Arsenal were outfought and outclassed by Man City – Heads should roll…

Loser mentality and lack of accountability. I told you so. by Konstantin Mitov

Well lovely Arsenal people, I told you so. You called me negative, but look where false positivity got us. I was wondering if we can survive the first 10 minutes, but of course not. We couldn’t do it against Bournemouth and Southampton, what do we expect?

Arteta loves these players? They are not good enough. This wasn’t a title tussle, we were outfought, outclassed. We are bottlers, hold it. This is for all the Arsenal fans that tell me I’m negative, you deserve it. Now hold it, feel the pain, maybe now you’ll open your eyes to the problems we’ve been ignorant to all season.

If we were a proper team, Arteta would be sacked tonight. We are soft, and it shows on the pitch. It starts from the top, and goes all the way to the players. Nobody is accountable. I expected this and I’m still somehow disappointed.

It was a blessing in disguise that we dropped out of the cups some said. Bottlers. Loser mentality. Honestly I don’t want to see most of those players ever again. If I’m the manager and they serve me that, I’d show them no love at all.

I’d play the youth team from now till the end of the season and make sure I sell them in the summer. This should be unacceptable, but we are Arsenal where everyone’s in for the jolly ride.

The people who say we are overachieving and second ain’t bad, you are the problem. This club has a loser mentality, players who crumble faster than cookies in milk. If they were at Real Madrid, fans would be waiting outside to crush their cars. This is why Odegaard is not at Madrid. We gave them 3 silly goals, and after our joke of a captain gave them the third, TV was off.

No fans deserve this. They don’t want it, it didn’t look like they want it. That fraud Mikel Arteta dragged this football club through the mud for 4 years and I’ve had enough. I don’t want champions league football, only to be pumped 5-1 by Bayern again.

Remember we got rid of Highbury to compete with Real Madrid and Bayern Munich. Would’ve Vieira, Henry, Bergkamp, Dixon and so on throw it like that? No way in hell they won’t. We were ruthless with Auba, but the guy at least single-handedly won us a trophy.

We beat City in the FA cup 2-0 with Mustafi at the back. We are a business, not a football club. If the Kroenkes really cared, heads would fly tonight. I’m looking at Edu too, what are you doing in all of this?

Mistakes are followed by consequences. Unless you are in the Disney adventures of Arsenal, where everything is allowed! I am done with this club and so should be you. We’re never winning a meaningful trophy with Arteta in charge.

I knew Holding wasn’t good enough. It was validated 3 games in a row. We have a capable defender who can play CB in Ben White, but Peps cone man doesn’t change. He knows right?

Alex Ferguson changed his formation when he played Arsenal, but we are so good, we couldn’t beat Southampton, but of course we would stick to the losing formula at City. Pep dropped de Bruyne at Christmas and said some of his players don’t want it and are complacent.

This is what a proper manager does. We always go for second best, that’s why we’re nowhere near good enough to win the whole thing. I need a break from Arsenal. I hope Arteta is sacked and half of this squad is sold.

Zinchenko, Xhaka, Holding, Jesus, Party and Odegaard are all eye-test merchants that need to be replaced. Will that happen? No. I know this movie, it’s my fault I keep buying the same ticket expecting a different end. I’m done people, I really hope there’s something more positive elsewhere in your lives, because caring is a feeling that needs to work both ways.

Those overpaid millionaires don’t care about the club and our pride, we shouldn’t care for them either.


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    1. I agree with you, it’s the most ridiculous article I’ve seen on here. Hopefully he won’t be back!

  1. I don’t agree with everything you said but agree somewhat with the overall sentiment.. toxic positivity like the people here preach is useless and not really much better than toxic negativity.. I am proud of the season we played but that shouldn’t exempt people from criticism and accountability, they said we learned from bottling the top 4 last year and now they will say we learned from bottling the title charge but these last 4 games showed that it was the same as last season just with different targets

    1. Balanced response.
      I think we’re headed in the right direction but we need to break through this tendancy of finishing poorly. It’s better to start slow and finish strong than start quick and finish like this.

      1. If you are open to accept that there is toxic positivity you can google “toxic positivity” and there is even a wikipedia article about it, but with you response I get the feeling that you’re prejudiced that it doesn’t exist so i am not going to waste my and your time and try to explain it to you

      2. GB I say that being positive, by definition, CANNOT possibly be toxic.

        But being relentlessly and overbearingly negative, as some ARE, is definitely toxic.

        Despite Krish using that incorrect phrase , positivity and toxic are opposites and NOT similar at all.

        1. Haha as always you have a very narrow minded opinion, that’s just simply not true and a laughable take, tell that to the millions of psychologists in the world, toxic positivity is a concept which exist in the real world but maybe not in your fantasy mind where you are the king of all definitions, but as you often tell others, maybe your language knowledge or wisdom is just lacking to think clearly or your mind is too lacking to understand the concept of toxic positivity

          1. I think you should give up trying to explain toxic positivity as you have tried to defend your comments so many times in this thread to so many other people, it’s time you gave up rather than just fall into the trap of attacking other people’s intelligence., which is a sign you’re losing the debate.

