Arsenal were “really keen” for me to sign

I dread to think just how many articles have been posted on Just Arsenal exhorting Arsene Wenger to buy a new defensive midfielder this summer, but many of us thought it would be dependent on Arsenal letting Mikel Arteta leave the club first.

But now our club captain has revealed that there was hardly any doubt that he would sign an extension – once he had proved he had recovered full fitness after his six month injury problem. The 34 year-old admitted that he was very relaxed about his new extension as he knew the club were “very keen” to keep him on the books.

“We had a chat in the middle of the season with the manager, Ivan [Gazidis] and Dick [Law] and I knew exactly what they were thinking about me,” he said on the official Arsenal website. “My desire was to stay here so I was very relaxed about signing it. We left it until the end, we got it signed and I am so pleased to stay here.

“I was injured for the last six months with an ankle surgery, that’s why I wanted to wait, to see how I was feeling about the end of the season and if I could have another go at this level. We waited, they were really keen to maintain me on the team and that was my first option, so I’m really happy to stay.

“My first option was to be here. I’m really happy here and I feel valued. I wasn’t looking at anything unless I thought that I couldn’t do it [here]. First and foremost I had to decide whether I could do another full season here and I believe I can.”

“The good thing about football is that it doesn’t matter what you did last week, so it doesn’t matter what you did six months ago, a year ago or what I’ve done in the past here,”

“Everybody is starting from zero from the beginning of the season and you need to earn your place. When I have been fit I have always been involved. Obviously the years go on and you have some players coming in, which makes the competition strong, but that’s what you’re here for, to make each other better. For that we need to work hard.”

No-one can deny that Arteta has been fantastic for the Gunners since his arrival from Everton, and it always helps to have an experienced head on the pitch and in the dressing room. In fact I believe there is a possibility that one day the little Spaniard could become a manager of Arsenal, but I still hope that he will have to fight for his place against a new beast of a signing as well as Francis Coquelin!

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    1. Anyone else seen the Cech double save in training on tour? 3 seconds of action that warms the heart and fills you with hope 🙂

  1. Man Utd offloaded VanPersie, the man who won them the league once before and now they are aiming for better striker(s) and now close your eyes before looking at Arsenal who stuck with Giroud as our main striker for 3 long years and another one seems to be on the pipeline … that said it all

    1. But he is world class in holdind the ball, mate. Well againt strong defenders like Terry and co not but nevermind them, they do not count.

      1. I like Giroud hes polished his game sibce being with us and always deems to give his all. That being said the sooner we’re in a position where he’s an ‘option’ rather than our best ST the better.

        Giroud is a very good player, but nothing he does is world class including his exaggerated hold up play that is the faux ace up the sleeve fans use he’s mentioned. Lewandowskis hold up play is world class, Girouds is simply very good.

        Some positions in a team require the very best of talents that need surrounding by the necessary good players to be a great team, GK is one of them, CB another, CM another, and ST another still. Put your hand on heart and tell me what other top European team Giroud would be leading ST for.

        1. I bet you were itching for someone to take the bait with your parting question!

          I think if you match Giroud’s attributes to the right team with a system of play that suits him then I think he could do a job for quite a few. Serie A, rather surprisingly for a league renowned for many years for its tactical sophistication still has a fondness for old fashioned centre forward types. I could see him in Serie A for a top team. You would have a hard job to convince me he couldn’t fill in for Llorente at Juventus for example. Not prolific but unselfish and a handful – works wonderfully with someone like Tevez (now gone) working off him. Dzeko does (soon to be “did”) similar at City for Aguero.

          Bayern are a well-drilled and structured side and a bit one-paced imo who have not recently overly relied upon prolificacy at centre forward (although Mario Gomez got hot for a while). I don’t put Mandzukic in a category of centre forward much different from Giroud – he pottered along with mid-teen league goal tallies with the rest of Bayern working around him, particularly Ribery and Robben. Muller is top notch and better technically but is unspectacular goal-wise. Interesting now that they have in my opinion one of the top 2 centre forwards in the world there now that Pep G often elects to play Lewandoski wide.

          Barca, Dortmund – no chance for OG. Too fast and counter attack based for him. Real also, he couldn’t keep up, but as hard as I try, I can’t convince myself he wouldn’t score 15-20 league goals a season to match Benzema. Would any Ligue 1 top 4 side take him? Probably. Be on the bench at PSG though.

