Arsenal will be a big test for Liverpool – says Carragher

The pundit Jamie Carragher is often much-maligned by Arsenal fans for his pro-Liverpool bias, but just for a change he is not predicting an easy win for his old team at the Emirates next week. The Gunners had a very satisfying 4-1 destruction of the Scousers at home last season, and although Liverpool are yet to concede a goal in this campaign Carragher thinks this will be a crunch game for their defence.

“The problem last season, equally with the lack of goals, was conceding too much,” he said on SkySports. “And now they’ve got two clean sheets on the bounce.

“Sometimes you can keep a clean sheet but your ‘keeper has made great saves or you’ve been fortunate, but they haven’t given away any chances away in two games.

“That’s the thing to build on. The goals will come, for sure, as players get fitter and stronger.

“But the acid test will come away at Arsenal next week considering what happened there last season.

“It will be a test for the back four next week but if they can come through that, then that will give them confidence that they have more organisation, and that can help massively.”

There is no doubt that it will also be a big test of Arsenal’s title credentials as well, as defeat cannot be considered especially after our last game at the Emirates, but how satisfying would it be to get a repeat of last season’s score?

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  1. You gotta Love ALEXIS SANCHEZ on and off the pitch…. Great gesture!… sending truck Loads of supplies to his storm hit vicinity in Tocopilla,chile….. Players gotta Learn from him!

  2. It will be tough….liverfool has strengthen heaps…

    Firmino, Benteke and Coutinho they are world class…

    Not to mention Henderson and sturridge are both quality and dangerous……

    1. It’s okay. Alexis, Cazorla, Ozil, Cech, Koscielny are all world class

      Alexis, Ozil, Walcott, Oxlade, Cazorla, Giroud at their best are all dangerous as well.

      We need to respect Liverpool’s quality and play our best.

    2. Hafiz, I hope to meet u in person one of these days, wud be awesome visiting the Rahman palace for some great LOL sessions.

    1. Where did that come from !!!!! You are like the little boy that cheers for Chelsea in the North Bank – A masochist!

  3. When it comes to Arsenal related matters…. Dn’t be surprised to hear from Jamie Carragher!…..He may be a club Legend at Liverpool…. But Something tells me his heart Lies with Arsenal even when his pride and arrogance won’t bring him to say this…. Pride goeth before a fall!

    1. Carragher is one of those ancient Warriors who more than respects his old foe and takes heart from his enemy plunging sword through his body shield piercing the heart ..So what Im saying is he can only appreciate those days being beaten by the mighty Invincibles and the teams that went before which had an incredible defensive unit and an awe inspiring attack. Carragher can only admire The Arsenal.

  4. For the Liverpool match, I would play Walcott RB
    If Wenger wants to play Walcott at CF then play Oxlade at RB

    No Ramsey at RB
    No Ozil at LB

    1. Either




    2. Um! Thought “RB” and “LB” stood for Right back and Left back respectively …. *confused*

  5. Many of you think im wrong. Just wait and watch. Also for thos of you asking me about my sources,they are highly highly reliable. They leak news to the media. BENZEMA IS A GUNNER. You all will be overjoyed come the end of the window. Arsenal doing some incredible business!

      1. I have given you all concrete news. Wait and watch as it all unfolds. #benzema

        1. Well then why aren’t city sweating bullets because Agueros head is getting turned. Or why isn’t the release clause on the young Spaniard at Juve getting matched. Why are Reus and Griezmann not been talked about on the verge of move especially Griezmann who has shown he can play there. And why are Real selling seeing as they are finding goals hard to come by.

          You are just repeating what the two journos said in the faintest hope that there is truth. Tell us something that wasn’t reported if you can. Or at least tell us how your man would know, what is the type of relationship.

          1. They already have Jese as the “next Aguero”, they just announced the signing of Kovacic for 25m, and they also want DeGea for 25m. Those two combined cost a total 50m which is what Real are asking for Benzema. I think the transfer deal depends on whether DeGea leaving United.

    1. Ok@ all guns blazing….so if your prepared to tell us it’s a done deal…tell us enough to add some credibility to your source. Coz unfortunately at the moment it’s no more real than the rubbish in the press.

