Arsenal were rubbish, but happy with a point!

Good old Peter Cech was Arsenal’s Man of the Match in the game against Man United, which is hardly a surprise considering that the Gunners did not have any shots on target right up until the dying minutes when Oli Giroud scored the equaliser.

Although he was the busiest Arsenal player on the pitch, he was obviously well-placed to see how bad the rest of the team were performing, and he is philosophical in saying that in the end a draw was a good result. “Obviously we are not pleased with the performance but we have to take the point because we were losing and we equalised with three minutes to go.” Cech said. “It was a great action and I thought maybe we deserved a little bit of credit for scoring the goal because as I said it was not our best performance and anyway we managed to get a result in a big game. We keep our unbeaten run going and that’s positive, but obviously we would’ve liked to win.

“We had passages of the game where we had good possession but we were not dangerous so I think this is what we lacked today. We didn’t create enough to score a goal, we basically created one chance and it went in so credit to Olivier that he came on and made a difference.

“We’ll take the point, because it was not our best performance and we are a little bit disappointed with our performance because I think we can do better. But in the end, even in a day where we were not at our best we managed to get the result and in the end, you know, when you’re losing with a few minutes to go and you equalise, you obviously have to be happy with the point.”

And it could be a very important point come the end of the season. The fact is that we are still bang in the title race. We are still 6 points ahead of Mourinho’s side, and still ahead of Tottenham, and are only 3 points behind the League leaders. Not to mention that we have also gone 18 games unbeaten!

We may not be having the best November, but it’s been a lot better than some so far!



  1. Shah of Arsenal says:

    I really just worry that we can’t play well when Cazorla is out, he makes everything click so much better. Hope he’s back ASAP

  2. pubgooner says:

    And rubbish corner taking from year 1970;s. Elneny takes corner passes back to Ozil. Then Ozil take two or threes steps backwards and then passes backwards to Coquelin . All threat vanishes. Kos and Mustafi are still hanging in the penalty box – wondering what happened. Open for a direct counter attack, so rubbish. I don’t know who decides on dead ball situations but whoever it is needs to take serious coaching lessons. Wenger looks so nervous and transmits his nervousness to the players and the fans!!

  3. Incarnate says:

    I just like the fact that my boys are refusing to lose even when they play like elementary school kids, they still insist on getting a result.

    1. Alexis the Great says:

      True. They did exactly the same in Paris against PSG. Keep the unbeaten run going boys!

  4. Gunner says:

    Starting with Elneny alongside Coq already put us in the back foot. Elneny is just a more physical version of Arteta. Gives the obvious pass. He is the sort of player you bring in when we leading and trying to defend the lead.Sanchez had to really drop deep to receive the ball. Shows that this game was really for one that OG should’ve started as CF and Ramsey/GX should’ve started alongside Coq.

  5. otunba_007 says:

    Well we played bad, but at the end of the day we took a vital point against one of the title rivals at their home.. I will still take that over playing a fancy football there and still loose, because that’s what we have been doing at Old Trafford over the years.. I am not worried about my team at all because in the past years we would have lost that match against united and one thing again was that, the team selection of wenger was poor as well on the day because he decided to drop xhaka and start Ramsey on the wing instead of either iwobi or chamberlain which I am not so totally convinced about both of them at the moment as well but I will still go with either of them instead of Ramsey.. I really hope we can build on all this and do a wonderful job when PSG visits us at the emirates…COYG

  6. dragunov762mm says:

    This match was just like I thought it will. How Jose nullified Liverpool was exactly the plan. He won’t let it an open game. Instead of reading this obvious plan, Arsene tactic just like adding salt into a wound.
    My opinion, this was the reason :
    1) The axis of and Coquelin and Elneny. Both are good defenders, but barely doesn’t know what to do when it comes to attack. I understand that just two men in the team that have capability to make faster transition from defense to attack. One, Santi who injured, and two, Granit Xhaka. The axis should be Coquelin pair with Xhaka not with Elneny.
    2) Ramsey favoritism. He barely useless as winger and tend to delay our attack when he stand centrally which was made speedy flankers like Theo Wallcot useless. I still can’t understand why Arsene build the team around him. He should replace with Ox instead Coquelin.
    3) It’s useless to put Alexis as CF when opponents well sitting at defense. Crowded center pitch will push us to play from the flank. If you thought Alexis have the wing to beat those tall defenders, then you’ve been dream completely. There’s certain game when Oli Giroud is more useful. This was it.

  7. Big Gun says:

    Agree with most that team selection was wrong. Wenger should have at least put Iwobi and Xhaka on at half time and taken Ramsey and Elneny off. On the flipside though we got to see just how valuable our keeper is, and going forward it is reassuring to know that even in difficult games like this Arsenal are able to not completely break and even salvage a point – a spine we never had 4-5 years ago. It’s the toughest season yet though, and we can see other clubs not exactly running away with it, with three points behind a team we thrashed 3 – 0, I’m quite confident after the next few games we can be top.

    1. Alexis the Great says:

      Our next 5 in the League

      Bournemouth Home
      Southampton Home
      West Ham Away
      Stoke Home
      Everton Away

      All winnable xand all WILL be won.

  8. Bobbyraz says:

    I still don’t get why wenger waits till the 70 min before he makes his subs, this crap has caused us soetimes

  9. Wilshegz says:

    we drew that match n almost lost not cos of Elneny, not Ozil,not Ramsey, not cos of Santi’s absence but cos of Wenger.

    dropping Xhaka who was the deeplying playmaker meant to control the midfield for Elneny who is just a DM that has no control over midfield or ability to dictate play.
    dropping Iwobi for a Ramsey who is in terrible form. cnt tackle, cnt defend, cnt attack, has no chemistry with the remaining 3 forward (alexis,walcott,ozil) n even his passing was terrible
    and above all realising those two are affecting the game negatively not making subs till United scored.

  10. tissiam says:

    i think some people have a short memory,not so long ago we would have lost these kind of games,do you remember the days when we had the lion,s share of possession and god knows how many chances to score without doing so everybody was giving out,yesterday everybody(including the players) knows we didn,t play well,had one chance and scored,we need to look at the bigger picture every team is going to have blips the season is a long one,look at liverpool they reminded me of us they drew a blank having missed loads of chances!

  11. nikkogunners says:

    Alexis, Walcott and Giroud – Mention the three and any team in the world right now will be best advised to fear. Then you add Mesut Ozil and Iwobi in the mix…It gets badder.
    So what can Arsene Wenger do to fully utilize the striking force above? For me, there no two ways about it but to reconfigure the side to have a two man striking formation created. Recently, even Arsene himself alluded to this possibility. The players too are open to this possibility.
    The patterns that can be deployed include 4.4.3, 4.4.2, and their variations.
    In A 4.4.2 arrangement

    In the 4.3.3 arrangement

    In the arrangement

    Walcott coming off the bench for now or Walcott starts with Alexis and Giroud comes in the second half.

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