Arsenal were awful – Wenger can’t motivate them any more….

What can the Arsenal fan do? Arsene will not be sacked even if we get relegated.. by KM

Well there you have it. Arsenal beaten by a terrible Monaco side 3:1 at the Emirates. Worse than the result was the performance. Not one player had any sort of character. I really saw an uninterested side. The same one I saw against Crystal Palace.

Monreal was benched and on came Gibbs who was more focused on going forward and doing nothing, rather than helping in defense. Bellerin was the same. What the hell? Coquelin was terrible. Where was a man to block Kondogbia on his first shot? Wasn’t that Coquelins job?

And guess who sat next to him? Santi Cazorla of all people was dropped to be a second DM. We were terrible. The passing was bad, the possession was awful, but worst of all I was shocked that we are at the Emirates and we don’t want to play. We were uninterested in the game.

We are losing 1:0 and we throw bodies forward and one simple counter and we are done for. Sanchez tried to go past 10 players rather than give a back pass. Do you remember the United game? I was sitting right behind the goal as I saw Sanchez try to be the hero again rather than prevent a second goal.

Welbeck was running around trying to do something, but having no idea what that is. And Giroud. He was so bad he got subbed, and the worst thing is, we didn’t have a single man in the box after that. I thought our players disappeared. We didn’t have anyone in the box, nor did we have anyone in the back to cover in defense.

We showed no desire to try and come back. If Mourinho was a coach, the players would die on the field for him. Wenger is no moral support for the players. He is helpless. The players sat for themselves and thought how about we play more defensive, so we get some results. Something a man paid 8 million to do couldn’t do.

I don’t know how much more I can take. I go to bed with a broken heart every month because Arsene cannot finish 3rd in a league where only Chelsea and Man City have some sort of a decent squad. He will never win the Champions League, because he has no character. He let a 3 goal lead slip, and what is the lesson we learned.

Words are easy to be said, but just look at the way the players were sitting there doing nothing. No movement, no ideas, nothing. We were in possesion when Monaco scored goals 2 and 3 and we gave them easy chances. Crystal Palace may miss them but in the last 16 of Europe – it doesn’t work that way.

Wenger’s gotta go. Bring in Simeone, or Klopp, or anyone… Ask yourself is this performance worth the immense ticket prices you pay to sit at the Emirates? Why do you think Sanchez was sold from Barcelona? Ozil from Madrid? Where was the spirit from people who are worth almost 80 million pounds ?

Giroud showed more spirit than the others, although the chances he missed were criminal. We don’t have a top keeper, the defense is more concerned about attacking. We lacked any sort of vision and we never learn from the mistakes.

Wenger is a manager of the past, once truly great and ahead of the game. Now a man chasing shadows. We’re never beating United in the FA cup with a performance like that. I really am shocked. I left a date, to come home and see the MIGHTY ARSENAL play…

I am gutted. We should’ve drawn Barca or Bayern or Real Madrid. At least then it wouldn’t hurt so much. Now i am ruined…


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  1. Just saw a show where they said Sanchez and Welbeck never started wide enough. Henry one of the commentators said the same. I had flashbacks to when Jack and Aaron were put out wide. Very narrow. It made it much easier to defend.

    1. Think of all the goals we’ve scored this season. Other than counterattacks, I can’t think of any off the top of my head that haven’t come from attacking in wide areas. There’s probably been a few, but the vast majority of our goals come from playing in wide positions and stretching the opposition to create space. That’s how we play, and we just didn’t do it tonight.

    2. @Jim A
      Yeah and at Barca Henry seid that if he strayed in didn’t stick to being wide, he was gonna sit on the bench… didn’t even see AW sending that msg to Welbeck….the guy tout he’s a midfielder…
      Unfortunately he not the only 1 that should be slated – poor performance all allround.
      NO DISCIPLINE – Felt like players were playing with hangover…

  2. arsene has never been a motivator so title is bit misleading
    im gonna get this in early. i want wenger to go at end of the season, have done since early last season.

    but please as fans lets show some respect:
    hes been our manager for 18 years- he gave this club the platform to become a big club, changed everything – gave us best years in our history- an the dream that was the emirates became a reality-

    so when u come on ere an call him an old c*nt, french twat, f off etc.
    come on lads we’re better than that, please be respectful of our manager

    an dont forget those players an how badly they’ve played since last season-is wenger on the pitch? they have a responsibility to this club an its fans to give there all and be professional
    they havent done that- 1 good performance every 10 games is a disgrace- tired of seeing us steal wins or draws.

