Arsenal were impressive, but they only beat Chelsea’s ‘B’ team…..

Arsenal have won 11 of their 13 League games this season, and have had their best ever start to the season, including wins over Liverpool, Tottenham and Chelsea, but of course there are always some pundits that simply won’t give Arsenal credit no matter what the facts in front of them say.

This week it is the Man United-loving Rio Ferdinand who has decided to deride our win over Chelsea which gave the Blues their first home defeat since we also beat them back in April of this year, and although Ferdinand admits Arsenal played well, he says that they only beat Chelsea’s B team.

He told his YouTube podcast: ‘You lot were very impressive, I can’t take that away from [Arsenal].

‘You lot are serious. A serious team now. But look at the opposition you were playing, it wasn’t even their first team!

‘Still impressed, but it was not their first team. Kepa [Arrizabalaga] is the No.1 goalkeeper now.

‘[Reece] James, [Ben] Chilwell, [Kalidou] Koulibaly, [Wesley] Fofana, [N’Golo] Kante, that’s six players who all [usually] start.

‘It was their second team, their B team. Six starters didn’t start!’

The old adage is that ‘you can only beat what is put in front of you’, but I wonder if Ferdinand thinks that Liverpool and Tottenham only had their B team out when we beat them as well?

In fact, perhaps ALL the 11 teams we have beaten were all playing reserves, eh Ferdie?

And while we are at it, can we ask Rio how Man United’s first team got on against Aston Villa this weekend?

Why can’t these  pundits just give credit where credit is due instead of trying to knock the Gunners all the time?


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  1. 😂🤣🤣🤣

    Man these so called pundits they just can’t help it but hate Arsenal with all their hearts

    1. What sort of flimsy excuse is that? Man United played against this same Chelsea team and couldn’t defeat them. Arsenal defeated Chelsea last season, what’s your excuse? Sometimes you Arsenal fans can’t stand up for team in the name of being frank. Pathetic

        1. So Mikel managed a fifth last year without his preferred striker. Fact. Mikel finished eighth with a bunch of nobodies – most of them are plying their trades outside the EPL top 6 (if they were that good) Fact. Mikel has more wings in 150 games as compared to Mr. Wenger. Fact. Digest that!

      1. Edouard Mendy
        C. Azpilicueta
        T. Chalobah
        Thiago Silva
        Ruben Loftus-Cheek
        Marc Cucurella
        Mason Mount
        Raheem Sterling
        Kai Havertz
        P. Aubameyang

        .…is this what they called “B Team” ? SMH, someone needs to change his connect.

      2. The annoying thing is…… If it was Arsenal that was missing even 10 players and lost no pundits will give us excuse.

        It’s like xhaka said: at the end of the season no-one will care how u win ur game.

        Man u beat arsenal 8-2 its on record no-one cares anymore which arsenal players was injured that season.

        Their problem is it hurts them whenever they see arsenal fans rejoicing online, since our online presence is one of the strongest

    2. What’s fair in that? When we played Man United we didnt have Partey, nobody made a fuss about it.
      You register 25 players at the beginning of a season to play only 11? Are the other 14 players paid?
      I think Rio Ferdinand’s comment is an insult to the 11 that played. Koulibaly made it to the bench, if they wanted playing him they could have. After all, Zinc just came back from injury and Arsenal decided to start him. Aubameyang, Sterling, Mount, Jorginho, Silva, Cucurella, K Havertz, Azpilicueta and their goal keeper are first team players depending on formation and form.

    3. I would like Ferdinand to say to their faces they are only second rate players, He would end up with a bloody nose.

    4. so thiago isn’t regular as well….and since when has fofana become a regular for Chelsea….as far as I’m concerned they only missed James in that game….no other player missed has bin a regular this season

  2. His beloved team collapsed woefully against an average Villa side
    I think that should concern him more

    1. @CorporateMan
      And that is why he has the hump. He had zero to say about that thrashing though. MU’s starting 11 folded like an accordion. 😁

  3. Dan I remember we beat them with practically our ‘B’ team a couple or say hatrick times already! Even when a man down Martinelli snatched a draw

  4. Agree with corporate man, on Ferdinand’s priorities, but yes it’s also true that Chelsea were undermanned. Arsenal can only take it one game at at a time and wait for that the other teams to take points off each other. That doesn’t mean that Edu or Arteta can remain complacent. A serious run in the second half of the season means that Arsenal will need at least one top priority reinforcement.

  5. Would it still be a B team if Arsenal lost? The only player that would probably make any difference to that team is probably Reece James. Silva has been their best central defender this season. Kepa while been a better passer than Mendy is not a better shot stopper. Maybe Kante would come in for RLC. But this is a coach that kept Kovacic and Gallagher on the bench. That block from Silva of Jesus shot goes in on another day.
    These pundits should just accept we were the better team just like the said we were poor at the end last season when we lost games due to injuries to key players.

  6. It doesn’t matter if we beat their under 12s, as long as we get 3 points from beating Chelsea at their own $#!t heap and move on. I dont do excuses, that is upto the manager to overcome, that why they are paid enormous sums. Its about getting the most out of a season and its one game.

  7. If we win it’s the opposition B team; if we lose it “proves we don’t have strength in depth”…..
    we can’t win with pundits; we can only win on the field where it actually matters

  8. Chelsea was unbeaten at the bridge until we beat them convincingly. Chelsea has a large squad unlike what we had or have. Arteta won the FA cup but then took out all the egos, the big-name players, no matter the big wages/transfer fees that came with them. Arteta used no excuse, instead, he looked to the young and hungry so to build a foundation for a successful future possibility

  9. Still the pundit is right, one could argue with most of their A team due to participate in World cup and having one eye on it trying to avoid more injuries the score line could be much heavier.