          Anyhow we could have the same discussion about all our players if we are talking about the elite European teams. We are not at the top table in Europe so it kind of makes sense.

          1. No the question was more to provoke a self reflective answer but seeing as you responded I’ll respond I kind.

            You essentially make my point seeing as you dispell how Giroud could make all the top teams in Europe aside from naming the possibility of him taking the place of a benchwarmer llorente/dzeko….my point in a nutshell, while Giroud is good, he’s not good enough to be a talisman.

            I agree it’s naive to say we compare entirely with elite teams of Europe, but I think it’s accurate to suggest some key positions have players worthy of most sides in world football (GK-cech, CB-kos, CM-Rambo). I simply feel the ST is another position where we should have an elite talent. Your first line sums it up for me, match Giroudwwith the right team and he’ll “do a job”, well Arsenal should have higher expectations of such a historically significant position on the pitch.

    2. United completely outplayed us the last time we met. we could not make 3 passes together in midfield. the constantly bullied ozil and cazorla and we just couldn’t get on the ball with Coq having to do all the defending .

      As if United midfielders weren’t good enough they add bastien SChwienteiger who is better than all our midfielders yes better. Bastien is proven worldclass . he has been at the top and done it all and its just 30 years old.

      As if that wasn’t good enough they added Morgan Schiniderlin. We stay here we are talking about Flamini and Arteta.
      We are not ruthles enough. FACTS

      Thats why Denilson played 5 seasons at Arsenal.
      Diaby was injued for 4 years and we kept him.
      Flamini return after 5 years in Italy and was rubbish. we signed him.
      Arteta has no legs and we keep him.
      Yaya Sanogo. lol he was 4th choice at palace. 4th choice at fxxxxx Palace. Can you believe it. Somebody slap me.

      A player like Flamini won’t play for Stoke city Westham Everton Swansea Saints Westbroom even at Blackpool he will struggle to get games.

      1. I get where you’re coming from but I’ll make a couple of comments.

        1) you’re selling Arteta way short. Not a defensive specialist by any means, he’s still a superb anchor of midfield despite lacking the defensive tenacity associated.

        2) The Coq/Arteta/Flam trio is a symptom of our financial prudence. We think we’ve avoided the need to buy a top DM for 25mil because of Coquelin. I’ll say no more about him I’ve said plenty, but if Arteta isn’t good enough because his tackling is poor, then Coquelin isn’t good enough because everything bar the defensive aspect is poor.

        1. @CC
          Thanks for your reply. So incisive and reasonably constructed!
          Most of the fans here usually allow emotions, emanating from other clubs activities, override and becloud their reasoning and judgement! Chelsea and Man City had both good squad and depth than us when we won FA cup back-to-back !! I am not contended with FA cup only, but the confidence, respect and value it (FA CUP) added to our stature is not minute.

          Also, I do see how often people attack @Admin for posting, what they called rubbish Articles’ here because the headline is just a window-dressing or invitation to treat only. Funny enough, you can hardly find them missing in the comments/dialogue boxes beneath the articles. They have options of staying away from the site, yet, they refuse to take it!
          As far as I am concerned, I enjoy NOT ONLY the articles, but also other chip-ins from fellow readers. No one is an Island of knowledge. Even the rumours do some good if you can reason critically.

        2. no Arteta is not a superb anchor man,hes mediocre all round,every time we play Chelsea an Arteta plays i can see the fear in his face b4 the match,cos he knows physicaly an technically he comes up short.An the fact that the top people at the club were so eager to keep him is very worrying,an just reaffirms my long held opinion,that we can’t win a major trophy under Wenger

          1. You’re pretty clueless to come out with things like Arteta “technically comes up short”. He’s played in many games where we’ve dominated better teams, Napoli/Liverpool/City, you just have an unappreciative attitude.

            If arteta falls short technically then what can be said of coquelin?