    2. Can you give examples of “toxic positivity” that anyone has preached?
      What about “toxic negativity”? The person who wrote this article is calling the manager a fraud and suggesting he should be sacked. He also wants to get rid of so many
      Is this a reasonable reaction to what happened against MC?
      Is this the definition of “accountability”?
      He also wants to get rid of players that have been so essential to our progress this season.

      1. There have been a lot of fans who reply with “so go support psg” or “you are not a fan” or “you’re a spurs fan” as soon as you criticize little things, they don’t want to hear anything negative about arsenal even if its written balanced and not in a attacking manner, everything arsenal does have to be great or not one is not a true fan, that’s toxic positivity, not being objective

        to your other points, that’s why I wrote that I dont agree with everything he said, this article is surely an example for toxic negativity, and no that’s not the definition of accountability but I didn’t say that in my reply

    1. Wow, SueP, you could not have expressed that sentiment more perfectly in just one sentence!

      I really do understand the pain experienced by Arsenal fans while we watched our dear team lose without a true fight last night… However, we must note that refusing to accept defeat to a superior team remains a major issue, but true champions are able to acknowledge their defeat, analyze their weaknesses, and return as better competitors.

      It is important for us to recognize that our team has fought valiantly so far and that losing to a stronger opponent is not a failure, but an opportunity to learn and improve. Rather than crushing their spirits, we should support our team and encourage them to fight harder.

      It is a difficult ask after such a loss but as true fans, we must act with honour… As the saying goes, hope can be both a blessing and a curse, but it is what drives a true champion.

      The players must now return to their training ground and work tirelessly to turn their weaknesses into strengths. It is a process that requires discipline, humility, and a commitment to continuous learning.

      Ultimately, the league table is a result of various factors and processes, but by staying focused on the process and avoiding distractions, our team can continue to grow and thrive.

      I do understand our pain but we cannot begin to throw our toys out of the pram! There are more touching matters of life out there… Remain blessed to be one who has been given the opportunity to even watch a game at the stadium… Many don’t!


      1. What bliss to read thoughts from a wise and mature person. If only there were more on here like you Fire, dear man!

        1. God bless you Jon!

          I can absolutely relate to your feelings when as fans we do not always view things in the same way. It can certainly be frustrating, but at the same time, it is what makes life so exciting and full of variety.

          When we all have different opinions and perspectives, it is my hope that such differences will ultimately lead to lively debates and discussions. Essentially, it is all about finding common ground and respecting our disparate viewpoints, even if we do not always agree. This is the utopian dream we so imagine! *smiles*

          To as many that may care to read: Our team fell at a hurdle in the race to a better competitor… It is my hope that we will not all forget and throw away all the battles our dear team have fought this season and against all odds triumphed… Instead, we would pick them up and urged them on… That is the invisible hand of the true fan that lifts up a down trodden team and urges them on to victory…

          Challenging times call for resilient fans who, despite the setbacks, continue to push forward. The team will draw strength from such positivity and return the favor to us.

          Nevertheless, I must acknowledge that it is tougher to stay optimistic when the going gets rough, but we have been through it before and we will get through it again.

          Jon, I am looking forward to your article, and I hope we can have in-depth conversations about your perspective when it is thus published.


          1. Its a joy to have you on here Fire. I only wish it were more often! I hope my pieve will be on her by Tueday next and it will be thr first of severl pieces I wish to contribute that tackle far wider matters than mere team selection and regrets. I see a far deeper and wider picture than most seem to on JA and I wish to help other too, to see there is far MORE to proper fanhood than merely reacting, and in this case overreacting, to one poor showing.
            The shallowness of not only many of our own fans , but also of other big clubs fans,reflects the general greater intolerance in modern times of time passing without such “fans” getting their way and their club winning honours.

            I will point out the many positives we AFC fans have, simply by being fans of our great club, with its glorous history and dynamic future, now so touchingly near.

            Sincere best wishes to you, dear fellow.

            1. Interesting! Interesting! I look forward to your upcoming articles and viewpoints, Jon!

              Wishing you well!


      2. You are right. But the senior players really didn’t front up and make a match of it and that is a bit disturbing. Not so much losing per se.

  2. Sacking a manager who improved last seasons 5th place to 2nd, would be quite unwise.

    However the negligence of FA Cup and Europa League must be answered.

    The team lacks depth but also winning mentality. None of our players know about winning silverware apart from Jesus and Zinchenko, and both of them were more or less squad players for City rather than core of the team.

    I figured Partey and Jorginho as senior title winners could’ve injected some champions mentality into the team but so far its been the opposite.

    So regarding new players for next season, several of them should be experienced of actually winning titles. Declan Rice isn’t one of those players.