    1. I don’t disagree with any of that muff. Well said. Especially the personal abuse stuff – soon as I see that I know I am dealing with people not much different from those Chelski morons on the Metro.

    2. Funny how we’re allowed to bang this drum again after yet another shitshow.

      To the blinkered idiots I’ve argued with the last few months tell me again:
      How Mertesacker is good enough
      How Coquelin is a ‘top class’ DM
      How Ozil was a necessary at 43mil with our obvious flaws at DM, CB, and quality depth at ST.
      How Wenger isn’t abysmal with tactics

      Same story. Win a few diddy games in a row then get worked over by anyone with a hint of quality and tactical nous.

      The great Arsenal delusion continues.

      1. Hey CC – just say you are right regarding everything you say, admittedly improbable but let’s run with that for the moment, what will make you happy and pipe down a little? If we all join you in unison and slag off anything and everything that dismays you with Arsenal will your anger and derision of the “idiots” on this site ease off just a little?? Can you cure our “delusion”. You obviously need a more intelligent forum to keep up with you. Say Ozil was “unnecessary”, Mertesacker is not “good enough”, Coquelin is crap, Wenger is “abysmal” etc – exactly what do you want the punters on here to do about it? Why are you so desperate for people to agree with you?? Do you just want love and validation?

        1. Yea you nailed it mate. Well done, just need some TLC is all.

          Or perhaps it would just be nice to engage with Arsenal fans, who share a common interest, that can put aside bias and just discuss how the club we all give time and money to can better itself. Almost as if it were an Arsenal forum….

          Instead there’s droves of zombies who are blindly loving of all things Arsenal. And when that reality is peeled back, they have a pop at those who sit banging the drum for advancement and improvement. You don’t move mountains on forums, but at the same time is it so hard to have a conversation and exchange of views about a common interest with people who can do better than bury their heads in the sand and blame luck, karma, star sign alignment?

          I’m not desperate for anyone’s approval or agreement, I say what I think needs changed and simply react to the responses that come my way. Clearly a nerve has been struck with yourself as Wenger didn’t depart the Emirates tonight on his unicorn following an easy win.

          1. Ya full of shit,Ya blame individuals when the whole team were rubbish.Next your say we would have won with Schniderlin Go get pissed on Ya Champagne

            1. Go get pissed on ya champagne?….Stellar stuff Luko.

              Funny thing about a team mate is that it’s only as good as its weakest link, which are individuals. I could moan about several performances from today, but my issue is with the same few who continue to show they’re not the requisite quality…gaffer included sadly.

              You always have a pop at me because I rate Schneiderlin more than Coquelin. If we had him or any other is irrelevant. What is relevant is that who we did have were a long way off being good enough. That’s kind of the main point here…

              1. Coquelin is good enough,its these so called world class players like Ozil, Sanches Giroud Mertisaker, that cost millions who cant put 2 games together, yet Cocquelin cost nothing and has only played 6 games and has filled in with great displays all media, players and Arsenal fan tv give him praise,But you sir just want him to have a off day to prove a point that he is not good enough. Is Walcot, Oxy who scored a great goal but will be remembered for the mistake in giving them the 3rd also need replacing .you need to get off your high chair and support these club players that cost F;;; All, if you are a fan of Arsenal

                1. “media and ArsenalFan TV give him praise” – well I didn’t realise Robbie was the gospel.

                  You’re telling me to support an Arsenal player irrespective of ability just because he cost next to nothing? Instead I should focus on the ones with the big price tags? My oh my.

                  I just call what I see mate, and it’s patently obvious Coquelin is just a decent player. He could get better, he has time on his side, but he is not in the same league as Gonalons/Schneiderlin who we should be looking to buy.

                  Keep your “How to be an Arsenal fan” tips to yourself. We’ve covered this debate about coquelin. You say he’s going to be world class by the summer and I say he’s going to be replaced in the lineup. We will see who’s the better judge come the summer.

