far in the last game of the season. If we had a head to head statistic of 2 wins to 1 over Chelsea, maybe we were better.
        Don’t encourage Wenger and our players to be lazy.

  5. I feel everyone now wants Ox to stay because WE all think he has arrived…I thought about it and I observed that’s the norm with most of our British/English players…when they have one year left they play well as soon as they sign a new contract, inconsistencies will set in, injuries will follow,up until when they have one year left again, we all remember Walcott, now its Ox and Ramsey, they both played well towards the end of the season….

    Will they be different next season…guess will have to wait and see… I back Ox to stay anyway, at least he is young at 23….

  6. It’s beyond jokes how Wenger hasn’t tied down the Ox already, it’s plain to see that he is open to selling him and every other forker in an Arsenal shirt. ? ? it seems our supposed war chest needs filling first.

  7. According to the Daily Star, Arsene Wenger begs Olivier Giroud to stay at Arsenal: We need you Lampy! ?

    1. I want Giroud to stay
      He is an excellent striker for SuperSub
      But I don’t know what to make of Wenger begging him to stay.
      I think Wenger still considers Giroud to be our number one CF
      Its quite possible Wenger may be so loyal to Giroud he may not get a Top striker just to please Giroud (like the past few seasons when we got Welbeck and Lucas)

      We desperately NEED another Top quality forward with ideally Giroud to stay, or if we could get an amazing striker with Giroud as part exchange if absolutely necessary to obtain him.

      If there is anyone Wenger should be begging to stay it should be Alexis.

  8. who cares about ox.
    we need to keep ozil alexis kos thats it. other players r just filler

  9. ****ADMIN COMMENT****

    I have now officially had enough of some of you trading petty schoolground insults. We are ALL Arsenal fans. All personal abuse will be deleted


  10. Arsenal should be making major inroads to convince Chamberlain to stay however, I think they seem convinced that he will stay despite being courted by other clubs or, at least as the press would have us believe.

    Plus, they know in Chamberlain and some others, they have a pretty malleable and compliant player that doesn’t make a fuss but has got the potential to keep us being at least a top four side. I mean, how many times has Chamberlain been dragged off, even when he was having a good game, only to make way for Iwobi or Giroud as the situation might arise ?

    It’s that compliance attitude which has allowed the club to not try and assemble bigger names and in some cases bigger egos as they know that they’ll have to pay more money and be a lot more ambitious as a club / employer. It’s easier and cheaper in terms of an overall wage turnover, to keep Chamberlain, Walcott, Ramsey, Iwobi, Giroud et al as they’ve got players happy at the exposure of playing for Arsenal, won’t create a fuss over money or conditions.

    I do really like Chamberlain as a player but would like him to thrive in an even better Arsenal team. I think the managers pet project over the last at least 10 years of taking rough bits of coal like Walcott, Ramsey, and others that have come and gone (still here even) then making them in to diamonds has not paid off. The club has been lucky the majority of the players that are in the present squad do have a more relaxed attitude as to the way things are going at the club and haven’t led a revolt like Sanchez.

    There is the quid pro quo, the club has players that do just enough keep us afloat and those players feel privileged for the opportunity, to which the club itself feels justified by keeping them on not paupers wages but enough to keep them happy and not make a fuss. Players happy for getting what they feel is their worth and a club with a much more manageable wage bill.

    I’m not saying that we should do a Chelsea or City and buy the premiership but, at least get a collection of players with drive, ambition and a bit of ego to force the club to want to do better. Sanchez and this whole scenario surrounding him really pees me off but, if we had more players in the team with his ability, attitude and ambition, would Arsenal still feel that they can opt for second best ?

    Anyway, the main topic was about Chamberlain the and possibility of him going to Chelsea. I hope he doesn’t, or anywhere else for that matter and due to the easy going nature of Arsenal FC and the role he actually plays, I believe for now he knows where the grass is greener. However, he is still only 23 and could quite easily have a more verdant outlook in seasons to come !

  11. Chelsea don’t want OX, this is just his agent tryna get his deal done. The ox won’t make the Chelsea team like it or not. They don’t buy average players. They want players who can perform game in game out. Or they will get benched. Here at arsenal its totally different. That’s out of his comfort zone

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