Arsenal will be a better team without Alexis?

I have never known a winter transfer window to cause so much controversy between Arsenal fans as this one, and this move of Alexis Sanchez to Man United has divided the fans like none other than since RVP went to United many moons ago, but maybe Arsene Wenger is actually going to improve the team by getting rid of the sulky Chilean and bringing in Mhkitarayan and Aubameyang?

The ex-England and Man United defender Phil Neville certainly thinks so. He told the Express today: “I can see Henrikh Mkhitaryan actually going to Arsenal and being a fantastic signing for them, I really do,” Neville said.

“If Arsenal sign Mkhitaryan and Aubameyang, say from Dortmund, which is what the speculation is, Arsenal may be a better team because they got two really, really good players.

“Mkhitaryan, we didn’t really see the best of him at Manchester United.

“I’m a massive fan of him, I thought we saw glimpses particularly this season but never did I think he was probably going to be in Jose’s starting eleven.

“So he needs to go to a club where he’ll be allowed to flourish and maybe Arsenal is that club.”

This is a ex-United player who has watched Mhki play many times in the Premier League and knows first-hand how good he is. But how many Arsenal fans believe we could end up better off withour Sanchez?

Sam P


  1. ŞÜKHJÖT says:

    Earlier I would have labelled the article creater as nuts,but considering the situation recently,I feel we would be better if he leaves..

  2. Innit says:

    Aubemeyang AND Mktharyan would be excellent replacement signings for Alexis and Theo, but i will be surprised if we got both.

    If we did get both AND Ozil resigned then all we would need to do in the summer is upgrade central midfield and get another top CB.

    However, in order to get all that we need to replace Wenger. Wenger won’t make the necessary signings. He never does innit

    1. Innit says:

      Sorry meant signed again or signed a new contract, not resigned lol

  3. koss says:

    I don’t see PEA deal going thru, this is arsenal and by now you should know how we do business.

    1. David Rusa says:

      Is he the first big player we are getting? Remember Arshavin , Rosicky and Adebayor came when they were already big names. What of Ozil, Sanchez and Lacazette? Stop living in delusion.

  4. Joseph says:

    We will be great without Sanchez, Aub and Mikhi will do tremendous job big time.

  5. Roehahn says:

    I want Sanchez gone too, but I don’t get all the hate he is getting from fans..The reason we are in this position where we have to sell Sanchez to ManU is because of Wenger..If Wenger had offered him a contract extension two years ago(when we finished second behind Leicester), or had made the signings to make us competitive, who knows ,maybe he might have signed the thing..But after realising that Sanchez was not going to sign, Wenger should have definitely sold him in the summer..

    1. Dee23 says:

      I think Sanchez was offered an extension and he refused. He wanted to wait and see his options even when we finished 2nd. Sachez never stays at any club for more than 3 years. Research him. I don’t think anyone is hating on Sanchez even though he is going to our rivals. The idea of signing Aubamayeng softened the blow. If we don’t get Aubamayeng then fans will go mad about just getting Mkhitaryan. The idea of Mkhitaryan and Aubameyeng playing together is exciting because of the successful partnership they had at dortmund. Mkhitaryan isn’t that happy about coming to Arsenal at the moment but I’m sure he will feel differently if we get Aubameyeng as well.

  6. John Ibrahim says:

    would prefer Pavon to join…hes a quality…acceleration, aggression with good ball control and pace

    1. Roehahn says:

      I like Pavon too..But he is a young South American footballer with only a couple of international appearances. Arsenal will screw up the transfer because we wont be able to get him a work permit.

    2. Maks says:

      We can get all of them… we have bloody money… at least around 100 mil just from recent sell out.