    Ramsdale, never won a title
    White, never won a title
    Saliba, never won a title
    Gabriel, never won a title
    Zinchenko, bench player in a champions team
    Partey, won several titles
    Xhaka, never won a title apart from few cups
    Ödegaard, Saka, Martinelli never won a title
    Jesus, title winner

    Most of our starters, nevermind the bench, probably don’t know how to deal with the mentality it takes to win.

    1. While i accept your opinion but dont believe it should be accepted as an excuse. If we carry on in the same vein, those who are not title winners will remain so. I remember Mr Wenger building a so called best of british, young talented team but because he was stubborn, because he wouldn’t change his style, because he kept doing the same things, they got a few hammerings from “bigger” clubs. Liverpool at that time in the league kept mullering us, especially a one Mr Fowler. We got some heavy defeats in the CL, not just defeats but hammerings. What happened? It left its mark and that team were damaged goids that never fulfilled its potential. I see more similarities to Mr Wengers, Arteta years, than Peps Arteta years. Yes i am happy we have mato finish second this year but i am really worried about the way we have done it. Are we going to be flat track bullies or are we going to be proper contenders for titles? I am yet to be convinced and that is down to the make up of our team. Arteta (and maybe Edu) like 5′ 10″ technicians. Even city made us look like school kids last night. I didn’t reslise how big a strong Grealish is until he squared up to Partey. Jesus, Zinchenko, Odergaard and Viera, all engine room players have been bought to power this team on. They will struggle to influence the way we play at the highest level. I hope i am wrong but i dont see it.

      1. I agree @Reggie.

        And our midfield needs height, strength and mobility.

        Partey and Xhaka are tall but they’re not menacing or aggressive (in a good way).

        Bring in Ugarte from Sporting and Milinkovic-Savic from Lazio (nicknamed The Sergeant) and our midfield will have aggression, strength, skill and composure.

        Ugarte played against us in the Europa League. If anyone’s seen Joao Palhinha play for Fulham this season, Ugarte is the player who displaced him last season in the latter part of the season. And Palhinha is killing it now at Fulham!

        1. Even Pep has changed his philosophy on football. He has added massive strength to his defence, midfield and attack. He does rely on tika taka football, unlike us.

  3. Looking ahead it will be interesting to see how Arsenal respond against a dysfunctional Chelsea side. We have a habit of allowing out of form teams and players to play themselves back into form. I definitely wish we had splashed out and bought Rodriguez. He is the midfielder of the future. Also don’ts write off Mudryk. Once he puts it together he’ll be a handful especially against our flat-footed midfield and last line of defence.

  4. All the great teams can do 2 on 1 or 3 on 1 defending and press the opposition high up the pitch. But I have noticed that Arsenal are back to their lazy defending habits, which is “one on one” defending, no “high pressing” as a group and lack of “off the ball running.” Almost lazy in nature if you compare the defensive work of our opposition with their “high pressing” and “2 on 1 defending”. The team needs to be tortured by the fitness coach in training to get them all up to pace. In particular party and Saka. Our goal keeper is also dropping us points due to his slow to ground reflexes.

  5. All the great teams can do 2 on 1 or 3 on 1 defending and press the opposition high up the pitch. But I have noticed that Arsenal are back to their lazy defending habits, which is “one on one” defending, no “high pressing” as a group and lack of “off the ball running.” Almost lazy in nature if you compare the defensive work of our opposition with their “high pressing” and “2 on 1 defending”. The team needs to be tortured by the fitness coach in training to get them all up to pace. In particular party and Saka. Our goal keeper is also dropping us points due to his slow to ground reflexes.

  6. Replace Zinchenko, Xhaka, Holding, Jesus, Party and Odegaard? My god man. Talk about over reacting. We lost a game against a VERY good City team. KDB was on fire. Who knows, maybe with KDB in our squad we may have won that game?

    My only gripe was the lack of fight. We were beat in every area last night. But this problem started weeks ago, not last night. We need some “world class” additions during the summer though because youth will only get us so far. For now it’s time for calm heads.

    1. BTW, I am VERY proud of how well this team has done this season. None of expected this it’s not all doom and gloom. We are on the right path!! 🙂

  7. Guardiola with the almost unlimited funds from the oligarch has simply set the standard extremely high in England, as indicated by Man City’s four EPL trophies in the last five seasons and they would likely win the fifth one next month

    If Guardiola wasn’t around, there would’ve been other champions in the past few years and Man City could even become treble champions in June

    I agree that we should replace some players though. New CF and CB should be highest priorities, especially if Saliba or Holding leaves

      1. Man City must’ve used their connections to pay Haaland’s agent and entourage a lot of money. His release clause was relatively affordable for many big clubs, but he chose Man City

      2. @Reggie
        He dropped Kyle Walker, because John Stones upped his game and got versatile, saying Walker could not play the inverted role he wanted him to. Says it all…

      3. Exactly 👌🙏 Reggie and I believe Arteta, Edu and Josh Kronke also knows what they are doing and wants, – The business of just to be participating and not truly contending for the title. Muting for Arteta’s replacement maybe with Ernesto Velverde or Naigeslman isn’t too high if Kronke is interested in Titles. There’s nothing more Arteta can offer, he’s out of depth and favoritism is a great weakness in than results.

