Arsenal websites or forums – Which is better?

Are two places better than one? by Snowden

I am fairly new to Justarsenal and its one of a handful of sites I check each day for information. It is rare that a day goes by that there isn’t a new article to read. I have even had a go at writing a masterpiece and seeing it published here. True to the Justarsenal Ideal if it is about Arsenal and it is legal it will be published.

The format ofthe article followed by comments by anyone who cares to comment has served this site well. Opinion is welcomed from anyone by writing instead of speaking and you don’t need to be a member.

I have come to see this site as an ‘online standing only terrace’ so you get a wide range of comments but minus the foul language associated with terrace vision.

Sites like this design are all over the net. There is blog site (like the forum) where someone writes a short comment and others comment. Or the site owner puts up a number of subjects for discussion. For this style in order to comment you need to be a member. The advantage is that it is easy to see subjects published awhile back and comment on one and bring it back to life. At the moment once an article is more than two days old it is out of sight and lost. In contrast it is easy to comment on a subject started weeks back with this other forum format.

Admi,n with new crew members on board, has put its toe in the water of this alternative design and at the moment we have both. I like the format that we have but I am used to the alternative and I quite like being able with a quick look down the page see an old article and see a new comment.

I personally don’t mind which format Justarsenal follows. I have never seen both designs on the one site and I am not too sure it is a good idea. However if Justarsenal wants to give it a whirl, well why not?

Whatever is decided by those whose right it is to make the decisions let’s be patient with them. If we have something positive to say then share it and encourage the decision makers. If we are critical then for the moment hold back. When the decisions are final we can then express our disapproval or criticism.

Meantime thanks for being Justarsenal.



  1. gotanidea says:

    I prefer to visit Arsenal news websites, because I’m more interested in reading new rumors and facts than discussing about football on the forums

    Websites that can get faster news and leaks from the football club insiders are more exciting to me

  2. gj says:

    its nice to get different perspective

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