Arsenal were in control until red card against Chelsea

Arsenal’s defeat to Chelsea yesterday was overshadowed by the antics of Diego Costa but Arsene Wenger felt that the Gunners were in little danger from Jose Mourinho’s side until the Gabriel sending off. Le Prof said after the game: “It was a very frustrating afternoon because we looked like we were in control.

“It’s frustrating to see Diego Costa staying on because it’s not understandable when you look at the whole situation. The fact that he doesn’t get a red card is unbelievable. That we got one on top of that, we have to look at ourselves because we are guilty. But Costa should have been off before Gabriel could respond to him.

“We were quite in control and I felt that we were comfortable. Overall it’s difficult to lose a game like that.”

“We were good but we have to play now with 11 against 11. We lost the game in Zagreb with 10 against 11 and today we lost again. It’s always a mountain to climb and the regret I had today is that we conceded a goal from a set-piece when we were controlling them well. We conceded [from] a set-piece and that’s difficult to accept.”

I personally thought it looked very evenly matched up ’til then. Although Arsenal seemed to be on the defensive for most of the time we were definitely containing the Chelsea attack force. I’m not sure if ‘in control’ is the right description, as Wenger said three times, but we were surely in with a chance of winning from a breakaway goal.

Do you think we could we have won the game if Gabriel hadn’t been sent off?


  1. We are always in control until something silly happens isnt’it ? Sometimes it is the red card, sometimes conceeding silly goal, sometimes not converting clear chances, sometimes a player getting injured, sometimes Wenger’s zip does not work etc etc etc. But the end result is the same. 4th, FA cup and UCL last 16. Tell me Wenger, am I wrong ?

    1. Yes, you are wrong! It’s not Wengers fault that Mike Dean cheats Arsenal so openly and shamelessly over many seasons. It’s not Wengers fault if Ramsey decides to dribble when he could have shot. It,s not Wengers fault that a thug called Costa was employed to provoke Arsenal players. It’s not Wengers fault that red cards are dished out deliberately by referees to weaken Arsenal and for reasons that are a joke. The players while always sounding positive before any game are just not producing performances expected of them, and their half hearted approach is also a problem.

      1. I agree. But I do think it’s wenger s fault the psychological pressure the team was in…which might have led to their behavior on the pitch. Wenger needs to understand that refs like Dean and others simply don’t line him…or us.
        And we need to act with that fact into consideration.
        As well as the fact that putting g that selection in midweek as a lost gamble and put pressure on yesterday’s selection.
        Wenger put a bet….and lost….twice….

    2. How is what happened yesterday Wenger’s fault is a mystery. Kicking Wenger everytime goes against us. For people like you I just want Wenger to stay 10 more years, just to frustrate the hell out of you. The main issues are Sanchez form (Wenger would have been crucified should he left Sanchez yesterday on the bench although his contribution was NIL to the game). How the hell is Cazorla having three stinkers and still be called. Why nobody in the team (because I know Wenger is not going to do it) kicks Ramsey right in the face so that he just fscking focus at the SIMPLEST thing a human being can do once the goal is visible. What the hell is wrong with referees in EPL? Is it really worth complaining? Why is not Bould toughen them up a little? And why the f$ck Wenger is not give a declaration against them and take the fine? It is already too far. The history will mark this game as 2-0 for the chavs and ignore the major fsck up by Dean.
      I am just going to pretend this game never existed. Something like this is not possible just like it was not possible a similar display by the same man years ago at manure. Why does Dean still exists in EPL? Why is he allowed to conduct Arsenal games anymore?
      I was very comfortable watching the game and expecting the first goal until that creature ruined the whole afternoon.

      1. maybe you could pretend that the last 12 years never existed as well…and next year will be different under this guy…that barcelona will actually offer 40m for Ramsey and man city will shelve out 30m for walcott coz they are both world class players…or that giroud really is a world class striker who will bring glory to the club…or that flamini is worth 40 grand a week to bring steel to the midfield….we can pretend all we like..and of course any given 90 minutes has its own specifics its the beauty of the game but the reality is that wenger will never bring top trophies back to this club and if that is what you want as a fan you should be calling for a change at the top…oh and at the same time why not pretend that camren diaz is on top of you easing the pain of another half baked wenger inspired performance!!!