    1. Gai,
      truth be said the score could have been different if Arteta had got his selection right from the start. I guess he didn’t analysed our FA match with City well and how they narrowly won. Trossard was a torn in their flesh. In a game of such magnitude yesterday, a just recovering Xhaka should have been benched for a highly defensive minded Jorghinho to partner Pathey and cover the defence. Thieney would have also done a better defensive work than Zichenko. Both Thieney and Trossard started in the FA match and the possession was so close. Same Trossard made assist for Holding yesterday after few minutes of play to score our only goal. Hus trickery would have worried KWalker.. Nkethia is also more energetic than Jesus. Hope Arteta learns from this. Some first 11 player are having tiring legs let SRoe, Jorghinho and Thieney play more minutes in the run in.

      1. I believe those players wouldn’t make any difference, because Holding was generally outmuscled by Haaland and nobody strong enough in our front-line to receive Ramsdale’s long passes

        1. So Gai, why was Holding given the job of sorting Haaland on his own? Why didnt we double up on him? Why did we not realise that their two most influential players needed special attention? Why blame Holding? I dont get it. Why do you not blame other playrers that made individual errors, like Odergaard, Gabriel, Xhaka, Zinchenko, Ramsdale, Jesus, well absolutely everyone really. Please dont fixate on Holding.

        2. We can complain about Holding 24/7/365, but what about our central midfield last night? I had to count our players because I felt that some were missing.

          Haaland is getting better and he made Dayot Upamecano look like a junior player in Bayern’s CL games against City. Haaland is tall, fast and very strong it’s almost impossible for one player to stop him, and Guardiola is using him differently according to his game plan.

      2. Yes it was not a mystery that they would target our two weakest defenders with the long ball, knowing also that our two midfielders are not pacey enough to get back and help

  8. Pretty pitiful performance from everyone involved ,did the players not know that this was a title winning game ,no desire no hunger ,could not control one aspect of the game it was a disgrace on par with that EL final a few years back .
    Some of our players just aren’t as good as some of our fans think ,the likes of Xhaka Odegaard and Jesus-to name a few just go missing when the going gets tuff , we had fans bigging up odegaard earlier on in the season suggesting he was as good as KDB (good one )
    Jesus seems to have hindered the team since he came back
    Xhaka not sure what he does tbh ,just stays out of the way recycling the ball wide ways .
    They are not the only ones but they should be leading by example and they have not been and now we find ourselves where we are Hoping that city mess up .
    We will not stand a chance in Europe next season with some of these players that’s for sure ,to hyped up by our own fans doesn’t help .

    1. Cant disagree DK, we got found out big style last night. Men against boys, rabbits in headlights or just outclassed, take you pick. We didn’t go down fighting!!!!!!

    2. As you’re someone who is generally positive, it’s sobering to read your comments. Sadly, I have to agree 100%.

    3. 33 games played 23-6-4, how many have achieved better this season? Last night we lost against one of the best clubs in the world, they are simply better than us, and at the moment much better. They have definitely a better squad than us, but our first eleven isn’t far behind when they are fit and available. Without Saliba we have been struggling and letting in many goals. From the last four games we have got three points, which explains a lot.

      1. Good points. Unfortunately, that chap is overly invested in discrediting the team whenever the opportunity arises. Similar to many other rants around.
        No-one believes that the evolution of the team is complete. There are clearly areas we need to strengthen.
        However, from where we have been in recent years the amount of vitriol and negativity being expressed is really something.

  9. Please rest brother. You surely need it before it turns into something else. You are right that the best team in Europe presently and in its best element thought us a great football lesson yesterday. However, you forgot to acknowledge that Manchester City didn’t get to this level over night. Arteta and Arsenal have a project which moaners like you don’t believe in but proper Arsenal fans know that the team is in the right upward trend and we are prepare to support project fully. If you are not weary and delusional, you are welcome on board.

    1. So if people are realistic, give analysis based on what they see, and aren’t wildly over optimistic, they aren’t welcome as Arsenal fans? Well, that gets rid of a hefty number of them…

      1. Good, that’s why the atmosphere has been so good home and away with the fans because a lot of toxic fans have moved on. I was there last night and even though it wasn’t pleasant watching we never stopped singing.

