Arsenal were robbed – but let’s admit the game was fantastic!

All Arsenal fans expected Man United to park the bus and try and hit Arsenal on the counter-attack, but can you honestly call a side defensive when they are 2-0 up in just 10 minutes? Jose’s reputation for stopping teams could be reflected in the fact that have only conceded 9 goals this season (against Arsenal’s 19), but that ‘fact’ goes out the window when you see that the Devils have scored 35 in the 15 games so far (against Arsenal’s 29).

But whatever you think of Mourinho, you simply have to admit that the football played by both teams yesterday was exhilirating, explosive and extremely entertaining. I can’t remember the last time I saw such an exciting end-to-end battle that we witnessed yesterday. I don’t know how the players feel today but I was exhausted after the game just from watching it!

Wenger has always advocated that he will never play defensively just to try and steal a point (like Mourinho apparently) but he feels that he has a duty to entertain the paying fans and he refuses to stray from that philosophy for any reason at all. He famously made that point when we lost to Liverpool right at the beginning of the season: “To come out with the conclusion that you have to kick the ball in the stands to win football games, then that’s wrong.

“I believe at some stage you stick to your principles even if it doesn’t go as well as you want it. You don’t question things like that because you lose one game. That’s why people around the team should continue to believe in what we do.

“The best way to win is to perform. We have to convince ourselves to perform.”

Wenger has every right to feel aggrieved that we didn’t take the points yesterday, but you have to agree that he has certainly got the team entertaining the fans and performing to the best of their ability (except for the defensive mistakes and the missed open goals of course!) Every single fan and pundit was saying afterwards that that was an amazing spectacle for us, the fans, and in that respect Wenger is doing a wonderful job!

We don’t pay to be bored at the Emirates very often, do we?



  1. citrenoogeht says:

    Spot on.

  2. Me says:

    I expect Arsenal to collapse now.
    They have a spine of jelly after all..

    1. citrenoogeht says:

      Me: Your above statement means that either you are here on a wind-up or you haven’t looked at our up and coming fixtures. Either way, the job of a fan is to support…through think and thin and not be a fair weather fan.

  3. CALM says:

    Thrilling match. I commend the boys for giving them a proper game. Can’t complain as a fan.

  4. Remember Resource? says:

    Whats the point. Same old arsenal. Conceding stupid goals. We will finish between 5-10th..

  5. john hodges says:

    the problem with arsenal is when they attack the defence also want to get in on the act instead of concentrating on defence.

  6. ks-gunner says:

    A manager who is known to lose up to 8 goals should not berate others how to play the game, we where not robbed but lost due of us having a shamebolic defence

    Moro has Wenger allways at his pockets, ugly or not he is and will always best him as a manager

  7. Wolfgang says:

    Same old story. I don’t want entertainment. I want Arsenal to win
    by fair or foul means like what some teams do.
    Arsenal have had at least one penalty. But the powers that be want
    to perpetuate mu winning run and dominance.
    They will be indirectly benefitting from it.Until this changes or Wenger is sacked,’
    Arsenal will face an uphill battle to win the epl.

    1. wWolf says:

      hear hear. bo%%x to the entertainment we lost and in shambolic fashion, again. 🙁

  8. ks-gunner says:

    Dont understand the big fuss the manure fans make as i do think that City has no competition this year

  9. Me says:

    Arsenal were not robbed by United.
    They brought it all upon themselves.
    Arsenal need a young manager. Someone with fresh ideas, modern tactics and someone with some ambition to win things.
    What is the point.
    Nothing will ever change will it.

  10. Anko says:

    Am usually very unhappy after losing a game like this, but for some funny reasons I wasn’t after the game yesterday. I know we have deficiency in our passes sometimes and we are very prone to defensive errors too many times, so on this I blame Wenger, it happened against Huddersfield but the chances were not taken. He really need to cut out theses errors completely. But our attack was fantastic, we deserved to win if not for De gea and the penalty that was not given.

  11. Sukhjot Gunner says:

    In the end what matters is who walks away with the points,and unfortunately in this case it was manure…

  12. Pete Corbett says:

    As a United fan I can admit it was a robbery yesterday but in the end it was all your own fault for that defending at the start.

    There is nothing wrong with an Arsenal side who can perform like that we were just more clinical and scored 3 it was as simple as that.