          2. I think that was a long-winded way of saying you would prefer to engage with people who agree with you. Fair play. No nerve struck, if Wenger left tomorrow it wouldn’t bother me. In fact I would embrace it just to see how long before people like you would be concocting another set of moans and revised theories if things don’t improve immediately or god forbid we don’t win the UCL in the first season without Wenger. You come across as intelligent and articulate but fall short of being persuasive as your standard default position is invariably “everyone else is an idiot”. You make the age old mistake of having a fiercely wild imagination – one that lets you think you are the sole possessor of all the answers. Your anger needs to be directed at the club, not at your fellow supporters who choose to deal with their disappointment and frustration in dare I say a more mature, grounded and realistic manner. After all, as I asked you previously; what would you like us to do to meet your approval? Perhaps sign up to this “banging the drum for advancement and improvement” club that you have got up and running.

            1. To coin anyone on here as an idiot was out of line, that came in part due to some frustration regarding the result. Regardless, nobody here is any better than anyone else and that remark was uncalled for. I take it back.

              That aside, no I”m not looking for a collection of people to sit and stroke my ego and agree with all I come out with. I’m looking for REASONABLE debate, and I get irritated when people defend ridiculous stances just to avoid being seen as anti-Arsenal. If you have a different opinion to me fine, let’s debate it. But my thoughts and views are unchanged and years old, yet continue to be proven correct. When I’m wrong and someone calls me on it, and it’s proven so, I say “you were dead right”.

              How people can argue Per, Coquelin as good enough, or Wenger as cutting edge, or 4th as impressive is just so cringeworthy when they continue to display they are not. I don’t expect title after title, far from it. What I do think we should expect, as fans paying the highest prices in Europe, is that we see the smartest/most innovative ways our club can best attribute its resources in attaining actual top level success. You rightly say money is inherently linked with success in football, totally agree. So how can we pay more than Barca, RM, Bayern, Dortmund, Chelsea, City, United fans by some distance, yet achieve nothing close to them?

              The debate is never as simple as ‘we should be winning leagues’, and I would never suggest as such. But we should damn well be doing everything to the best of our abilities to make tangible success and titles a bigger reality. Hand on heart i don’t think any Gooner can say our club is well run from THAT perspective. Yea financially we have a great model, but scouting, management, and medical there are big gaps in efficiency/quality.

              Regarding “meeting my approval”, I’m not asking for anything other than a measured and justifiable stance from anyone commenting against or with me. If I can go some way to making the general narrative of Arsenal fans can go from ‘idly following the team regardless’ to ‘expecting the absolute best from all departments’ that would be a success. I’m not gonna change the methods of Arsenal football club, but hopefully what I say can make other Arsenal fans who don’t share my view sit and question if what we’re currently doing is good enough. From what I see it just isn’t……not even close.

    3. I say it when we win, I say it when we lose. I don’t think Wenger is good enuff anymore and he needs to go. Guess what, when we win I got downvoted, now we lost 1 single game and someone wants him out immediately. FFS, can we be anymore fickle? We’ve got no right to complain about other fans being plastic if we behave like this.

      I said before I don’t think Ozil was as good as some gooners think he is, and what he used to be, and i got downvoted. Tonight shows my point again. Where the hell was he on the pitch? The guy disappears from games so many times (especially big games) its not even funny anymore. Before u say other players were awful besides him, please recall we paid freaking 42m for him. Touch your heart gooners, and tell him honestly whether his performances ever since he came merited that transfer fee.

      A couple of months ago, someone on this site suggested giroud = benzema. I almost a burst a lung in amusement. Tbf, he has scored plenty recently, but as long as he continues missing the chances he missed today, he’s never going to be a world class strikers up there with the best. I never really rated him but I appreciate his work for the team. But some gooners need to wake up n realise Giroud is not as good as they had made him out to be recently.

      1. Exactly. Some things remain, the only fluctuation comes in fan consensus regarding the topics.

        Wenger is done as far as advancing us
        Ozil has been a terrible buy, wasn’t even needed at the time
        DM position is so undervalued at Arsenal
        Mertesacker is a squad player at best
        Giroud is an alternate ST.

        When we do well, you get thumbed down/abused for saying any of the above. When reality strikes, everyone finally wakes up and smells the coffee. Trouble is we’ll beat the next few teams and all will be forgotten, only for “injuries” and “bad luck” to get the usual going over in the comments.