    Maybe a 4 nil like preseason would be a more fitting score line.

  10. When I hear shit like this two games comes to mind.
    First our Carling Cup final against Chelsea in 2007.
    Chelsea’s line up included Peter Cech, R Carvalho, Wayne Bridge, Claude Makalele, Frank Lampard, Michael Ballack, John Terry, Andriy Shevchenko and Didier Drogba.
    Playing against; Manuel Almunia, Justin Hoyte, Philippe Senderos, Armand Troare, Theo Walcot, Cesc Fabregas, Denilson, Abou Diaby, Jeremie Aliadiere etc. Till date nobody made a fuss about the mismatch!
    Another is our second leg Champions league match against Barca, not sure if it was 2008 or 2009. Almost all our first team were either suspended or injured. Messi used a highly depleted team to score 4 goals. Till date they keep using it as his moment of magic nobody make reference to the fact that the first team players were not available.
    So in one word, my response to Rio Ferdinand’s comment is: “mtcheeeww”

  11. Rio thinks he still a manu player and forgets that he now a TV commentator or Analysist. An analysist is supposed to be neutral and provide an objective commentary and not a subjective one. If he wants to be biased then he is in a wrong business. let him go back and remain a manu fan otherwise participating in a wrong business. I see them commenting biasedly against Coaches trying to improve their Manu Team. credit should go where its due. a win is a win

    1. Yusuf, he’s in the absolute right business as the world of football punditry is overwhelmed by subjectivity and bias. It’s not there to be objective or constructive or to even enjoy (that, that can only be considered history, once a game has finished) enjoyable, post match commentary. It’s there to highlight and create controversy for the sake of entertainment, regardless of who it wishes to tarnish

  12. He may have been a very fine player, but as a pundit he is at best mediocre.Until recently, Mendy was first choice keeper,and since he arrived, Koulibaly has been woeful.Only James and Kante would be automatic first team picks, and while I am sorry for the injured Chilwell,Chelsea did spend 66m on a left back to give him real competition.if I had an opportunity to talk to Ferdinand I would take pleasure in apprising him of my view that the Arsenal eleven was weakened by the absence of Tomi, Tierney and ESR!

  13. People, don’t listen to a pleb like Ferdinand? He can’t see anything beyond his nose. He’s as appealing as dog excrement.

  14. I think it’s brilliant that Rio said what he did
    Just shows that he is rattled that his expensively assembled ManU team with the greatly respected Ten Hag at the helm are misfiring when the Arsenal are top of the league

  15. Like all Manure pundits,they’re gutted Arsenal won at Chelsea.Where they hoped we’d drop points.They ( Keane,Neville Ferdinand can’t let go of their Arsenal hatred & look for ANYTHING to diminish a performance. Glad it sticks on their throats.By the way Chelsea spent around how much assembling this current squad?

  16. Football pundits are mostly hacks just trying to earn a few bob by courting controversy. Thinking their past glories, failures and everything in between puts them in good stead to pass comments.

    I listen to talksport often and Graham Souness is another that can never give real credit to arsenal despite what we achieve. The best any he and most other pundits can do is be disingenuously conciliatory. Souness still thinks we won’t be in the top four and has City, Newcastle Spurs and Man U ahead of us come the season’s end.

    To give an example of the stupidity of the ex player who now thinks he’s the oracle on all things football. Jim White, Simon Jordan and Danny Murphy were discussing an event recently whereby a player played in football boots which had an anti Tory message and was reprimanded. Jordan and Murphy were obviously against it and gave all sorts of idiotic reasons to justify their beliefs. But Murphy, went even further to say that if it was a player in the premiership, and because of the bigger platform, then that player should be allowed because of his supposed social standing affords him the right to make protest. Yet almost in the same breath and seconds before was denigrating the lowly, non premiership player. And to make things worse. When Murphy was challenged by Jim White, backtracked again

    …………can you now see the idiocy, ignorance and vitriol of the footballing pundit and the world they live in !

  17. The obvious first thought is that Rio Ferdinand is NOT “these pundits”, as he is just one man and he is entitled to his view , just as any of us are entitled to oppose it. And I DO!

    But what none of us, not even Ad PAT is entitled to do, is to misrepresent Ferdinand as “these pundits “!

    He is one person, they are many. I’d have thought that was obvious enough, personally!

    1. “just as any of us are entitled to oppose it”…why do I feel there’s a blunder is the use of your verb here Mr Jon fox???I expected better from a native speaker of English and a just Arsenal teacher of the language

  18. Why would we be bothered by what he thinks. Fact is we collected all 3 points against Chelsea team and paying in the English Premier League

  19. Man U faced this exact “B team” and almost Lost if it wasn’t for a last kike rescue from Casemiro….only Kante and R.James are real straters from those missing

  20. Pundits are utterly pointless. 3 of them in every programme now, plus a presenter (don’t get me started on Lineker’s pay and refusal to stay out of using his position as a political platform)…

    It’s jobs for the boys – ex-players getting even more viewers’ cash for doing nothing remotely useful.

    I’d really like to see a channel experiment with new formats. Just plucking a wild idea out of thin air, how about having each game on MotD introduced by a fan videa and teh commentary afterwards by someone whose analysis has been chosen as particulraly interesting.

    That would mean spending some of the pundit/presenter money having a couple of backroom people choosing the best viewer submission, but you’d be starting with £1.4m from just one salary, so that shouldn’t be a problem! 😉

    There are many better ways to do it than having 3-4 ex-players competing to show the world why they didn’t consider a career in rocket science.

    1. ** should’ve read:

      “… introduced by a fan *video* and the commentary afterwards by someone whose analysis has been chosen as particulraly interesting”

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