Arsenal were the better team despite last minute penalty

It was a hard-fought game against plucky Burnley yesterday, but Arsenal finally came away with the three points in the end thanks to the last minute penalty from Alexis Sanchez. But Arsene Wenger feels that Arsenal were far the better team especially in the second half, and he was extra impressed with our back three yet again.

“We kept a clean sheet and they were really up for it, Burnley,” Arsene Wenger told “We won 1-0, but I’d like to congratulate our three centre-backs again today, because they did a remarkable job.

“I give us a merit today because we didn’t concede a goal. Our defence worked well again and we were relentless in the second half. We kept our heads and in the end we got the penalty that we wanted. The first half was an even game but in the second half it was all us.

“We changed our organisation a bit at half-time and I told the players that we were at 80 per cent of what we could do. We had to get more out of ourselves in the second half and I think we did that much better.

“I thought the draw would have been a disappointment today, even if Burnley are a very good team. You understand, when you look at them, why they are a very good team and why they have 22 points. We were on a high after Tottenham and I think it was important to push on again to strengthen the belief and the ambition of the team.”

The Gunners definitely look like a more organized, determined team in the last couple of weeks and the boost of leapfrogging the Spuds into the top four should make us extremely hard to beat from now on. An away win at last, and the chance to make it 12 home wins in a row on Wednesday should set us up nicely for the visit of Man United nnext weekend….



  1. Salmonella says:

    Now let’s get 3 pts against Huddersfield

  2. gotanidea says:

    Yes, Arsenal were the better team, but I don’t like the way they won the games against Burnley One game in this season and the two games in the last season ended up with controversies.

    I really miss the Arsenal team in the 2000s, where they scored a lot with open play goals, dominated other teams with their accurate passes and great touches. The way that Arsenal played was like how the current Manchester City played.

    The Invicible era’s Arsenal had more guts when playing and were renowned of their flowing passing game. I wonder what has happened to Wenger’s training programme and strategy nowadays. They would go backwards if they cannot evolve.

    1. Eddy Hoyte says:

      Tea well this ain’t the invincible Era anymore so box it up and move on…and you do realize these so called smaller teams are getting more stronger and better each season don’t you?.
      I’ll put my bet that even our famous Invincibles will struggle to make that record if it were now.
      Just and see, City and no other club can ever recreate that history at this age,
      not even Wenger himself or our invincibles

      1. jon fox says:

        Eddy, Where City are concerned , bookies are offering 10/1 to them going through the PL unbeaten. I have snapped up some of those odds and think them very generous. I personally would not be so quick as you to say never again. They said the old football league and FA Cup double would never be repeated back in 1970, the year before we won it. It has been done lots of times since then. All records are equalled and then beaten eventually, even our 49 games unbeaten. Don’t say it will happen , only that it well might and at 10/1 as a betting man those odds will only shrink week by week. I have learned to never say never where records are concerned.

    2. jon fox says:

      We all miss the great days of a decade plus ago. We had a great manager back then, name of Wenger. We have a different manager now, same name coincidentally, but a completely different hombre!

    3. Peter says:

      I also wonder why Burnley that we beat beats Chelsea and drew with Tottenham and Liverpool. I wonder what you would have said if Arsenal lost or draw that match. I wonder why the era you referred to could not win all their matches to claim the unbeaten season.

  3. GB says:

    Just heard that nob Durham on talkshite radio saying we have been lucky in 6 games this season with refs decisions!, not only that but Ramsey exaggerated his fall and should be banned retrospectively for 2 games AND Arsenal should apologise to Burnley for unsporting behaviour. He is to radio what clickbait headlines are to the internet. Ginger twat!

  4. Lw says:

    Better team? Were you actually at the game? What a joke. Arsenal were poor. Defensively ok but awful everywhere else. Goalkeeper was good but Sanchez, Iwobi and others were shocking.

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