        1. I’ve stuck by my guns, and will disagree with you, Charlie. I think what Wenger has done and is doing has advanced us as a team. But realize that the team is not just about results. So do include the finances in that discussion, the fact that FFP just had the next set of rules kick in in 2014, the fact that Barca is on a transfer ban, and we’re in position to keep purchasing the types of players that we have been purchasing. Top quality.

          Now, Ozil hasn’t been at his best, I won’t disagree. But, I mentioned the other day, and I’ll repeat, that his buy was no coincidence. Regardless of the timing of it. And that purchase, whether coincidence or not, coincided with the best run at the Prem title that we’ve had in long long while. So, terrible. I don’t agree. Far from it, in my opinion. And as a player and a fan, I appreciate what he does do, even when he’s quiet and lurking.

          DM has not been adequately addressed. On this note, I wholeheartedly agree. I wish we’d grabbed up Wanyama a couple of summers ago. Now, I hope there is weight to the rumor that a verbal agreement was struck with Schneiderlin to come this summer. Would he have been more helpful now. Undoubtedly. But Arsene and Arsenal can’t always control the timing of things. If Schneiderlin does indeed come this summer, then I think we’ve gone a long way to shoring up that DM problem we’ve had for years. And Coquelin is a mighty fine back-up, who may well continue to get better. Nothing like solid competition to improve a player. Look at Cazorla as a fine example of that.

          Re: Per, I think you undervalue him. Has his speed cost us in games. Yes it has. Has that usually happened when our full backs drive forward and don’t get cover from the wingers? Typically. When he hasn’t played, has Kos looked better? Nope. When does Kos look his best? When Per is playing with him. So, whether he’s a squad player or not, I do know that last year our defense was as good as I’d remembered it in a long long time. Good enough? Well, I think it was right up there with the best in the Prem. You think I’m delusional. But, hey, that’s my opinion, and it’s based on our performances throughout the entire season. Notwithstanding the terrible losses we did also suffer. But I think those losses were down to the point I do agree with you about, and that is that the DM position has been undervalued.

          As far as you complaint about Giroud, I think he sure is better than Benzema right about now. I know I’m happy we didn’t spend a boat load trying to get him as well. Is Giroud WC? No. Can he get there? I’m not sure. He, much like others on this team, has a psychological problem with his confidence. Maybe the solution this team should look for is therapy for everyone. I know that sounds laughable, but can it hurt?

          The loss was bad, yes, but was it the end of our season? I don’t think so. Let’s ride it out and jump to conclusions once we’re done playing in Monaco, and finished up in May. In the meantime, we sure should debate the quality of our team and what could be better, or what has improved. Seems to me these spirited discussions only happen when we’re upset that the team fell short. And I suppose that’s only natural.

    4. “he gave this club the platform to become a big club”

      Sick of that statement; you do realise that Arsenal were a big club before Wenger came?
      If you look at Wenger’s last 10 years and compare them with George Graham’s tenure Graham makes him look like a novice.
      Put simply Wenger has been one of our worst managers for a longer time than he has been a good manager!

      You want to wrap Wenger in cotton wool because it’s the players fault!
      Wenger bought them, makes them play his tactics and doesn’t motivate them at all.
      This is Wenger’s philosophy at work, 18 years ‘building’ a team and it isn’t working.

      Fergie won titles with a lot of average players because he motivated them, they would have coughed up a kidney on the pitch if he demanded it, Wenger can’t get his team to run fast!

      1. when one or two players dont show up, its thje players fault. when they all dont show up, that points to the manager. no motivational ability: a big thing a manager has to have. i thought he’d and our defence had turned a corner after soton, but looks like we’re back in the s**thole. mert : u’r embarassing urself. please stay at the back.

      2. Spot on ….. Along with “let’s just support the players” it’s part of a weird cultish mindset that has arsenal fans a bit like scientologists with wenger the L Ron Hubbard of football management … Everyone is a supporter of the club … Beyond that it’s about the performance and results …. And at the wages this lot earn all are fair game for criticism of real fans of the club beginning at the top …. So for starters and as I have been saying for 4 years now the French twat can’t deliver top honours and needs to be shown the door …. Just my subjective opinion but so far it has not been proved wrong

  3. Why so much effort and so much money spent to enter the top 4 in every single year?Just to be embarrased everytime by anyone?I mean,is not worth it if you don’t take advantage of that and go for the glory.Everything is on vain,just the pleasure of showing up?This team doesn’t have a future,it is just a mediocre one,get use it.Glory times are past,class players are gone…what is left?Just a name chasing the shadows of the past.And all this sorrow atmosphere has only one man responsible-Arsene Wenger.He must go for the good of the club,he is just a stone dragging the team backward or keeping it still.Just go Arsena,don’t embarras yourself and the beautiful times you lived here.

