Arsene Wenger will manage PSG – They love him

All the current Arsenal rumours are full of who will take over when Arsenal Wenger leaves, but what about where Wenger will be in charge next season?

Let Prof has already said that he still wants to play big European matches in the future, and according to the Gunners legend Robert Pires, there is only one club he expects to see his old boss at next season.

Pires told bwin: “I don’t know if it was the right decision for Arsene Wenger to leave Arsenal this season, but the most important thing is to respect it. It will have been very difficult for the manager to leave Arsenal after 22 years, but I think we will see Arsene sign for a new club this summer. He will have a lot of offers and I’m excited to see him on a new bench for the new season.

“Whether Arsene becomes manager of the France national team depends on how we perform in the World Cup this summer. Didier Deschamps has two more years on his contract, so I think it’s unlikely. I think Arsene Wenger would like to stay in club management rather than move into international football. He’s a warrior who loves to fight for titles every season and coach players every day, so club management suits him better.

“I think there’s every chance that Arsene Wenger will replace Unai Emery as manager of Paris Saint-Germain this summer. The club absolutely loves Arsene Wenger and they have loved him for many years. Arsene is available for the first time in 22 years and PSG would love to have him.

“I think they have offered him the Director of Football job which would be a new role and a new challenge for him, but I’m convinced he would rather be coach of the team instead. He loves football and being a manager too much to change.”

I personally think that there was never any doubt myself that he would be going to PSG. They have probably been trying to persuade him to go ever since the atmosphere turned toxic at Arsenal. He will earn more money and will have whichever players he wants to finally get his dream of winning a Champions League trophy.

At least he won’t have to face Arsenal next season at least!

Sam P

Updated: May 5, 2018 — 9:07 am


  1. He could go and become director of football or something similar but as the manager, it wouldn’t make any sense. Psg are trying to win the champions league, its why unai emery is leaving even though he pretty much won all the domestic cups and the league title. So why would they sign an ageing manager that has never won an european trophy, a manager that isn’t tactical enough to win against the best teams like madrid and barca in europe. Wenger is the last manger you need if you want to win the champions league, he has had more chances than every other manager and he failed, he couldn’t even cause one upset to win it.

    1. Wenger is still an icon and a big name in football, like what Ozil is and like what Beckham was

      It is an honor and a good publicity for any top club to have him as their manager. Maybe he would not win any European trophy, but his name will recorded in their history

      1. George Morrell and Elcoats are recorded in our history too. But only anoraks and nerds like me know who they are or when they managed us. Who cares about names recorded in our history, unless they are legends. Admittedly WENGER IS ONE, BUT WHAT MATTERS NOW IS WHO WE GET NEXT, NOT WHERE A TEN YEAR FAILURE GOES! OF COURSE SOME ON HERE HAVE ALWAYS SUPPORTED ARSENE FC NOT ARSENAL FC. BUT NOT ME!!!

    2. It could be great news, if that means tuchel is coming here and ozil and his huge wages are going with him to psg. Ozil could not complain with all psgs stars

      1. I can’t imagine Tuchel would willingly accept Wenger as Director of Football at PSG; given Wenger’s reputation for a hands on management style, wanting to control all facets of the team.

  2. Yes I think he would move to PSG, but would that mean Tuchel is going to Arsenal?

    Cannot wait for what the new manager will change at Arsenal and how big the transfer funds the board will give him. If he can only buy one or two players, I am afraid that will not be enough for the team rebuilding

  3. one shot on goal Wenger are the players

  4. Looool, so he is going to bring WHILSHERE, RAMSEY, IWOBI there loool

  5. Who actually cares where he goes?He will not be at Arsenal next season so it’s of no importance to us at all is it?

  6. Who cares! Not me. As long as he stays away from us and our board room.

  7. Talking of psg watching them playing little known amiens they have a play maker who’s pacey and looks great only 24 as well.
    Cornette. Very good feet low centre of gravity buy him!!

  8. He picks them.
    Buys them,
    Trains them,
    Teaches them tactics,
    Motivates them,
    Directs them,
    Plays them,
    Subs them,
    Benches them,
    And when they lose, he comes up with excuses to protect them.

    That’s why we blame him. From @lordgooner

    1. Break-on-through

      And that’s why we love the man who made us an Invincible outfit, not just winning but doing it by playing the best stuff that this league has/had ever seen. He should have kept his secrets more closely guarded, Pep still has secrets because he doesn’t invite people to watch them train and answer every question they have. Even Pep wanted to sit in on Arsene’s training, Fergie admitted he began treating his players similarly to get more out of them. More luck more secretive and more protection against teams who freely admitted they cannot play v AFC so we kick them to stop them, more protection against those teams and it could have made the small enough difference to matter. Arsene Wenger, go with grace you absolute Legend!!!

  9. I’m excited for the new season and manager but until it’s announced I still fear that the likes of gazidis, and josh/Stan kroenke will appoint a junior novice puppet who is just remarkably pleased to get the role. Surely they wouldn’t be that stupid would they? The fans demand the right appointment.
    I also fear a little the input of Mislintat and San lheli.
    I still think the new manager will be German of a Spanish as these guys will want to bring someone in they know and have worked with well as the relationship needs to be a close one.
    That so say rules out tuchel as Mislintat fell out with him? If that’s even true.
    Enrique or Allegri I think.
    No major preference between them but I’d favour Allegri I think.