          1. Marge. Admin does a pretty thorough job in filtering out the trolls, and you can expect not to see some of the clowns here today ever again. One or two have received humiliating yellow cards, and others I suspect have been suspended for a while, which might explain a recently returned self-aggrandizing critic after being conspicuously absent for weeks.
            I’m still here though.😏☺️

  10. Problem with Arteta is that he is so rigid and stubborn to make any tactical changes.
    Now whether he is rigid or simply not good enough is different question but for a while if I assume that he is good manager then he is too stubborn and rigid..
    When you see Partey is getting isolated against Rodri Stones and Gündoğan in Midfield still he is playing with single pivot..
    Because that Bernardo Silva, KDB and Haaland and Gerliesh was getting too much of space which they exploited…
    You have to play double pivot against team like city..
    City’s midfield will eat you alive if you play single pivot..
    Play either Zinchenko along with Partey in place of Xhaka and put Tierney as LB
    Or play Jorginho in Midfield with Partey and play Zinchenko as orthodox LB
    When you know your holding will definitely struggle against Haaland, then why are you playing with 4 at back..
    Show some flexibility.. surprise city with different formation and tactic..
    Pep already knew how we will set up our team and he exploited that…
    Play with 3 at back and Isolate Haaland
    Play with 2 DM and man mark KDB
    Play 2 up top CFs give tough time to City defenders
    I know pep is chequebook manager but one thing I admire about pep is, he is very flexible with his tactics..
    He has used 4-3-3 formation in past, he has used 4-2-3-1 formation with false 9 in past
    Now he is has transformed 3 back formation without using specialised RWB and LWB in line up…
    Arteta need to do that
    Play 3-2-3-2
    With White Gabriel and Tierney as CB
    Zincheko or Jorginho along with Partey
    Saka as LW when on attack and LWB while defending, same applies to Martinelli
    Odegaard as number 10
    Trossard and Jesus as CFs
    Do something like that
    Nowadays EPL is not the same where you can use same tactics for whole season
    You have to be flexible and you have to keep changing your formations and approach…

    1. We have to give Arteta time next season to carry on what he has started but as a club, we need to very quickly see if he is at his ceiling or wether he can be a top manager. He is close but no cigar yet.

    2. Very correct you did the same system against Liverpool it didn’t come out as expected did it against West ham United we know the outcome against Southampton bottom they used come to form, and you still persist against City. Men that dumb at best.

  11. I love this young team, I love Arteta and I loved our season. I could not have imagined we would run a team double our purchase price of ours and double the payrole of ours, this long.

    It is super we will be back in the CL and encouraging that the owners have invested considerably. We obvious lack squad depth and experience with a young squad and manager but if we continue to invest well and stick with this team and manager, the future is bright.

    (losing two defender is a lot for a team this thin, but had we changed tactics and been beaten 4-1 many would have said why not stick with what got you to where you are.)

    It is slightly emabarassing to see people ask for Arteta’s head and dis the players.

    1. Ok!!! And it was ever so slightly embarrassing watching last night. I dont do hammerings, never have never will, unless you recover from them.

    2. John I will be sending in an article just after the coming weekend, DEFENDING ARTETA and his team against the ludicrous overreactions and plain hysterical nonsense that so many of our fans are indulging themselves in after our setback at City.

      Of cousre we are ALL very disappointed and I too believe we let our selves down on the field. But that was ONE game only, against a team that is gnerally accepted as being one of the best club teams anywhere and ever.

      To slaughter our team and manager, as so many immature fans are doing, needs a riposte and in a few days , I ask you sincerely both to read and to comment upon , my own POSITIVE, YET REALISTIC ARTICLE and take, on the massive improvement we have made under Arteta.

      I have little truck with the immature overreactions of so many, MANY of whom OUGHT to know better, since our loss at City.

      I disassociate myself with them, even though we are, presumably, all PROPER Gooners.

  12. Off topic, but Trossard now has 1 goal, 8 assists since arriving in January. Didn’t our downhill start when we dropped him for Jesus..?

  13. You really have no clue about supporting a team, have you ever been to a game? I doubt it, totally clueless about football, Ally McCoist was right about his comment “See this term bottle it, it comes from people who have not played sport at any level. Nonsense, Manchester City was tremendous and never allowed Arsenal a kick at the ball effectively. Never mind ‘bottled it’ let’s talk about City’s brilliance.”. That applies to you and all the negative spineless so-called fans we have. City is the best team in the world at the moment and no team could withstand the way they played last night. Sack the manager, and sell players how on earth are you allowed anywhere near Arsenal is a joke.. the line I told you so is childish and insulting to a team that has gone most of the season on top, beaten every London team, scored more goals than everyone except City. You, sir, are not a fan, you are not a supporter, go and ply your trade elsewhere, and I bet you love the toxic AFTV as well you would fit right in there. I have followed Arsenal since my first game in 1973 when Chippy made his debut and I have seen the highs and lows of following a team, you know nothing and you are typical of the fairweather supporters we have. If we finish second I will take that as a great success. The goal was to qualify for the CL and we have done that, the rest has been a joy. I can not see anyone stopping City and if by some miracle we were to win the PL title, you do not deserve to be part of the celebrations

    1. Arsenal bottled it. Deal with it. The poster was wrong to lose his head after a poor performance, but tirades of abuse and deflecting reality are just as bad.

    2. Paul, I so utterly concur with your post, all of it, that I ask you,in all sincerity, to read my post above inreply to John, agreing with him and asking him to read my forthcoming article and riposte to the hysterical mnonsens e oveerwaction to our loss yesterday. It is good to be able to debayte with mature ands sensible fans like john and like you.