        1. Spot on. I have been an Arsenal fan since the early seventies and although Wenger has done so much to transform our club it really is time for a change. I read comments on here that he is not to blame, we praised him in good times and now we are entitled to hold him to account for the poor times. Let’s be honest, this sort of game yesterday has been played over and over again for the last six years or so. This squad is not strong enough to win the EPL. Wenger has outdated ideas, poor awareness of the opposition and a tendency to overlook his own players inadequacies. Time for a change of direction, if Wenger is not prepared to make that change then let’s bring in someone that will. I await the next article on here with the opening lines…….Wenger is not to blame.

  2. Its ridiculous that some folks on this site could relate the 2 red cards yesterday to the transfer market, its unbelievable.
    Now that mourinho got away with win via cheating,we wont hear any complains from the LOUSY ONE about poor officiating…

    Costa is just like balloteli two players that should be boxers or wrestlers… Arsenal played well until the costa-paulista drama..

    To all the anti-wenger or anti-arsenal fans please go and support another teams… Be and arsenal fans is not a do-or-die.
    You can support barca,madrid,bayern or juventus..
    .. Dont come here to pour your frustrations in life on the site….
    Enough of the negative criticisms,its time to be a fan not a prat… If you think wenger is foolish go and apply for his job,until then be a good fan..

    1. Well I am one of those folks and I am as good ARSENAL fan as you or anyone else…..twice a year plan a trip to London from the US to watch the team I’ve followed for 42 years……….Yes Mourinho is a cheater and a low class individual but does it not say something to you that WENGER has not been able to beat this POS, PARDEW, PULIS , POCHETINO, POYET has beaten him with lesser teams, why WENGER cant……you know the answer…..for you and all the AKB’s out there make no mistake I am an ARSENAL FAN and used to be ARSENES too, but no more the last straw was the transfer market, now we will see the consequences…..

    2. Rubbish! I am a loyal fan of Arsenal not Wenger. For god’s sake when will people learn? This man is to blame for another poor performance, forget the disgraceful performance of Dean, this happens every season, and we then are expected to put up with terrible articles on here saying Wenger is not to blame. Of course he is. He picked the team, set the players up on the field, the trouble with our club is that the buck never stops with Wenger. No wonder we the laughing stock of the EPL. And by the way, I have every right to express this opinion and it makes me no less of fan.

  3. Completely irrelevant statement… When United put 8 past us a few seasons ago we dominated possession (we had 62 percent) created 1 less opportunity than they did. Its all well and good saying we had better possession or more shots on target … blah blah .. but if you don’t take advantage of your superiority at that time or convert the chances, we only have ourselves too blame.

  4. Even when we win we never look in total control, we always look like we will let other teams back into any match, even weaker teams are now pushing us, i am fed up of making comments on this but you have to look at the manger, he is to blame game after game season after season !! thing will not move forward for arsenal until we get someone in charge that knows what he is doing, Wenger as been good over the years but he needs to be gone, Before anyone shots me down i say this week in week out not just when we loose a game, Let take Arsenal to the next level and get someone to take us there, No point having a top class stadium if everything else is average, i would rather win everything and have nothing than having good ground and bank balance, it is not just about spending money any fool can do that we need some who can spend it and spend it well, please don’t let wenger blow all the bank balance because we might as well throw it all away, COME ON LADS WAKE UP AND LET SEE ARSENAL BACK ON TOP WHERE WE SHOULD BE !!!!!!!

  5. I hope we can get our 3 top goal scorers 17,12,14 to play together. Ramsey although his work rate in s fantastic he is not suited to make things happen on the right.
    Having OG an option for set pieces is a must. Yesterday was a perfect example. No advantage until someone doesn’t get the back line just right and we give up a goal and although Cech got his hand on it a ball coming off someone’s head is difficult for any keeper to gauge.
    I’m sorry but Theo can make those runs behind from anywhere on the pitch it means however that he will have to track back occasionally on the right against better sides. A real mobile DM would help you out in that regard and I’m not sure right now who that might be if Qoc is out.

