Arsenal were never going to get 3 points against Liverpool, but all is not lost

Well that wasn’t supposed to happen was it…!

Who are we kidding really.

Playing Liverpool home or away in recent times, no matter what form, run or momentum we are on will always be a tough game.

And let’s put it this way, we were never really going to walk away with three points in this game were we.

Maybe a point for the most optimistic of Arsenal fans, me included going into this game actually, as I did think we could’ve got a point from the game. And given our first half performance and our first 55 minute performance in actual fact, I did feel that we were going to get at least get something out of the game.

But that was wiped out on the 54th and 62nd minute as yet again it was silly mistakes in defence and in between the sticks (not long after I praised Aaron Ramsdale in an earlier article!) linked with a lack of finishing that ultimately cost us the game.

So despite another 2-0 loss to Liverpool at the Emirates this season, all is not lost, of course it is not.

It’s just the way that we bounce back that will be important, and we need to do just that.

Dust ourselves off and get back up as quick as we were taken down, as we have an early lunchtime kick off game against Aston Villa on the weekend where three points will be a must if we want to keep up the hunt for fourth place.

The fans yet again, although at times quiet, made their voices heard tonight, yet this time they couldn’t quite get the team over the line. But that day will come no doubt.

But as always with a loss it is a learning curve and had the game lasted 50 minutes we would’ve had a point at least, but unfortunately that’s not how it is in the real world.

Yet an improvement is apparent and we move on and move forward, and although we have more work to do and more tougher challenges to face from now until the end of the season, it is nice to see we are not, for now at least, getting thrashed four or five nil as we did at Anfield!

Yes a loss is a loss, but improvements are showing and more are coming and this process if to be trusted, if we didn’t know already, is definitely a slow burner where some games are concerned!

Onwards and upwards hey Gooners!

Shenel Osman

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  1. It was a good game. I think kt was a slight reality check. But we done well. We obviously lack a clinical threat which could improve our game alot. But overall I am not mad. Liverpool is without a doubt top 2 in the UK. We now know what we need to work toward next season. We still remain 4th and have 2 games in hand.

      1. Nkunku and Tchouameni are the real deals.

        Ask yourself: if you could go back in time and sign Kante before he moved to Chelsea or to Leicester, wouldn’t you do it?

        Because Tchouameni is that good, and IMO, he’s even better than Kante. Better than Rodri. If Aurelien would anchor the midfield, our forwards would be able to roam with better freedom AND our defenders would get an extra pair of legs to solify defense.

        1. Tchouameni will command kings ransom, but he would be worth it.

          Anyways, we have an absolutely crucial game on Saturday against Villa. There can be no slip ups. Draw is a failure and a serious dent to our top 4 chances.

          A win must be achieved no matter the cost.

        2. Go back in a heartbeat for Kante great player. And totally agree that Vila is a must win game

  2. I for one thought we could win it and was disappointed that we didn’t get at least a draw but that wasn’t to be, no reason to lose hope of a top 4 finish though

    Another chance to get three points on Saturday and I remain optimistic

  3. Forget about Wednesday night forget about Pool, That was the perfect match to lose.

    We must have a reaction at Villa Park on Saturday, so we should relax today, go no where a single foothball, gather our marbles and prepare on Friday.
    Villa is going to be a tough match they are in a decent form.

    School children in bunker Kiev, Ukraine knows exactly what we need in the summer to effectively compete at the very top.
    Two marquee strikers
    Two Commanding midfielders, (Fabian Ruiz already showing an intrest)

    We have to get this right, the gaffer knows and from all indications he will be back or supported by Edu and the connection by extension.

    The time to reset is now, the team needs the faithfuls now more than ever.

  4. Liverpool forwards are excellent goal-scorers, because they could maximize their two slim scoring chances. Klopp has chosen the ones who’re perfect for his system

    Jota was Liverpool’s another underwhelming signing from Wolves and I didn’t even hear about Diaz before. Their productivities show that Liverpool’s advanced statistical scouting system has been working well and we should be able to uncover hidden gems like them

    This is why Arsenal shouldn’t spend 70+ M for a new CF. They had better loan one first, if they don’t trust their advanced scouting system

    1. Jota underwhelming? Diaz hidden? I dont even know what to say to that. I am often tempted to reply to these absurd comments, but i always try not to. But Diaz hidden? everyone knew about him except people that only watch premier league. He is 25+, do you really think that an advanced statistical scouting system is needed to find a player that scored 20 goals as a winger with Porto? Also, the last paragraph doesnt really add up to the rest of the narrative. Liverpool have an advanced statistical scouting system = find personel that fit their current needs. Arsenal have an advanced scouting system = loan a player to test him out before buying, because you dont trust the advanced scouting system you pay so dearly for.

    2. I spoke directly about Diaz in the summer as he was, in my opinion, the best player at the Copa…according to your own posts, you only watch Arsenal, so please stop offering up your opinion about who should be on our radar as it’s clear you don’t have any real understanding about what’s going on in the footballing world outside of North London

  5. A steven gerrard led villa will be a tough nut to crack but putting in a solid performance will do cos those smaller clubs simply require playing without underrating them so we just need to keep our heads high and stay focus.

  6. Good team performance overall, but, we all clearly see what Arsenal is missing to close the gap on Liverpool and Manchester city, simply, quality and depth in squad recruitment. Arsenal must buy two top quality Strikers, Erling Haaland / Darwin Nunez, quality central midfielders, Houssem Aouar/ Lucas Paqueta and two defensive midfielders Aurelien Tchouameni / Danilo dos Santos. These six players can certainly make the difference for Arsenal. Also, Arsenal must bring in Saliba, Norton-Cuffy and Ogungbo to strengthen the backline depth and options. Top teams like Liverpool and Manchester city have as many as four quality players for some positions on the field, so , Arsenal must start by having at least two quality players in each position on the field of play to be more competitive against them.

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