    3. Brilliant reply Paul and, apart from Jon Fox’s personal attacks on fellow fans who disagree with him, I agree with his opinion regarding the self entitlement a section of our fans have.
      It is an absolutely ridiculous article in my opinion – we are still top of the PL and are the only club who, realistically, can stop city from retaining THE title……and yet we are told that the club needs to sack the manager and all the first team squad.

      I was one of the supporters who questioned Arteta right up until this season, but it was obvious to me that, over the summer, he had begun to turn the ship around and I started to enjoy watching The Arsenal once again.

      CL football is now guaranteed for next season and, if fans were really honest with themselves, that was the most we could have hoped for after the last three seasons under MA!!!

      It was unrealistic fans like Konstantin who upped the anti and, now that they are seeing said optimisimn being shown to be false, they scramble over each other to blame MA and the players for their own recklessness.

      Any team that has led the PL for 90% of the season, aren’t just “bottlers” or whatever other words one wants to use.

      It’s fans like Konstantin who are the REAL bottlers and he should look at city supporters who stuck with their club when they were in the third tier of football with crowds of 30000 plus showing their love for the club.

      Everyone has an opinion, but this article is just plain madness, borne out by the authors own belief that we should sell the likes of Saka, Martinelli etc etc.

      1. Oh dear Jon, it seems that you believe you are the knight in shining armour dashing in on his horse to rescue those who, foolishly, disagree with your opinions and how you react to fellow Arsenal supporters..

        As a mature person, probably into your twilight years, I would have thought that you would have realised that being a Arsenal supporter, exchanging views on a website, is not a competition against other Arsenal fans, but a collection of thoughts and opinions from every walk of life – I don’t feel the need to try and humiliate others on JA, but love to debate with them, especially if we have differing points of views.

        I had a great little debate with Marge yesterday (Marge, did you read my reply to your CL knockout scores?) and, although we had completely different views, there was no name calling.

        I learn something new every day from one of my three grandsons, who also have their own points to present… once again, I listen and learn, not once thinking that, because I’m older, or I disagree with them, that their views are not worth listening to.

        I know I’ve upset one or two on JA over the, what, five or so years I’ve been posting, but it seems that you need to antagonise someone in every article you participate in.

        Life for you and me is getting shorter Jon, try to treat life as an open book and not as a competition to prove you know more than everyone else – you’ll end up being a much happier person and won’t feel the need to keep TRYING to be the top dog.

        Looking forward to reading your article by the way.

  14. We’re in a position that no one, and I mean, NO ONE expected, but apparently…heads should roll?

    Youngest team, and youngest manager in the league, up against a City team that has only missed out on one league title in the last 5 years.

    Only Liverpool have managed to finish above City in half a decade, and just think how good that Liverpool team was.

    And call Arteta a fraud, is unacceptable! This isn’t a fan, but a delusional troll, as absolutely zero context to his argument.

    Typical Twitter fan!

    1. I am waiting for my post to be posted as it is under scrutiny because of my criticism of the so-called negative armchair fan, it is very similar to your post but longer but you are spot on

      1. Oi Billy!
        Your comment was put in moderation because you used a completely different name than the one above.

        It is now approved, but please don’t accuse me of anything again before checking the facts please…

        1. They are indeed. As are any fans that believe the team is beyond reproach- no matter how they perform. This is supposed to be an exchange of opinions not an exercise in shooting down anyone who doesn’t subscribe to their views…

          1. Well said Marge ,unfortunately a number of fans believe if any negativity arises they have to defend it with childish responses like “go support another team “.
            I’ll speak as I see it and last night was pathetic simple as .

          2. Do as i do and treat them with the contemp they deserve. They are just keyboard warriors and grossly immature.

          3. No one believes the team is beyond reproach. However, it is clear that some fans take exception to some of the reactions.
            It is dishonourable of the author to call the manager a fraud and demand his sacking on the basis of of one game against a great team.
            It also rather disturbing to see so many fans piling in with such negativity in the way they have after this game. Of course, all Arsenal fans are disappointed. However, some of the reactions seem unnecessarily vitriolic. This is not “any negativity” as someone is disingenuously suggesting.

            1. Dan, you and I can debate in a fair and reasoned manner – unfortunately it seems Jon has to get personal… such a shame, because he speaks a lot of sense most of the time.
              I keep hoping Jon can pull his neck in, but I fear that is less likely than city dropping points!!

            2. Isn’t it sad that the toxicity has returned David ?
              I’ve always found your posts reasonable- not always 💯 in agreement, but always reasonable and literate.

              1. As I generally agree with his post match analysis DK, I respond in kind. If you think he ‘simps’ after Arteta then you’re no doubt thinking I do as well

                A thoroughly bizarre article has brought out levels of negativity that hasn’t reared its ugly head in months.

  15. Do you mean play the youth team who lost in the final to West Ham 5-1…yeh that will work !! I get thay you are disappointed respect your right to have an opinion but this article is a bit over the top.