    As for the stick you give your manager I for one when Fergie retired would have taken him off your hands straight away. Love the guy love his football.

    1. Ivan says:

      Why are you doing on our site aside from mischief making?

    2. Anko says:

      Your comment is reasonable, but why are you on this site?

      1. Anko says:

        And am sure it is people like you that gives a dislike when we support our team.

  13. ThirdManJW says:

    We won’t come against a De Gea every week, so as bad as were defensively (as usual), I am very pleased with the attacking side of our game at the moment. It was fantastic entertainment, just cannot believe we only scored one!

  14. Wolfgang says:

    Agree with ks gunner. I am sick to the bone with the repeated loss to another top team,
    Ok . Based on Arsenal 33 shots and 75 % possession,they shd have won.But if you cant score you don’t win.
    The problem is a perennial one with Wenger often losing to atop team.When Arsenal attack,the defenders join in with the merry go round.
    How many times have we seen the hit and run approach by other teams. Remember Hull 2008.
    The tigers were pummelled and then scored a goal out of nothing.
    Until Wenger gets the balance right between attack and defence he will continue to lose the big

    1. Ivan says:

      Part of the problem is in Wenger’s coaching. In some practice games he awards a goal to a team if they pass the ball 10 times in the opposition half even if no shot on goal results. He also does not require players to practice in front of goal So what we get is what we see all too often – lots of possession but not enough cutting edge. We saw the poor finishing yesterday with 33 chances and lots of them were hit at, or very close to, De Gea.

  15. John says:

    Wenger threw all the potent Arsenal strike force at ManU…………just not our day……if we can attack like yesterday……..we can have a shot at City……but we have cut down our mistakes……

  16. John Rambo says:

    The problem wasn’t Wenger it was De Gea. That boy is good. Cech was like that once you know but now not so much. The lads gave it a good go though i must admit it was a bit weird not scoring after peppering the United goal like that.

  17. kristoman says:

    sometime I wonder whether this fans do not understand the kind of person mourihno is. for Christ sake the man came with a plan concede the ball to them and defend in numbers when they make error from their side way passes hit them on the counter very fast cause the wing back always leave the centre defenders exposed. and it walk a treat all the time, even when he was at chelshit. do for wenger not to see this coming is baffling. u think mourihno cares for 75 possession or 33 shot on target. for the love of God he deliberately let us have those possession cause we will do zilch with it.

  18. jon fox says:

    I have regularly criticised Wenger. Almost all my regular gripes are because he -over many years past- does not motivate players as he should and esp when compared to his rival club managers. Only a blind deaf and crazy fan could apply that criticism yesterday and NO manager can be responsible when , having picked the right team and formation, two highly experienced international defenders between them lost us the game. THOSE ARE FACTS. I was proud to be a Gooner yesterday and I would only criticise those who fail to see how brilliant and unlucky we were. I wouil be thrilled to take that perf every week and were that so, know we would be serious title challenges. PROUD BEYOND WORDS!

  19. perum says:

    morino is a masterplanner. He knew what Arsenal was going to do. He only told his players to counter attack with a frightening pace. who cares for possession ? who cares for numbers of shot….Arsene wenger will never learn.

  20. “can you honestly call a side defensive when they are 2-0 up in just 10 minutes?”

    Well you can when the goals come from our own defensive errors. Shocking, appalling errors.

    That being said, this was one of the most thrilling football matches I’ve ever seen. I wonder if Man U have been so thoroughly dominated before in the PL era. It’s terribly unlucky for the team, nobody would be surprised if in the end the score were reversed or even worse, like 5-1.

    Mou must have been shitting his pants. Sure, be defensive, but it is never a good idea to simply let a team like Arsenal get that many shots away. De Gea was a target in a shooting gallery. It’s a miracle we didn’t score more. A little intervention by the referees to make sure we weren’t awarded to clear cut penalties also helped Man U out.

  21. Jack reacher says:

    Proud how we cut them opened but man I’m depressed really am .Couldnt believe da mistakes to give them 2 goals for xmas hurts, but we bounce bk at st Mary’s and blah blah blah try top 4 get champions league again ah I’m tired type of depressed I am good nite

  22. Nick2741 says:

    As long as we play and fight like that I’m not worried if we play like that in every game we will be ok . We had the desire and wanted to play and win keep it up lads and you will be ok

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