Arsenal weighing up a move for two Manchester City stars

Arsenal is audaciously targeting a move for Manchester City stars, Raheem Sterling and Riyad Mahrez, according to Eurosport.

The Gunners want to rebuild their squad this summer after they finished last season outside the European places.

They hope to make the top four at the end of next season and have plans to make some quality additions to the squad.

Manchester City needs to replace Sergio Aguero and they are interested in a move for Tottenham’s Harry Kane.

Signing the England captain would be expensive and the report says they are prepared to cash in on some of their stars to make it happen.

Sterling and Mahrez have now emerged as targets for Arsenal with the Gunners looking to sign players that will immediately bring results.

The report adds that both players want to remain at the Manchester club and will hold talks with their current employers about their future.

If City insists on selling them, Arsenal will likely face even more competition for their signature.

It will be interesting to see if Mikel Arteta will convince them to swap winning the Premier League at City for an Arsenal team that is struggling closer to mid-table.

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  1. @admin- where is the article on saka and what he just showed he’s capable of on the world stage? Our teenager is as good as any teenager in the world. If he doesn’t start for England going forward, southgate is a bigger clown than I thought! Lots of people were vocal that he was rightfully behind foden, mount, grealish and sterling.. this kid will continue to quietly prove everyone wrong. What a star in the making!

    1. My goodness. We all rate and love our youngsters like Saka, Rowe etc. But the over sensantionalism / over the top praise makes me cringe.
      So he played well in this game, then what? So what happens it he has a bad game himself? Should our rival fans then say “See, we told you Saka is rubbish?”.

      Lets be objective in our analysis of football. This over the top partisanship from us all football fans needs to stop. We have got to be mature.

      The City fans will cry that foden has got to start over anyone.
      The Villa fan wil cry for Grealish.
      United will cry for Rashford.

      Why can’t we all be objectively honest in our analysis instead of always being myopic towards our own biases?

      1. @Goonster
        He’s actually won 3 MOTM awards in his last 5 games I believe ,so the importance of playing International football and the experience gained form it can only be good towards is club development ,he starred last night and was head and shoulders along with Sterling above all the so called top talents from our league .
        If he doesn’t play again so be it that’s on Southgate but to suggest that fans our overhyping him is slightly ridiculous seeing he pretty much just carried our club last season on his 19 year old shoulders ,I would dread to think where we would have finished had he not been on it for must of the season .
        Just looked at the Article on saka a few days ago which is still up and look at some of our in-house football experts opinions ,now that should make you cringe not fans that actually cheer when one of our own does well .

      2. Unfair Goonster. Every expert and commentator gave Saka MOTM. This is not a purely Arsenal love-in.
        The lad is 19, Motm playing for his country in the Euros?
        Come on…

  2. Sterling and Mahrez are just smoke screens. We are not buying any. Underated Saka, and to put Foden and Sacho before him. I think they are on the same level and Saka is more unpredictable and multidirectional. I drink to you Bukayo Saka, your Nigerian parents are proud.

    1. Kobin Saka is the next big thing to come out from engly, I just hope he keeps fit. The boy is a born talent, and he seems to be very humble and ready to learn. I’m sure if Saka plays for man United all those hypocrite pundits will keep talking about him.

  3. Saka is one of the best talents ever to have played for Arsenal and England, yet mysteriously underrated. We are extremely lucky that such a pure talent is playing for Arsenal, will show in the future how important he is to Club and country. About Sterling and Marez coming to Arsenal, highly unlikely as we have no European football, not even EuL forget about CL.

  4. Yes, sell our youngsters and go for anyone else who is available and looking for a contract extension. What a way to run a professional club. Regarding Stirling, there is nothing to get excited about. He has peaked and that’s it baby. At arsenal without adequate service from a creative midfield he will become an isolated ghostly figure similar to Auba. Mahrez is a more interesting proposition. Yes he will have games when he will devestate, but there will also be times when he can be marked into a corner and isolated. No different from Pepe really.This transfer window was very simple for those who know their football. Buendia, Bissouma and a top class fullback whould have given Arsenal an additional 12 points. Instead as has been pointed out Arsenal have been linked to 30 plus players. Someone either does not understand football nor is aware of the realities of the market. And it DOES all start at the top with the Kroenkes and the limitations they place on their staff.

    1. I’m fed up with repeating myself Joe. Only TWO confirmed EPL transfers so far, because key players and management are either at the Euros or on a break.
      We have been linked actually with close to EIGHTY players, but not one mentioned by Arsenal – does that tell you anything? Probably only White and Lokonga have any truth, but then again if you name every pro footballer in the world you will get some more right. If you think there are any legs in the Mahrez and Sterling junk mail, Perhaps you are the one who doesnt understand the realities of the market and how journo’s and agents work. Also, you do not just click your fingers and deals are done. Clubs do not sell players until they have a replacement – its like a house chain.
      We are not, at least yet, a selling club. A bigger problem is attracting players for low wages and no European football.
      So please stop slagging off your club in every post unless you have a more reasonable argument, or at least until it’s more obvious who we are really bringing in.

  5. Both are good players but I won’t take them at Arsenal. I think both players ave been overused by Manchester city and nw it is catching up on them, especially sterling who has been at city before mahrez arrival. Buying them might simply suggest Arsenal throwing their millions into the sea.
    Real madrid bought a depleted Hazard from a certain club where he’s played his best. From that same club, Arsenal bought a willian who was quite instrumental for his club on a free but who also hasn’t lived up to expectation at Arsenal. However, buying those two might make a bit of sense like creating competition amongst players in the team but I am still not convinced really. Instead of buying those two that might even cost us more than a 100million Euro, I suggest that we buy hosseum Aaour whose transfer figure isn’t even up to 30m and that provides us room to improve other areas.

    1. Agree OTS. Don’t believe this one for a second – both in late 20’s and already showing signs of decline. Overpriced.
      Runs totally in the face of what we BELIEVE is the new Arsenal approach – other than short term cheap emergency buys we go for 25 and under players with high potential to improve and increase value. Attitude, leadership potential, commitment are important and an emphasis on home grown talent to meet quotas.

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