  16. You say you’ve had enough Konstantin. Does that mean you’ll soon be leaving, writing less, not supporting Arsenal (if you ever did), or just hanging around until we next have a good run so that you can clamber back on board and milk the vibes?

    1. “his own personal inadequacies as a human and as a fan.” This is utterly deplorable. I dont agree with the poster either but attacking him as an inadequate human being because he is angry over a football match is unacceptable. Please think before getting personal.

      1. Evgunner If you had any real concern for our club you would, just as I have , challenge the complete disregard for fanhood that Konstantins article contained and NOT challenge a true fan who is merely standing up for our club. The club, in fact that we ALL claim to love and support.

        But some plainly do not support it but concentrate on bringing it down by using hysterical and reactionary language and in not thinking clearly before writing arrant nonsense.

  17. The collapse began after Liverpool.
    1. No tactical changes from Arteta
    2. Mistakes repeated and no consequences
    3. Doesn’t drop out of form players.
    4. Players lack that mentality still

    Since dropping Trossard we play worse with Jesus, yet he still starts. Zinchenko is woeful defensively, responsible for goals yet still starts.

    Where was the leadership and experience that Zinchenko and Jesus brought with them? They made no difference and showed why they were expendable by City.

    We talk about players growing and developing, Arteta has to show growth and development as well.

    Can’t keep playing favorites in same formation with same tactics virtually every game.

    Trossard should start over Jesus and Tierney should start over Zinchenko. Odegaard should get subbed at half for ESR.

    Ruthless, send a message like Pep did to KDB in December. Unfortunately players continue to get overlooked so out of form favorites continue to start and underperform.

    1. Talk about lack of flexibility and narrow mindedness on the part of Arteta.
      You are spot on.

    2. The collapse started with Saliba’s injury, and we haven’t been able to replace a major key player, because he’s among the best defenders in the league only 22 years old.

      We are going to build a stronger squad which is necessary if we want to compete in all tournaments next season. I’m expecting our progression to continue next season COYG 🔴⚪️

  18. In the immortal words of the great Mike Tyson”Everyone has a plan, until they get punched in the mouth”… If you go back and look at our defeats, they mostly came about by teams pressing us high. We usually folded once pressed and had no answer or plan to counter that. I don’t think we lack squad depth, more like suffer from lack of squad rotation, same as last season and the one before. Our core 11/13 players are burnt out and the benchwarmers are not match fit enough to step up. Had they been given match minutes throughout the season, maybe they might have taken some of the strain off of some of our core players…Jus sayin.

    1. The problem with that theory is, it doesn’t quite hold up.
      Our core 11-13 players (as you mention) started the season at an incredibly high level, more or less brushing everybody aside with spectacular football. They opened up a gap in the PL legaue never expected.
      Players outside our core were given plenty of chances in the Europa League and the Carabao, but the football was very ordinary. There was every indication, we could never produce all the wins and the wonderful football even with a team of 7-8 core players and 3-4 “fringe” players.
      So my conclusion is, we would never have achieved the position we are in, if we hadn’t taken advantage of being able to play so many PL games with all or nearly all our core players.

      1. My view to Anders.
        Why would Arteta not play those players if they were good enough? The majority clearly are not able to replicate sufficiently the first 11

      2. @Anders S
        I see you were selective in what you took from my statement.
        The core 11/13 have cohesion, the bench warmers don’t. By giving them 15/29 mins in matches where we clearly had been dominating, would have helped them to better gel with the core players, as well as the core gelling with them. Plus it would have took a strain off the core, lessening the possibility for burn out and or injury. An odd cup game here and there where a mismatched bunch of players are thrown together in hopes getting a positive result is laughable. That’s why Arteta was forced to use core players as subs to salvage the situation. Putting more strain on key core players…Jus sayin.

        1. Spot on! yesterday I posted the numbers of minutes played(in the PL) by players from both teams.if I recall correctly, only 2 or 3 City’s players have played over 90% of their games,compared to 10/11 players from Arsenal.even the percentage is not even close.we have players who have played 100/98/96%..of our PL games.despite having played more games this season all competitions included.the City players were fresher,fitter and hungrier than us.that’s what competition in a squad does and if a player is not ready to fight for his place,look at what Pep did to Cancelo.there is a reason why most pundits predicted very early on that City would go on a long winning run.simple,Pep has been doing it for the last 4/5 seasons, it’s no fluke.the guy knows how to manage a squad.actually, it’s a bit of a miracle or luck that we went that long without too many injuries,loss of form or burn out but credits also to our players too sadly they are only humans.

          1. Siamois
            I read your post. It was difficult to find the right words. I can only think that Arteta doesn’t have full confidence in his other players to give them more time
            I’m trying to think of the reasons
            Maybe he put all his eggs in one basket at the beginning of the season and didn’t expect to be where we are now.
            Fatigue is probably playing it’s part now. The first 11 pretty much got us where we are now. Would the bench players have made a real difference if given more chances?