    1. Suppose we have a very direct game with no set-pieces for either side, then what to do with Giroud … He is no John Terry, he have the physicality but not the technique and the brain …
      I want him to be on the bench and I am gonna support anyone in his place (bar slow Mert), I feel bored with Giroud leading the line and I bet Ozil, Sanchez feel the same thing … I barely get relief when Wenger started to play someone else upfront …

      1. We usually have about 10 set pieces a game usually more when we get an abundance of corners. He is one of the best at getting his head on a ball. It is as big a weapon as is Theo running in behind. I would say at the moment we need that option.
        I really don’t understand being bored about creating chances for our side.

  6. if we lost fair & square then I am critical of the squad, in this case the loss is clearly on Dean, so I move on. I thought the team looked good on that pitch, given it was early, after a long trip from Croatia, away at the Bridge, ect… We were certainly not outplayed when it was 11-11, To be honest, before the match I am nervous about Gabriel in that match, he seems like a hot head. Say what you want about Mert, the guy is cool as a cucumber

  7. It’s because I’m an Arsenal fan that I want Arsene Wenger out.
    Over a decade since we have one the league. For a club our size thats not on.
    The league was winnable over the last 3 seasons if the right 2/3playets had been bought and that tight bustard still searched for value.Where a massive club there should be no more excuses.Continually injured players should be discarded, where not an A+E department or a charity. New manager for me and iI hve been a gooner before most of you where born so iv seen plenty of dross over Highbury in my time.

  8. Is there any real point in debating whether we would have won or not, The fact is, we were cheated in more ways than one, by a Ref, Player and a Manager who could not afford to lose against us!
    The warnings were put out to us day’s before,
    MoaningHO even said ” we will beat Arsenal at all costs,
    Whatever it takes”

    For argument sake, I believe we wouldn’t have lost against the cheating chavs, if Gabriel didn’t receive a red card.
    Infact costa should have been sent off long before Gabriel received his yellow card.

    I hope that Arsenal put an official complaint forward to the police as well as to theFA,
    Because that was GBH, especially to Gabriel’s neck!
    The only way to stamp out this kind of behaviour and tactics,
    Is to impose a hefty ban and fine to all guilty parties!

    Suarez got banned for attacking a fellow professional in a girly way, so why not Costa, who scratches like a bitch ?

    The only thing Arsenal can do now is

  9. Why is everyone blaming Mike Dean instead of Gabriel? Everyone knows this is what Costa does and that he is darn good at it. If it was Ramsey, Mert, or Giroud that was so stupid, nobody would be mentioning Mike Dean.
    The bottom line is that Gabriel torpedoed us yesterday with his stupidity. It would have been good if Dean caught Costa in the act, but he is good at this…everyone including me was excited that Gabriel was starting instead of Mert. Mert is super slow. Gabriel is a hot head. Now our eyes are open. Hopefully his too!

  10. We were in control until Coquelin got injured. After that Chelsea started getting so many shots from just outside our box, so they were starting to get better after Coquelin injury. Then the red card and what followed.

  11. No, it’s because Walcott was played out of position as a striker and should have been on the wing where Ozil was out of position. Ozil should have been in the middle and Cazorla should have been back with Coquelin, the player Cazorla states is the best in the team for helping him. Giroud should have been striker instead of being benched because he is our ONLY striker. He has a career long experience as striker, been Golden boot in the French league as a striker, is in the France natuional team as a striker, is 6’5 and heavy built, has the physical strength to hold of big centre-halves, can hold up the ball and be tackled without going to ground every time. He can also header crosses coming in fom 2 full backs and two wingers …. AKA all the things Walcott cannot do.

    Also Wenger should have told all players to be aware of Costa, but “Le Professor” had not done his homework or just isn’t manager enough to address the team with this kind of ORDER. As it happens, Mourinho coached the Arsenal players for Wenger during his post match interview when he said, “If Costa winds up players and then the players react, the players are stupid.”

    In contrast, Wenger is pointing the finger of blame at everyone from Costa to the Ref and not himself.

    Inadequate management lost the game.

  12. We didn’t control the game, but the game was in our hands. Up until that moment, neither team had any decisive oppurtunities. Twice Arsenal COULD have broke through but marginal offsides stopped us. It was a very cut and thrust game that we could have well won had the game continued in it’s pattern.

    It did not. Ultimately it’s not worth stressing over now except that Arsenal should formally complain about Mike Dean. As fans, we should be rallying behind the team because despite individuals performing poorly (Cazorla/Alexis especially) the team itself showed great nerve and tenacity in an awful situation.

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