    2. @ all guns blazing……..if benzema is signed by chance……… I mean a big IF……… No credit will be given to u….cuz as far as i’m concerned……. U are stating ur claims by Chance with no reported evidence!….. So, QUIT CROWING!

  6. “All guns blazing” is now known as “all guns blazing (BENZEMA DONE DEAL)” …. All formal documents remains valid … The psychatric hospital and general public take note! L()L

  7. Messi is a done deal can’t wait for your comments wen its done you can all relax now gooners a friend of a friend of a friend who is a good friend of messi untie said the deal will be done soon in kronke we trust COYG

    1. Sorry to burst your bubble, but messi had his chance to be a gunner when he was teenager. My sources say he has since moved on and become somewhat of a barcelona legend and is very happy where is.

        1. guys iam serious about this. you all will see. all kidding aside benzema deal is done.

            1. you guys haha. iam going to have little chuckle at all of you once the deal is announced! #benzemanowagunner

  8. Liverpool are no match for us. Losing against them for me would be the same like losing to West ham before.

  9. Till now some of my fav players have been bough from other teams.

    One was Mesut who gave me at that time almost an heart attack bec of the joy. Then Cech who was responsible for many trophies at chelsea ( he is currently not doing good, but he most get used in not having good defender infront of him). And my next on my wish list is Edinson Cavani. This player like Sanchez is very down to earch and loves football. I know him from the time he played at Genou on loan, and he was always a joy to watch.

    For me Cavani>Benz. Now that PSG bought a new winger in, there will be no place for a striker to play on the wings. Its either Cavani up front, or Ibra. One must stay, and the other must go.

  10. Arteta was top class in his last game. In fact, I think he had one of his best performances before his injury (versus United I think). I still think he has something to offer. He’s much more more matured than either Wilshere or Ramsey. I wouldn’t mind us playing a false 9 in some games where we need the ultimate control.

    _____Sanchez Cazorla Walcott
    ________Arteta (C) Coquelin
    Monreal Koscielny Mertesacker Bellerin

    PS: Don’t tell me Ozil can’t finish, because that’s simply not true.

      1. He would shoot if Ramsey for once would creat a chance for him and not the other way around.

        Ramsey needs to see the bench, and we need to unleash the Ox.

        1. Ramsey is often lukewarm and I hate that in a person. But why does Wenger find it hard to bench him?

          1. He has invested to much time to give up on him. They say that Wenger is very stubborn, lol. For example. When you think of players like Almunia, Denilson, Bendtner. they all played over 100 games for us, they all earned big cash at arsenal, and they all did run thei contracts out bec no other team was stupid enogh to offer them the same treatment like at Arsenal.

            Nowdays we have player like. Ramsey who needs to see the bench. Giroud who should be a bench player aswell, and Walcott who is at the bench. They all are earning way to much money.

    1. I would play Ramsey or Jack instead of Arteta in that position. He really is not good enough to boss the middle of the park. No one and i mean no one runs as much as Ramsey during the game. Stick him in the middle and tell him to play a defensive b2b game and he can pull it off better than Arteta.

    1. Probably AFC official web site. I’d def not consider ‘all guns blazing’ as although he answers every comment, he fails to answer anyone who Asks him to explain how he knows anymore than the rubbish press.

  11. Since a lot of people are in the mood of assuring things, I can assure you a few things as well:
    – The reporter that has been assuring Benzema to Arsenal is done, has already back tracked on a few things he’s said … takes away from how assured he was in the first place
    – I can assure you 10 years ago, 0 people thought carragher could be a pundit, let alone be more tolerable than owen
    – I can assure you the Arsenal number 9 jersey is vacant, that keeps the dream alive
    – I can assure you the transfer misery will end in 13 days
    – I can assure you the next 13 days will feel like 13 years ….

  12. dnt knw why we ar panicing after two games. the transfer window is nt yet closed so juss chill this is our time pple.

  13. AS & TW must start and our young right back must be aloud to wonder with a drop in player I’m saying he moves then The captain must cover. We need a clean sheet it’s a must so for me I would drop BFG and make him work for his place

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