  4. You over exaggerate. We didn’t play good. We could have had a better result. Both with Giroud (I don’t even know how he missed that) and Welbeck. We weren’t good today, but talking about the resignation of Wenger just means you just wanted an excuse for you to bring it up. Wenger is staying.

    “We don’t have a top keeper” That’s just whining. Ospina hardly did anything wrong, and he hasn’t had a bad match as of yet, or am I wrong?

    This article is just about whining. I understand the frustration, but damn!

    1. Wenger is staying because club got no ambition. How sad that i called this at the beginning of the season… 4th place, R16 knockout, and its all coming true. Even when we draw the easiest team. Just shows how pathetic our manager is. He’s not a top manager, simple as that. And I think its about time this club has a top manager. Wenger has played his part. 2 more season until his contract is out… thats what i have to keep telling myself to stay sane.

      1. You, and everyone else who is ready to bash, should indeed keep that 2 year mark in mind. It certainly will provide some comfort. We won’t know what we’re going to get. But at least you’ll know that it’ll be different. In the meantime, I’m hoping that we beat Monaco to hell in that crap country and then take down a giant in the qaurter’s, semi’s, and final’s. But hey, hate me for being an optimist.

  5. Other than the selection of Giroud and Welbeck playing together, I wouldn’t put this loss on Arsene Wenger. Sometimes it’s the players that have to take the blame, and tonight they should. Is it Wenger’s fault that Özil, who has been in very good form lately, can’t string two passes together in the centre of the pitch? I don’t think so. Nor is it Wenger’s fault that Giroud can’t score numerous ‘sitters’. Wenger has made many mistakes – costly mistakes – this season, but I wouldn’t put tonight down to him.

    1. Mick how can you acknowledge above that our wide players were entirely too narrow and that led to our lack of success in the final 3rd, and then single out mesut as a worse performer than anyone else? Doesn’t it stand to reason that if the wide players don’t stay wide, and thus not create gaps or seams for Mesut to thread balls, then chances are when he tries to still do so he’s gonna be unsuccessful? I just don’t understand that.

      Despite our collective poor play we got chances and simply did not take them. Giroud and Welbz can’t be slated for being asked to be something they’re not. In Europe, or against the big boys at the top of the league the chances are gonna be slim. Look at suarez’s first goal last night. He saw far less of the goal than Giroud and Welbz did in their chances, and he buried it. That’s the difference. Suarez, kun, messi, cr7, zlatan, maybe cavani, maybe Benz, costa – they’re killers. Pace to get in behind on the counter, can run at defenders, can hold the ball up, can finish in the air. We can’t truly be successful without that type of cf.

      If all our wide players are going to converge to the middle, then we at least need a 9 that can create space by stretching the back line.

      But I guess it’s mesut’s fault.

      1. oh please. Yes, the team was set up wrong, but Ozil regardless sucked today. Again he is 2 gears behind Sanchez, even Coquelin who were trying to attack. Instead he plays backpasses galore along with Welbeck, and Cazorla. Ozil has almost been here 2 years and has yet to perform in a single big game for the club. He’s not the only problem though. Mertesacker is simply not good enough, and AW has no tactics as usual and is an absolute idiot for using Welbeck ahead of Walcott. Disastrous match as usual at this stage in the competition.

        1. Hmm, based on what you said, what do you think the reason was that santi and Mesut and Welbz had to go sideways or negative? Ummm maybe because it was too congested to penetrate? Hmm

          And yes cr7 is a 7 and not a 9. I threw him in more for his goal scoring exploits. Messier played several years as a 9, even if false. That said, that still doesn’t negate the overall premise of my point, u just picked out one player that didn’t fit the example, but failed to negate the actual premise. Well done.