    1. Break-on-through

      We got very lucky with that falling out, if Tuchel doesn’t bar Mislintat from speaking to players then we don’t get him. Also I never heard of a chief scout being banned from speaking to the players he helped bring to a club. It’s a curious one, like what harm at all could that cause, the only thing I can imagine is if Tuchel felt a little jealous of his popularity.

  10. Good old Brighton ???

    1. Yeah. They did well

  11. Wenger with money to spend would be an interesting sight. He’s held us together on a shoestring for over a decade, he probably deserves the chance to buy some quality players again.

    As for us, we won’t need to worry about champions league football for a few years at least.

    1. To recap back on Arsenal recent history.

      Arsenal League placing (LP) between 1982 to 1985 – 10, 6,7,7

      David Dean (1983*)/ George Graham, Appointed May 1986 (LP) – 4, 6, 1 (1988-89), 4, 1 (1990-1991), 4, 10, 4, 12 (1994-95)
      George Graham won 2 league titles. Finished 12th in his last season in charged. Build the fame Arsenal defense of Lee Dixon, Bould, Adams,Winterburn & Keown.

      David Dein /Bruce Rioch, Appointed July 1995 (LP) – 5 (1995-1996)
      Bruce Rioch managed Arsenal for just one season following disagreement with the Board over transfers and was sacked in August 96.

      David Dein/Arsene Wenger, Appointed Oct 1996 (LP) – 3, 1 (1997-98), 2, 2, 2, 1 (2001-2002), 2, 1 (2003-2004), 2, 4**, 4 (2006-2007)
      Arsene Wenger finished 3rd in 1996-1997 season and 1st in his first full season in charged. Altogether won 3 league titles. Some say that Arsene Wenger won his titles during this phase because he inherited the famous defence from George Graham but IMO this is grossly exaggerated. After the second league title under George Graham in 1991, the fame back 4 were still at their peak age but Arsenal did not won the title again until Wenger delivered in 1997. Even then, in the 1997 title triumph, Adams and Keown was already 31 years of age , Dixon 33, Winterburn 34 and Bould 35 respectively. Except for Winterburn who made 35 appearance ,the rest did not appear in more than 26 games that season. Sol Campbell, Kolo Toure, Ashley Cole and Lauren was the mainstay of the defense that won the next two league titles including the invincible season in 2003-2004.

      Stan-Gazidis/Arsene Wenger (LP) – 3, 4, 3, 4, 3, 4, 4, 3, 2, 5, 6/7?
      Post David Dein era, and in the Stan-Gazidis era, Arsene Wenger has consistently managed to keep Arsenal in the top 4 except for in his last two seasons. From 2007 to 2014 despite managing under financial constraint and having to sell many of his best players , Arsenal qualified for the Champion’s League in each of these years. Resigned/Force to leave by mutual consent in 2018.

      So whats gonna happen next season? Man City, Man U, Liverpool have better owners/resources, Spurs if Poch is still around will be there or thereabout, same with Chelsea if Conte is still around.

      I really hope for the best for us Gunners, but IMO, under Stan/Gazidis, more of the same can be expected.

  12. Buvac is our next manager I think ????

    1. Ahhh a second in command ffs

    2. Well it canot be Simeone the way he was overly exited when they beat us, if he was to come to us for shore he would of wanted CL, I’m not saying he would of thrown the game but for shore he wouldn’t be that exited to beat the team his supose to be joining

      1. Thinking about it and considering our owner tight ass Stan won’t open the war chest so our best hope would be Ancelotti just because he has worked with the best players and he just might bring some talent to our club, well at least more chance then bunch of unproven assistant coaches we seam to be linked with

  13. When are we going to find out who our new manager is???

  14. News making rounds is Arsenal will bank new manager 200m for new players . . . .
    Hard for me to believe.

  15. Haha! PSG want to win the CL, so why on earth would they bring in Wenger?

    1. Break-on-through

      Because the quota over there actually works in your favor, the one in Britain can give you good defenders if you act quickly or a striker if you are lucky but the reality of it is’s a massive handicap compared to the best sides in Europe.

  16. Really?He will find PSG has a lower threshold for tolearting repeated losses compared to Arsenal.
    Btw,the Burnley boss says the fm is ahead of his time. I am inclined to agree
    but the problem was he had failed to adapt/evolve to the changing fw.
    The mark of a manager is being adaptable. In this respect,he has failed
    repeatedly and,imho,shd have been axed 2010.
    Who ever takes over has to start winning games and not play the kind of soccer
    the fm has eschewed. He wants to win in style which is the cause of Arsenal’s decline.
    The top managers would have done so but found it impossible to marry the 2 and this
    is what has been the main cause of Arsenal’s repeated losses to the top teams and even some
    lowly teams.