            1. Coquelin’s not there for his technique hes there to protect the back 4.We never dominated City with Arteta in the side,the other 2 side you mentioned are not top level not “unappreciative” mate i just don’t rate mediocre players.
              When Arteta is put under pressure in midfield he struggles,thats why i say he comes up short technically.When he has time sure he lookks good technically,but the true test of technique is pressure

      2. Man utd players know they better perform to a high standard or else it’s the bench or train ticket out of town. I admire the loyalty and faith Arsenal have in their young players; Jack, Ox, Ramsey, etc. However, with older or experienced players like Flamini, Schez, it’s probably time for Arsene to hand out some tickets. I want world class like Ozil, Chec and Sanchez of course, but we can’t buy a squad in a window or 2 like united. We develop world class; Kos is example, hopefully Ramsey, Bellerin, and Jack will follow. We must be patient as much as I hate waiting. Wenger frustrates me tho when good pieces are taken off the table. Did we swing and miss on Morgan or never bothered? Nerves on edge; need to smoke that Anfield stuff; anyone got 50 million I can borrow? Anfield over charges for their smoke too

        1. we have money now, no more excuses ¡¡¡
          We can invest and develop player for the future at the same time…

        2. Fair comment Durand and as I have said elsewhere this is all about speed of change – the fact that we are changing I would hope is self-evident. Look at the August 2013 team and bench – almost unrecognisable to what we have now. The Wenger “loyalty”, “fave” thing also needs to be reviewed/toned down – Gibbs, Szczesney, Flamini all effectively relegated; Wilshere, Ox, Arteta have no guaranteed starts. Most of the “deadwood” (I hate that term) gone. I suspect it is Merts and Giroud who infuriate people the most – they appear to be Wenger “faves” but not like it is the whole set-up.

      3. For once, someone who actually understands his football. I hate hearing about that giroud mythical hold-up play. I see Aguero match after match, holding -up play while running at and dribbling the opposition at the same time.
        How can a player who 90% of the time has his back to the goal win us the league.
        We cannot even play counter attacking football with him.
        Moreover, other managers have not been having a holiday. They certainly use have been looking at our games to sus us out

  2. It isn’t a sin to buy when we need the money to repay debt for the stadium.

    It is a SIN when you aim at 1st place, and you have the money and you do nothing to fill the holes.

    Wenger, stop telling others you aim at trophy (you only aim at 4th place), or you go and buy.

    Otherwise, fxxk off and get a new manager.

  3. Wenger is back with the specs. Maybe those days are coming back with the specs too

  4. One thing is for sure, we need to respect Arteta a lot bec he has done much for us. He might not be influental in the game nowdays how we want him to, but off the game he is very important. His experience is important for the other younger players. Makes no sense to have only jokers in the team.

    1. Yeah it aint his fault that he was pushed into the DM role, while being over 30yrs..He still tried his best and has been a loyal captain to the team.

    2. giving him a good farewell (that respect) and getting a quality dm ( this ambition) respect doesn’t give u trophy ambition does

    3. @k-s gunner,you normally make sense but his obsession with Arteta is stupid,what important experience does he really have?no international experience,Wiltshere an Ramsey have more CL experience,hes a nice guy but hes never been Arsenal quality

  5. I can bet my life that we will atleast sign one more player. Not sure if he will be world class or not or which position he will play in but i am damn sure we WILL sign a player

  6. If Wenger does not sign a striker then it will just show that we haven’t moved forward

    1. Here’s my prediction, the player ozcan is talkin about is cavani, and will sign early next week as long as Utd don’t fuk it up, Sevilla have just signed nzonzi (the fools) so krycowiak will be moving on, either to us or to replace carvalho at Porto in which case we’ll get carvalho , flamini is moving to Bastia but wants us to top up his wages, Campbell will sign for sociedad for 5 mill approx, Everton will loan scez or buy Ospina if he’s not happy to be number two, jenks is off to West Ham on loan and silva will stay with us if he performs well on tour , the one that could change everything is benzema , as I feel if he becomes available Wenger will drop cavani like a hot potato either way will be over the moon with signing two of krycowiak, carvalho, cavani or benzema!

      1. Unfortunately I reckon United will do a Cavani/Di Maria swap deal – can’t see why that wouldn’t happen, will suit all concerned.