          1. lol, they did sideways passes because they were scared and had no urgency. It was a slow lackluster first half overall.

      2. “We can’t truly be successful without that type of cf” – don’t want to be too pedantic but Messi and Ronaldo are not centre forwards – the only players in that list that play CF regularly at the top of the pitch are Ibra, Costa and Benzema. Welbeck has more UCL goals than Ibra and Costa combined this year so even the great and the good are not burying everything that comes their way. I agree though OG should have buried at least one of those chances.

        1. if you want to score goals, you dont play Welbeck, its that simple. And b.s. scoring statistic about Welbeck as well. Galatasaray were statistically the worse team in the entire Group Stages. And you must be if you let Woebeck score a hattrick again you…

          1. Agree it is a bs stat but still a fact. I just get f***ed off to the back teeth hearing how god like Costa and Benzema etc are – you would think they were scoring a hat-trick every game, have never missed and every goal was a 30 yd bicycle kick.

    2. What baffles me is that your saying “Its not Wengers fault” but who brought these players in? who “Coaches2 them who is supposed to advise them tactically and emotionally? who is it that should pull the players off the park that are not doing so well and bring on players who canchange the formation of the team and therefore the plan of action in the game? Who is it that gets paid 8 million a year and who keeps his job for nearly 20 years?…that’s right we all know who!!
      However the world Is far more complicated and one thing we have NOT addressed during this discussion is the fact that IF we loose wenger as many of us want what then??
      Really do you, any of you believe that the board would allow anyone in to manage the side that wasn’t of the same mindset regarding transfers and expenditure as Wenger?? whay would more likely happen is that we loose Wenger and get someone equally as cautious as him but with less experience and we end up NOT spending and NOT qualifying for CL football and we really do end up as mid table mediocrity.
      The other scenario is keeping Wenger at the helm and continuing down this route that we have done for the last eight to ten years.
      I honestly believe that the board who are incidentally ALL landed gentry and upper class silver spoon, merchant bankers and old money doyens are more than happy with the way the business wheels turn and really don’t give a sh!t about silverware and honours AND THATS why Wenger has kept his job so long without delivery. If anything I really believe that Wenger loves the club and feels he is doing the right thing although I feel its high time he hung up his coat and moved on I just think the Board manipulate the scenario and it suits them very well to pay Wenger the money they do and collect the massive dividends that they do and just keep the wheel turning You interested in these petty point scoring excersiseswant change ? empty the stadium on match day, that would be a start.
      Wont happen though too many fans are only interested in arguing with each other. and again that’s what the board likes. tell me what other corporation has a 33.3% shareholder who has NO place on the board?? that should tell you all you need to know about our club and those that run it.

  6. Your first paragraph says it all really although Monaco are not “terrible” by any standards. You get a bit scattergun after that. Utterly bewildering and embarrassing performance. Wenger is ultimately responsible sure – but to blame him for every poor piece of play, countless lost possession, listless attitude, missed goal opportunities, suicidal decisions, individual errors and player’s lack of effort and desire is a stretch. Just how bad must a team perform before we apportion a good dose of blame on them rather than knee-jerk to slag the manager? Most of us would have picked a similar team and most of us know that these players have sufficient quality to at least not lose to a Monaco team at the Emirates. Worst performance I can remember, all things considered, for at least 2 years. I get the point regarding getting a new manager, any manager, but while our performance was easily the worst of the lot worth remembering Klopp and Simeone both lost and Mourinho didn’t exactly rip it up in Paris.

    1. Difference is Klopp lost 2 – 1 in a tough away ground, Juventus is a very good team and realistically Dortmund have a good chance of going through
      Atletico were out Atletico’d but still have a good chance of going through
      Mourinho got exactly what he wanted, an away goal and he didn’t lose, PSG is a good team but its difficult to see them going to Stamford Bridge and outscoring Chelsea

      While we have to put 3 past Monaco and hope they don’t score, not impossible but highly improbable

      1. I did say ours was the worst performance of the lot – no doubting that. But do you think Wenger would have been heartily applauded on here if he had pulled off the credible feat of losing narrowly away from home. Don’t think so.

