Arsenal were brilliant for 70 minutes but just couldn’t equalize

Everyone is stressing because Arsenal have dropped to three points below Leicester, but it is hardly the end of the world with still another 45 points to play for before the end of the season, and I would point out that we are set to face Leicester at the Emirates very shortly?

So losing one game, just as many other teams have done already his campaign is not the end of our challenge for the League title, but it is yet another difficult match disposed of….

As usual, the rock-steady Petr Cech is looking at it philosophically, and is certain it’s just a minor setback: “We are disappointed because we lost a game at home. We wanted to compete, we wanted to take advantage of playing at home, but unfortunately the decisive moment came quite early on in the game. Unfortunately Chelsea took advantage of that and scored.

“From there, they tried to control the game and playing 11 against 10 for 70 minutes is always an advantage [for Chelsea]. I thought that, even with 10 men, we came back very strongly in the second half. We could have actually scored the equaliser but we were missing a little bit of the last touch inside the box and around the box. There were always moments where we almost got there, but we didn’t find a real opportunity to put the ball in the net.”

We all know the reason we were lacking Olivier Giroud up front was because of Per Mertesacker’s last-ditch lunge on Diego Costa, and no Arsenal players tried to protest the sending off. “The referee was very close.” Petr continued. “He had a clear view of the situation and he decided straight away to give a red card. There was no hesitation from anyone. We just had to deal with the fact. You just go on. He can’t change the decision anyway by protesting for three minutes. We had to regroup, we had to make sure that we reorganised and try to continue with 10 men. Unfortunately we conceded too early after the sending off.”

The Czech international felt that his team-mates responded well, and matched Chelsea despite the disadvantage of being a man short. “I thought for 70 minutes we were brilliant, in terms of the team effort and the organisation. We were not far from getting something out of the game. When you play against the champions and are down to 10 men for such a long time… we are only three points off the lead and have Leicester and Southampton at home coming up. They are difficult games but if we can keep winning our games, we can go back to the top.”

Cech admitted that it was never going to be easy to break down his old club once they took the lead. “Well, they took advantage of it [their man advantage] quite early, and I think that was the decisive moment in the game. They could sit back, they could control the game, keep possession and wait for their opportunities. We had to sit a bit deeper and wait for our opportunities to counter-attack.

“In the second half, we were more aggressive. We tried to search for the equaliser and I thought we did really well. In the first half, we had a few tight offsides and some chances where we maybe missed a little bit of the quality to score. We knew at half-time that we would have another chance to equalise. We had some half chances and there were some moments where we were close but we couldn’t find the equaliser.”

As Cech points out there is no need to lose our heads. There will be other defeats just as our rivals will also suffer from time to time, so all we can do is put our heads down and prepare for the next game and concentrate on getting the next three points. At least we don’t have to play Chelsea, Liverpool or Stoke again this season….

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    1. Hahaha… Exactly!

      I don’t know how, One shot on target can be deemed as being Brilliant? ? ? ? ?
      And that shot was from Flamini, too ?
      The Ramsey bug is catching fast ?
      I can’t wait for Ozil to catch it ?

  1. I don’t think brilliant is the correct description but their efforts where all we could ask for in the surcumstances. At least they can hold their head up high on that score.

  2. I was waiting to comment about the same topic so I’m glad you wrote an article about it. I was really glad the way the team battled and fought back, in other seasons we would’ve rolled over after the red and goal and got beat 3/4-0 but we hung in there and fought for 70 minutes. We were even physical with them putting in hard challenges and I really liked the spirit the team showed. Even though we were a tad toothless on goal the way we fought spoke volumes to me and I still think we can win the title

  3. Its impossible to win the league with a manager who is a specialist in failure. My advice to you Gooners is to just enjoy football no matter what and lower your expectations if you want to be happy just like I did since last summer transfer market.

  4. Actually am glad Mertesacker is banned. Gabriel for all our sakes please do a Bellerin and make that CB spot your own..Wenger never changes anything by choice..only circumstances force him to. Mertesacker is weak, has no pace, bite or authority at the back. Let Gabriel have his chance now ..he should be played or sold cause am not sure why we have a £14m CB on the bench that we won’t play.

    1. Exactly! … But I wouldn’t be surprised if the deluded one plays chambers in Meatysucker’s absence Instead,
      Cos, that’s exactly what a delusional fool would do! ?

  5. Very good= monreal Ramsey bellerin
    Good=. Campbell Cech Sanchez
    Average= everyone else
    Who needs dropping = merti and Walcott
    Both of these players have been outperform by the fellow winger and centre back on a regular basis merti red could be Gabriel’s way into the first team and Walcott should be on the bench now King alexis is back

      1. @ny_gunner
        2shots only bettered by flamini,Willian,Costa
        88% pass acc ; most accurate passes in our team
        4dribbles most in the game
        5 tackle 2nd highest in the game
        2 interceptions 3rd best on our team

  6. Cech
    Bellerin Mertz Gabe Koz Nacho
    Coquelin Elneny, Ramsey
    Theo Campbell Ozil Sanchez

    Ospina Chambers Gabe/Mertz Gibbs
    Coq/Elneny, Ox, Campbell/Theo.