  7. Roehahn says:

    Also, lot of people here stating Sanchez is a mercenary and only going to ManU for the money,just think about the situation objectively..I agree that money is definitely a motivating factor but there are perfectly valid non-monetary factors involved as well.
    1. He is not guaranteed to start every game at City,and he wont be an automatic starter from them..Even Aguero doesnt start all the games under Guardiola. He already has experienced this with Guardiola at Barcelona when he was only used if Messi was injured/needed resting.
    At United,he will be starting every week..Mourinho loves players with a workrate like Sanchez’s.
    2. More important reason : ManC have already won the league this year and even if he were to win any other trophy with them, he wouldn’t be as much appreciated by City fans. They are already so good,nobody would remember his contribution.
    But if he joins United, and spearheads them to the title in the next few years,he will become an instant legend at United, the Talisman ,who took United back to their former glory.That is more appealing to Sanchez and that’s why he wants to go to United.
    Remember when we signed him 4 years ago, Liverpool offered him more money and more transfer fees to Barca, but he chose us,because he wanted to be that Talisman for us. Sadly,it didnt work out in the end.

    1. arie82 says:

      y wrong man
      sanchez choice manut couse city doesnt want approve his mammoth 350.000 per week salary, so citeh pull out, and that also main reason why he refuse new contract, couse arsenal wont give that money. it just money
      and he come to arsenal over pool, couse he dont want live in liverpool city, that simple

    2. Sue says:

      No because he’d rather be in London than Liverpool. Liverpool offered more in wages?? Are you sure??

    3. Dee23 says:

      I can’t see him spearheading Man U and being their talisman and a Man U legend. RVP lead the line and sealed them the title and he wasn’t a legend. He was forgotten very quickly. Sanchez will contribute goals but he won’t be their main man. He will probably play on the left as opposed to playing down the middle. Lukaku will still lead the line. Sanchez will set up a lot of his goals.

  8. John Ibrahim says:

    players come and go…there are still heaps of players out there and talented ones too…

    Every 6 months or a year there will be new quality players coming up…..

    Lets move on and support the upcoming game instead

  9. Phil says:

    Just have a good feeling this time about losing our “best player”as opposed to when players such as RVP and CESC left.Both times with them we knew we were weaker as a team for them not being in it.This time I believe it will be the opposite provided quality replacements are signed.Auba will need to hit the ground running with goals and as he is unable to play for us in Europa League it will mean no time to bed him in-it’s straight to the Premiership.Mikki knows already the pace and intensity of our league and should bed in quite quickly.Ozil is the key here.That boy is absolute class with the right style of players around him(eg.The German National Team) and he is key to making it all work.Sanchez had workrate but not always a positive influence on the team so a line up with Auba and Mikki may just have us coming out of this saga as the winners.

    1. Sue says:

      I really hope so Phil

  10. Joe says:

    Wenger never improves players, welbake played better football when he with man united, lacazate the same beforr he came to premier league, micky is a lazy player just like ozil he has to be pushed, lets be honest even if messi comes to arsenal and wenger is still the manager there will be no improvement. Ozil is not a fool is delaying signing a new deal for a reason mourhino wants him at man united.

    1. Taiwo says:

      You just spoke my mind. Wenger is the only person that needs to be sold.

  11. Maks says:

    Arsenal will be a better team without Alexis?
    even with Wenger still in BUT ONLY
    if Arsenal resign Ozil and Wilshere,
    sign Mhkitarian and Aubmeyang,
    and keep Giroud as a good sub… AND THEN
    we will stil lack two more players (CDM & CD)
    and a new manager to be on the level we need to be as a club.

  12. David Rusa says:

    I have a strong feeling that the people who make Wenger a caricature have just started watching Arsenal or are simply not realistic and truthful. Wenger may make mistakes but he is no dimwit. The guy is an all rounder and maybe that’s the cause of his problems. He is in football coaching, recruitment of players, financial management of the club etc. Of course no one doubts that he has had problems lately but those will be overcome. Arsenal may not take the EPL trophy but it could win Europa league and Carabao cup and finish in the top four. There is still all to play for.

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