        1. Sounds the easiest but then de gea would be in madrid already and ramos at manu…i think cavani def leaving with psg boss saying ibra going nowhere and lacazette possibly coming as well. Just dont know if wenger is even chasing think hes more locked on to benzema case

      2. Carvalho is out for at least 3 months so hope getting him as a DM has been closed, one depressed Arsenal supporter during transfer window again, like watching the movie Groundhog Day again and again…

        1. I enjoyed Justin’s fairytale.But he left out the bit where Mertesacker turned into a Pumpkin ,ran away with prince Arteta and are both living somewhere faraway and never to return. Well they didn’t actually run , it was more of a stumble. Then I read Jippi’s response and quickly returned to Wenger’s never never land. Just so..

  7. this is looking like last season when the all world expected wenger to bring in a defender and guest what he suprise us by bringing no one. what was is excuses, their was not quality defender in the market. for does expecting a DM or ST don’t put your hopes so high. as for me wenger is done in the transfer market unless some player fall out with his club.

  8. For some reason I don’t see us buying a striker, I feel he will give Walcott his wish and push him up top and buy a new world class rw either rues or pedro my money is on, I have a feeling that is the only other signing we will make I think wenger feels the squad is strong enough with those 2 additions I probably will be wrong just my opinion

  9. like the man said he will know after the Asia tour to see if he will need any signings or not after he has given our youth players a chance,
    he feels we have the fire power up front, sound in Midfield, and defense has been strengthened by coq and new signing of Arteta and a new goal keeper Cech

    Ifinjury free all season we might stand a small (i mean small) chance of wining EPL and NO chance of CL

    but if the guy buys someone like Lewandowski and Vidal we are shore to win EPL and have a great chance of CL

  10. You can bet your life? Gee, your family must hear this. See how a young man wants to die early.

  11. When i saw “Arteta has been fantastic”, i actually had to ask someone if there is another Arteta aside Arsenal’s…
    God UTD are in for Lewy AGAIN!!!
    Why on earth do we always buy left overs!!!

    1. Leo can you give us more news. You are the only reason I come to this website during transfer windows!

  12. According to Aristocrat and many other geniuses, ‘CHANGE is the most constant thing in life’.
    But at Arsenal, this is the biggest thing we fear. Going through all the comments from different folks on here, I feel the pain and bitterness of Arsenal FANS, and i do not feel sorry ‘coz this same thing has been long existing.

    Whether you agree with me or not, I think Wenger and the board are more after profit making and i honestly do NOT think they have a plan to fill the void (world class CDM and world class STRIKER, especially) and in the squad. I still cannot believe he did nothing to sign Kondogbia, Schneiderlin, etc. By extending Arteta stay, his intention is to play Coq and sometimes Arteta all season long. This is UNBELIEVEABLE for a top club who claims to have ambitions. Wenger is content with the squad and believe that champions league place is a guarantee.

    VERDICT: If i was Wenger, i think i’ll be aiming to win the title by buying the right players in balancing the squad. Doing this, will enable the team to compete at the highest level.


  13. What frustrates me is that Arsene seem to be saying the same thing he said before the start of last season and we started the season without a defensive cover.

  14. I think Faouzi Ghoulami (NAPOLI) will be signed up to replace Monreal if he leaves!
    Monreal, want a sound assurance that the left back is his. He has the feelings that Wenger has a strong affinity for Gibbs in that position. Monreal does not want to take a risk of competition with Gibbs especially now that the EURO 2016 is around the corner.

    Moreso, Athletic Bilbao and a couple of Spanish teams are seeking his signatures which will give him a guaranteed starter slot at the left back and move back home to his family and home fans !!

  15. This kind of mindset is exactly why we have never won the UCL and have failed to win the EPL in the past 10 years. We have always failed to bring in enough and the necessary quality in positions they are most needed and we are always trying to make do with the average quality we have. First, Arteta is not a DM so why are we using him as a back up for Coq? Second, when he played in that position he did not do a good job, he was barely average or worse, so i just dont get the logic. If we must be winners we must learn to be ruthless with player selection, everything must be based on how much quality a player can bring to the table as compared to our competitors. If we need Arteta for leadership in the dressing room then thats fine, but that should be just about it. But if we need adequate depth in quality and competition in the DM position then he certainly doesnt cut it. Please Wenger go out and get us Krychowiak or Wanyama for our DM position. For goodness sake their price is very affordable, so i see any reason why we cant have any of them signed up by now!

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