Arsenal WIL have Jack back but NOT for Liverpool

This is a bit of good news for Arsenal Football Club and Arsene Wenger, but the one man who is surely the happiest with it is the player himself, as Jack Wilshere is fast catching up with the former Gunner Abou Diaby for the title of the unluckiest man in football.

Once again the England international midfield star is going to miss the start of a Premier League season, although this time at least it does not appear that he will miss the whole thing as he did last year. Then it was a training ground injury just as things were about to get underway and this time it was similar, as he had only just returned to pre-season training when he heard about the Patella problem.

However, the manager revealed in his post match comments after beating Viking FK, reported by the Daily Mail, that Wilshere will resume full training with the Arsenal squad when they return to London after the final pre-season game against Man City.

Great news for Jack and good news for Arsenal, but it seems impossible that he will be fit enough to make the squad for the EPL opener with Liverpool. But do you think Arsenal will finally get a good season from Wilshere or will he be another Diaby?



  1. @whenseen anger, I agree with your view but problem is if you buy striker, cb and may be RW and still loose then at least you will not repent at the end that what if we bought WC players for these positions. Many pundits still believe last season we cud have won PL if we had good CF as Giroud couldn’t score in many games. Everyone is strengthening their squad and in the end only one team will win but we want Arsenal to try their level best.

    1. @ mall Gooner
      Stars don’t guarantee any trophies, Pogba Greizman cudn’t win Euros for France but Arsenal fans will blame Giroud. Arsenal winnng is down to the players on the field.I agree with all Arsenal fans about Giroud to some extent ,but can’t say he is rubbish , All he needs is to work hard like Sanchez same goes to TW, Jack, Ox, etc. Can’t complain much about Gab, he just needs to be told he is the first choice and boost his confidence. The guy is a demon and rash we need him to be like that but AVOID those MISTAKES. If the players can work even harder and get that GONNA KILL atttitude ,I see Arsenal being the best.

  2. For fook sake….Jack is Like a Traveller


    Ofcourse He’d be back but then he’d be gone again

    can we accept reality for once please???

    1. Indeed, they should put jack up on top of a ferris wheel and leave him there for his own good then forget about him or else sell him.


    Lacazette suffers a Hip injury problem….taken off at half time after being whooped 4:0 by PSG

  4. Good news! Done deal! Medicals completed! Arsenal signed five more players today!

    (If you believe the garbage posted on

    1. @Andrew U……… And that would be “Ooh to be a gooner”

      bLog of the decade!! L()L

      it’s no coincidence they were more vocal exactly around the same time wenger started playing poker!

  5. Why is it Wenger never gets it that there will be injuries? We always get more than average. Our first choice eleven can brst anybody. But last year we were left short of class and fell apart. We must buy a striker. If Giroud gets injured on September 2nd. We will not have any striker. What happens if Kos gets injured…..we are left with Holding, Paulista……we are on a course to fail again. And yes I still support the club. I do not support Wenger’s transfer policy. He’s wearing blinkers.

    1. There has been a real shift of opininion on this site regarding Giroud. At the end of the season there were lots of comments that giroud should be sold, not arsenal quality etc. he shoud be out of the club irrespective of his replacent. Any comment vaguely supporting giroud was thumbed down. I have not recently seen this type of comment, it is all about a striker to complement giroud.

      Arsenal-steve has expressed a very valid concern about what happens if giroud gets injured.

      Where have all the giroud haters gone? Surely a few good games for france have not silenced?

  6. I shut u already, Thats what Sports is all about. Arsenal players need to be warriors, Tactics matters but its not everything, All Eleven don’t need to be stars, All fans can be KEYBOARD Warriors. 99 percent and 1 % luck will see us through. Come on ARSENAL work harder and play your game.

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