    1. @davidnz………Greedy boy L()L…… And who would Let u field 12 men ?

      Its not Like that Manure -saints match, in which there there was an extra man on the pitch……That RAT!

  7. I was at the match. Arsenal did not look “brilliant for 70 minutes” to me. They did well considering they were a man down and did not collapse like they have in previous seasons when losing a player. To play chelsea for 70 minutes with a man down and only lose by one goal does show commitment and organisation, which is what Petr Cech said. It the headline which is misleading.

    At the end of the day though, we have lost to Chelsea again.

    1. A new player needs time to get used to his new team mates and style of play. This happens during training and best to bring on as a substitute initially. To bring on when chasing a game and a man down in front of 60 thousand home supporters could be a disaster. Elneny has the support of the fans at the moment, there was a big cheer when his name was announced at the game yesterday. We do not want his confidence knocked, so I thought Wenger was correct in not starting him or bringing him on as a substitute given the circumstances.

      Look at Cech’s first game for us, not good but we knew Cech’s quality from years of watching him. Elneny is unknown to most of us, a bad first game and the fans support could go and his confidence with it.

      1. I disagree with your opinion. I believe Elneny should have gotten minutes by now. The fans would not have given him a hard time if he would have come on in the second half.

        If he would have been given Flamini’s defensive duties he could have done a job. It is not like he would have been expected to be the master of our midfield like Ozil or Ramsey. This might require time to know your team mates, breaking up play is a whole different matter.

        How much time did Coq get to train with his new team mates when Wenger was forced to play him? If I recall correctly he was more or less thrown in the deep end and performed.

        1. Exactly! .. and who’s to say that Elneny might have came on in the last 10 minutes and scored a screamer from 30 yards out?

          It’s funny how some negatives are more acceptable than most….. Next!

  8. “Starts from top to bottom” the headline for this article is the very reason arsenal will never win hack shite, it sums up the manager,board & I’d say at least 50% of supporters – Deluded.

    Let’s get one thing clear Chelsea have been dire this season no confidence & down in bottom half of the table, first half they dominated us like they were top of the league and sending a real statement out , Cesc was running the show with Willian brilliant as usual and yes Costa bullying our defence (old news) donkey ramsey & wannabe zlatan(flamini) were chasing shadows, Walcott was Walcott clueless no brain stray passes ball bounces off him honestly u get taught first touch & control when ur 5yrs old it shows why Walcott was a sprinter in his younger days and NOT a footballer lol

    Chelsea scored & sat back the old Chelsea would have smashed us 4/5 fickle fans thinking we played well etc did we hell bunch of bottlers I said it 3 weeks ago the avid test would be Liverpool, Stoke, Chelsea and without fail the bunch of pansies live up to their reputation.

  9. Teams that are providing to be a scourge to Arsenal:
    Chelsea (H&A)
    Stoke (A)
    Man U (A)
    Man C (So so)
    Tottenham (Becoming more difficult H&A)
    Everton & Southampton
    I hope we won’t rue our missed chances this season.

  10. Hahahaha………..Ramsey very good huh?………. After his last few showings, not certain if Barca is still interested

    he’s got engine to run around all day……and so what?

    On his good days he can be key and is worth the praise

    He’s mostly negligent of his midfield duties…..he selfishly Loses the ball alot and never fights for it…….its annoying, but i’m not saying this out of hate, but Rambo needs to change for me to change my perception bout him

    1. We are missing Santi and Coquelin in the middle…..1 is a warrior who will put in challenge to anyone and the other simply is Magic and can start a counter and will be delivering accurate short and long passes (unlike Ramsey who just seems to run ans leave his position and Flamini who cares more about been the headline than doing his job)

    1. Yep!
      And when was the last time that a team who won the premier league had lost more than 3 games?

      Never!….. I think…. So going by them stats,
      The likely Winner’s at this stage, will come from either Leicester ( lost 2) and the spuds ( lost 3)
      Arsenal and Man City have both lost 5 up until now and that is definitely not Champions material!

      1. It’s difficult to compare this season to past league champs, considering the winner will more then likely fall well short of 80 points. 2 points out of the last possible 9 isn’t great but compared to the rest of the league it’s not too far off.

        Midfield is by far our biggest problem right now. We’ve been surviving with Flamini and Ramsey but I think with just Coq back in the side with Ramsey will be a big step towards getting back on track with our performances, results aside.

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