            1. Good question SueP,I guess we will never know.i know he is still learning but MA should have expected a burn out,injuries.lastly,he is the one who brought Trossard and Jorginho.why if he is not going to play it just to make up the numbers?

      3. Spot on Anders.
        Our first eleven is very good, but we are lacking squad depth. Man.City has a very strong squad, theoretically they could have had two top five teams in the league.

  19. You mean play the youth team who lost the final to west ham 5-1 yeh that will work. Not knocking the youth team but pointing out what a ludicrous statement that is. I get that you are disappointed and we all have our opinions but in my view the article is a complete over the top reaction.

  20. It’s not over til’ the fat lady sings but I admit she’s on the final verse. I still live in hope, all we can do is win our remaining games. and rely on City dropping points. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to hope that City can lose one game and draw another. I’ll keep believing until it’s mathematically over.

  21. The last couple of months of the season is when things get really tough. It’s not just teams like city who are playing to win the title, there’s plenty of sides below who are desperate to achieve their own goals – avoiding relegation and breaking into Europe. I think we have struggled once teams raised their games at the end of the season and we’ve completely lost the fear factor we’d built up. The question is: why weren’t we able to raise it like the rest? As Dan and others have pointed out, there is still a mentality problem at the club.
    That said, I do think it’s a bit ridiculous to be overly critical. This has been a very good season, many players have raised their games dramatically, and it’s the first time I’ve seen us play with any semblance of consistency and dominance in I don’t know how many years. There’s still work to do, but arteta has taken us a long way already. The challenge is to build on this season to challenge again next season and give a good account of ourselves in Europe.
    That’s not to mention this season – we really need to wake up and make sure we push city all the way until it’s no longer mathematically possible. If we give up now and city do manage to drop enough points for us to have finished on top, the regret would be enormous.

    1. One major disappointment I should mention is that arteta didn’t seem to have a plan for City – when he first joined, he beat them in the cup, changing our line up and usual tactics significantly, so I felt sure he’d have something up his sleeve. Either he didn’t, or we just didn’t implement it effectively on the pitch.

      1. As disappointed as I am with the last 4 results it doesn’t take away the magnificent roller coaster ride this season has been and how far arteta and the team have come this year. It is obvious we don’t have a big enough squad and to get rid of our manager now would be at best foolish.
        I now want the team to pick themselves up and beat Chelsea next week so we can have a strong finish, being a gooner is for life and not just when it suits so we support until the end

  22. I think tactically, Arteta still has a lot to learn.
    We should have started with either a back three with wing backs or an extra man in midfield as it looked as if we were overrun in the part of the field. Definitely for the first half. If we cannot keep the ball building attacks can look laboured as it did last night.
    We have good players but they need to adapt the formation to enable them to beat teams like Man City.
    I think the fault last night was Arteta and his lack of thinking flexibly.
    Hopefully he will learn to think better because that will be the approach needed in the Champions league for sure,

  23. I’m hoping he never posts on here again as he only ever shows up when we lose. He said he needs a break which hopefully means he won’t be back, ever.

  24. God bless your spirit Perry!

    As I read your post, I empathize with the disappointment and sadness that everyone who witnessed our dear team’s setback is feeling.

    However, the spirit you articulated in your post is precisely the quality that distinguishes champions from others.

    In this moment, it is crucial for our team to rally their spirits, get back up, and keep pushing forward! They require our unwavering encouragement and uplifting support now more than ever.

    Throughout this season, they have shown great belief and resilience, but they ultimately met their match in a superior competitor… Nevertheles, the future is bright and full of promise for our team… Hang in there my dear fellow fans!


  25. It is opinion. Stop insulting other Arsenal fans because you disagree with them. Sigh* you can’t stop yourself can you
    If you don’t then I will….

  26. Jon,your lack of self- awareness never ceases to amaze me!calling yourself old,wise…and then right away post comments like this one.🤦(I added it just for you).

  27. I won’t blame anyone for our loss since city are just far above us, but after the, I knew we weren’t going to win the league. U don’t give 2-0 lead in 2 consecutive games when u have a team like city chasing u. One thing arteta needs to work on is rotation, just look how tired saka is. Like he seems like a shadow of himself this last few games and also I think Tierney should have been utilized more. He is probably going to leave this season due to lack of playing time and I don’t think we would get someone as better or as good as he his . A striker in the frame of haaland is a must, so we can rotate between saka, martinelli, trossard and Jesus. Trossard also needs to play more games like more games. Odeggard also needs maturity because their are sometimes he find space where he should shoot but chose to dribble instead or pass.

  28. The article is a joke even though I understand his pain. To say that you’d play the academy players now and basically sack the whole first team is beyond ridiculous, that’s the definition of giving up, and giving up is basically the definition of bottling. There was a lot of good this season that we need to build on. We lost badly in the end but it’s a young team and we should not give up on them all. I’m sure in the future we are going to be more protective of Saliba Martinelli and Saka, so they can be majorly fit and firing towards the end of a long season

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