    1. PSG would fire him after his first 3 losses in a row or first 5 goal drubbing. Whichever happens earlier.

  17. He may move to Everton with the Moshiri project….

    Usmanov may join in if its successful

  18. Break-on-through

    He could do well at PSG, he’ll be targeting the best players in France and have some great individual defenders. He’ll still promote youth but it will be French youth players with allot of African/French players. Their quota in that country in not the handicap it can be for a ball playing team in England. Also because they are the daddy of that league it will mean they have confidence when playing a European team, that’s handy to have, big/many wins under your belt as the quality players do be in great mood. If he does go there at least he will give us some favors when we’re recruiting over that way. I wouldn’t say it’s certain he goes to PSG, I reckon the Monaco job looks interesting to him. Depends how much he wants to win or how much he’d like to be relied upon.

    1. He WILL do well if he goes to PSG, because literally anyone can dominate domestically with PSG! Even Neil Warnock would do just as well, it’s easy! The question is, would Wenger deliver in Europe, because that’s what they really want. Given his track record, I would say there’s a 0.1% chance of that happening.

    2. That very last comment sums up Wenger perfectly and I agree totally with your rationale in what you have written.Basically he could walk into the PSG job and would be certain of winning the title and being competitive in Europe.(Surely even Wenger couldn’t F*** this up for his new employers.Could he….?)If he went to Monaco he would in effect be taking on challenge of keeping the Club in the very healthy and competitive standing their excellent current manager has brought them to.
      If the rumours turn out to be correct and he had the choice i believe it would be PSG.He would not be able to turn down the opportunity of challenging for the Champions League with an obviously talented squad and unlimited funds for the transfer market.
      Arsene my old cocker-Let me help you out here.You obviously know how to spend OTHER PEOPLES MONEY in the transfer market so how about buying THESE players to take with you to PSG.I have even listed positions and the fee Arsenal Football Club would like you to agree to pay.

      Goalkeeper. Ospina-You obviously rate him so highly so we would have to say £40m.Its What Everton paid for the soon to be England No1 Jordan Pickford last year and Ospina is a million times the keeper Pickford is otherwise you wouldn’t have brought him would you?Its not like you don’t know a world class Keeper after buying for the Club the quality of Almunia and Fabianski.Shit I forgot them so the price now must be £45m.

      Right Back. Hector Bellerin.This one is a no brainier for you.He will be playing for a team that is so good compared to their rivals that Bellerin will never need to defend.This makes him the ideal signing because that is Hectors strength.He can’t defend.So the price simply MUST reflect that you cannot afford not to sign him.Most fans would be telling you to take him with you for nothing.But you are not getting away with that.You must have devoted so much of your time and coaching skills to turn what was once a promising young player to the Bellerin we now have who CANT DEFEND CANT PASS CANT CROSS.But he does have nice hair and a perfect dress sense to blend in with the Parisian culture.You can’t have him fir less than £75m.Go on Sign him.Please.

      Centre Back Mustafi.I just can’t understand the criticism he gets.You paid £35m for him.He scored against Spurs this season.EVERYBODY in that ground was up and jumping and singing and hugging and smiling and laughing.He is THE ONLY player to have done this during the season.Most games the fans have sat there absolutely bored shitless and saying nasty things about the players as well as you.So you were right to buy Mustafi.He is a football Genius.You have never ever brought a bad Centre Back in your time at the Club(with the obvious exceptions of Pascal Cygan- Igor Steponovs-Johan Djrough-Phillips Senderous-That twat Schillachi.Oh yeah Mr Wenger.Dont ever let anyone say you don’t know a centre back when you see them.Cost to you £100m.That is cheap.Liverpool paid £75m for Dick Van Dyke (look the name up if you are younger than 40 )and this player has never even scored against Spurs so Mustafi must be worth that don’t you think?

      Midfield. Granit Xhaka is the best midfield player in the world.Honestly please take my word for this.Please.How about paying the £35 F***ing million we paid for him.Please.
      Jack Wilshere.His contract runs out on the 30th June.If you get in quickly before then we will sell him to you for nothing.Ok that’s a deal.

      Attack. Alex Iwobi.He MUST be good because you keep playing him and you wouldn’t do that if you didn’t think he was better than that useless twat LIONEL MESSI who couldn’t stop Iwobi scoring TWICE in that meaningless friendly when he played against Argentina.Also you have contrived to rob from the English Nation the undoubted talents of Iwobi for allowing him to play for Nigeria.You B*****d Wenger and I say that on behalf of a grateful Country.

      I hope this helps you.Your scouting network while at Arsenal proved not to be very good didn’t it?You F***ing IDIOT.So now at least you can use MY OWN scouting reports and buy these players for your new team at PSG.PLEASE
      NOW JUST F*** OFF.

      1. I can’t quite figure out why but a hunch, an instinct if you like, tells me you are not WENGER’S BIGGEST FAN. What a coincidence! Nor am I! Even more coincidental, nor are virtually all Gooners! Whoever would have thought it!

  19. Maybe it will also be good for Wenger with a change of scenery. I wish him good luck, and if he is to take over at PSG, it will be interesting to see him in a job, where he actually must produce results.

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