    2. Also worth noting they’re all still in their respective ties, and against better teams than Monaco…

    1. i guarantee if we bought them we still would not win title or cl.
      gotta see wengers strengths – to understand his weaknesses

      i hope he sees sense sooner rather than later an brings someone in

      1. to replace him , not just squad additions.
        he needs to remain at the club but not the coaching side.

        he came with new ideas an changed football.
        but now football has overtaken him

      1. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

        well done.

  7. Gonna echo muffdivers comments, the true turning point for me was the 2-1 loss at home to united that’s when I knew wenger could not lead us to another title, abusing him will do no good, he does deserve respect but we do need a change.

    And finally the the performance from the players was a desire, basically undone all the Good recent work, and proved their not good enough.

    1. maybe you underestimated Monaco but do a simple lookup on them and you’d be foolish to think it would be easy. Ive been saying for months Monaco keep clean sheet after clean sheet every game. I dont care if you play in the Madagascar league, you are doing something right if are not conceding like Monaco. Wenger had no game plan and it was so obvious. Monaco are without both of their starting fullbacks, have their RB playing in midfield, yet he plays a narrow lineup, doesnt include Walcott either. And I have no freaking idea if this is the players or managers but every single one of Wenger’s sides post invincibles have been absolutely suicidal when it comes to defending counter attacks! Almost the whole entire team is pushed up the pitch and its just asking to be punished. I dont know why this happens but discipline must be the problem. You would never see this happen over and over again for a decade to any top coach. I really think Arsenal’s defending became bad when we let all our best defenders leave so quickly from the club and brought in garbage like Squillaci to replace them. Essentially the chain of command at the back was broken and nobody at the club knows how to defend anymore. Invincibles defense was good because it dated back to George Grahams Arsenal where he had defenders like Keown, Adams, etc. Nobody at the club is like that anymore. Ugh, anyways, Wenger remains naive, just when we thought he was actually starting to become a bit modern. Sorry if i got off topic and dont make sense. Just so SICK of this year after year.

      1. Sorry mate but The Invincible’s defence was Lehmann, Lauren, Campbell, Toure and Cole. All Wenger signings and nothing to do with George Graham. Three of them were not even defenders when Wenger signed them – he converted Cole, Lauren and Toure. He may have lost his way since but he has in his time known a thing or two about defenders.

    1. We have one way of playing though. Our game plan is just to keep on trying the same thing on the pitch until we score. Hence being so one dimensional and being easy to play against. We have no plan B

  8. @twig
    And now we will probably go out to Monaco and win 2-0
    Which still won’t be enough to take us through.
    Because like always we bottle it.
    On the bright side we can concentrate on our famous top four finish.
    Then we can fail again next year in the champions league hahaha

  9. I agree with Muff this is not all we gets fault , in the first half we had a throw in an not one player actually ran to or away from the ball.
    IMO winger needs to go but the problem is deeper that him ,the board needs to start treating fans right or allow someone to do it
    Monaco fans all around the stadium , stewards who won’t eject them when they are causing issues in the ground but the same stewards throw out fans with winger out banners.
    I spent £280 and 8 hours traveling to and from the ground I am ashamed at how the club treats its fans

  10. And insult to insult Monaco was missing 5 of their better players. Get scored 4 goals total in their group stage.

    I’m beyond disappointed in the effort shown today. BFG was responsible for the first two goals and Ox who’d had a pretty effective performance since coming on and scoring a great goal was totally responsible for goal 3. I’m not an Ozil superman or hater but he was really bad today. Bellerin and Coq were out of their depth. Really hoping Paulista gets a start with Kos in the next match.

  11. Wenger just came out and said We played suicidal football defensively..

    How many time has he said this since last season? Against City 6-3, Chelski 6-0, Liverpool 5-1, Everton 3-0. This season against Dortmund, Anderlecht, United, Liverpool and Monaco etc.

    In all these matches wenger has come come and said the same thing..

    What I am asking is? Why then does he wait until the matches have finished and then comes out with this same rubbish about We played suicidal football?..

    If he can see it why does he remain seated in his seat, arms folded into his body and rocking back and forth. He should be out there barking at the players telling them to keep the shape.

    But he instead waits until the game is finished and then tell us we played suicidal football..


    1. Thank you. We don’t always agree, but I couldn’t agree more. I understand preparing your team through the week and letting them sort it out when the whistle blows, but coaches get paid to make in game adjustments. For some reason he refuses to do that and then deflects the blame afterward. Stand up and manage a game during the game every once and awhile.

  12. anyone else notice Monaco made ATTACKING subs during the end of the match by the way. Just shows how shit we were today, the fact that Monaco were confident of getting a 3rd and they got it. Monaco didn’t let the occasion get to them and they dont play the club, they play the team in front of them.

  13. This may sound radical to some, even stupid, but I`m going to say it anyway.
    Wenger should resign at the end of the season. If Henry feels he is not ready to take the reins yet then let him select Wenger`s replacement who he could work with until his time comes.
    Myself, I`d like to see him take over next season and work his way into the job with the support of the fans (and the board?) Let`s make it an Arsenal family again. I think building Arsenal is more important than qualifying for Europe for the next few seasons. Let`s concentrate on the League and FA Cup and find our feet and our pride again.

    1. wenger resigning is what any logical fan would want. Too many are scared about not making top 4 though, even though we are only mere participants. I’ve been saying it for a while, Arsenal is heading absolutely nowhere under Wenger. A stagnant club that desperately needs to take a risk if it wants success. I’d be willing to bet my life next season we also don’t win the premier league. Its an easy bet too unfortunately.

  14. As much as any fan that gets upset with Wenger I share the same compliment as in I’m not afraid of change and at this pace I rather it sooner than later… I respect Wenger to the max for what he has done for our club but I have to be honest, at this point I’m starting to imagine life after… Think about it we still haven’t figured out top teams and we’re lucky to leave the Etihad that day with all 3 points if City hadn’t just got off the plane. We still lost away to Chelsea, lucky to leave Anfield with a point, Spurs took 4 points off of us, Utd beat us AT HOME and I have know idea who’s turning up at Old Trafford… I feel now we REALLY need to hold unto 3rd and most importantly the players shouldn’t be forgotten either, they get paid more than most people will see in their lifetime… The should be performing at the highest level on a constant basis but sadly they haven’t either at least in the games that really count… I love Arsenal but something has to give in order for is to proceed and I want to see that Arsenal again at least one last time…

  15. Arsene… I respect you, but please leave Arsenal. Our club has been stagnant for too long. This defeat is humbling and will leave me depressed for a while. Much respect to Leonardo Jardim and Monaco FC. Even through the somewhat negative comments (myself included) before the tie, they showed up to play and we didn’t. Jardim had the tactics spot on. Arsene didn’t. Wow… this hurts. On to Everton I guess.

  16. The House of Rahman and its representatives demands Wenger to leave with immediate effect!!!!

    time for a change!!!

  17. Chelsea park the bus and draw Away…

    City got dominated and lose by a goal at Home

    We got dominated and lost by 2 goals at Home…..

    Time for a change…!!!

    Wenger out!!!!

  18. specialist in failure “Arsene Wenger” can’t beat Monaco who have not scored even 10 goals in the past 15 matches still winning by that solitary 1-0 but come to the emirates and beat 3-1.Jose was right all-along.sanchez will leave next season for a top club and got to give praise for Jardim who topped the group by scoring 4 goals and conceding 1. ARSENAL WILL LOSE BY 1-0 AGAINST MONACO IN THE SECOND LEG.
    Previewing the invincible documentary arsenal were so confident we will beat them LOL!!!

  19. Football is a ball game you got to be on the ball to win the Game
    Form is a quirky element in a game I recently played a game where i wasn’t physically prepared as in I didn’t have my Weetabix i tried a few normal things they didn’t work then i was closed in fast and my form went deeper in the dumps until i missed a sitter I went mad I punched the ground so hard and mad scream all players heard me I in golfed into fire and things started to change I was able to do things successfully and my luck changed and we drew
    Normally in comparative sports one digs dipper to get the motivation to get ones engine to fire properly
    Arsenal had planned to score early but it didn’t happen thinking in their mind Monaco would park the bus so our players invited Monaco to come out and play . the game there has changed before the match i was thinking about a formation but flamini was not available in my formation carzola was not in for the simple reason he put a lot work in the last match i would have picked wallcott rosciky and gabrial having said that when the player sheet came out my first thought was yup the team is balanced the bench constituted walcott and chambarelain (speed) so in essence the plan was ok but it just was a disaster The 22 million dollar question who would one pick to secure a win in Monaco and advance into the quarter finals of the champion league

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