Arsenal WILL be getting a Striker and a DM in January!

As in every single transfer window the Arsenal fans will be clamouring for Arsene Wenger to splash the cash on a top-class striker to compete with Olivier Giroud and Theo Walcott, and for another top Defensive midfielder to cover for Francis Coquelin.

Well I am here to assure you that the Gunners will definitely be getting cover for those two positions in January, but it won’t cost Wenger a penny! For starters we have Jack Wilshere returned to training, and according to reports will definitely be back in the squad in early January. Wenger has often said that Wilshere is much too attacking to be a DM, but Roy Hodgson has used him in that position to great advantage for England. Wenger may not want it but Wilshere’s experience in that position could be vital in the coming months while Le Coq recovers.

Then we also have Danny Welbeck returning to the fold in January, and Wenger always said in the summer that Welbeck, Walcott and Giroud are all the strikers he needs for this season. Danny himself admitted that it has been hard being out for so long, but he is aiming to come back a better player in the New Year. He told “It is difficult,”

“It is my first injury that has kept me out for so long. I had my operation and once that is sorted you can be out for a few more months.

“For the first month, in a leg brace, not being able to do anything, on a machine six hours a day, it was very difficult. But you have to try and see the positives. Luckily I had my family around me, my friends came down to London and I had my brothers.

“It was good to have people around me and have that support. You wake up in the morning and know you have double sessions in the gym it is hard but you have to see the positive side and I have learned a lot more being injured on how to look after your body and prevent injuries. I have to see the positive side and hopefully when I come back, I will be flying.”

Danny and Jack will be the two crucial returnees in January and with neither having played one game between them this season, they should be fresh and keen to perform in the second half of the season.

Arsenal fans may not like it, but these are the only additions we will be getting to the squad in January!

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  1. I posted something similar in the previous article, but a lot of it is relevant to this one as well.

    I don’t think Wilshere is the answer at DM. I believe he can play there, but is not defensive minded enough and for that reason he wouldn’t be the best option to partner other available CM players. He is better suited to be a deep lying playmaker in a Cazorla mould or B2B like Ramsey (next to the combative midfielder in Coquelin/Flamini).

    For one, I hope that Wenger plays Chambers in DM next to Ramsey. In my opinion he has the qualities to play sitting midfielder in Arteta mould. I would argue that he has the passing skills that are far above everybody thinks of, and is mobile enough to perform (or like Wenger said, has the engine to play in midfield).

    He is not Coquelin though in a sense that he isn’t as extremely fast and mobile, and for that reason he needs somebody like Rambo, who covers a lot of ground and does his share of running, while Chambers does his Arteta role of screening the defence and passing out of it.

    I believe Aston Villa game is the perfect game to do the experiment, granted that he comes in a relatively gelled in team without too many changes. Experience of solid back four, Rambo and Ozil to pass to and relatively weak opponent should make for an perfect opportunity to prove if he can do it, all while resting Flamini, who is at the moment most reliable performer in that position.

    If Chambers doesn’t perform to standard, then some urgency effort in transfer window should be made by all means.

    1. I wanted either Schnerderlin or Kondogbia for DM and since we got non lets wait 4 summer till arteta or flamini leaves nd get a replacement..

      For a striker I wanted Chicarito or Mitrovic and since both wer purchased by different teams lets do lykwise..

  2. The only new signings we will be getting is the return of arteta, wilshere and welbeck. Because they will be like new signings according to Wenger.

  3. I get a bit worried about Wenger’s team selection when he has so many of his CAM’s back. He is just stumbling onto what could become an explosive front line for us, but may want to revert to putting some of the returnees on the wing. In my view thst would be a shame.

  4. I think with Santi/Coq maybe out until March (fully fit) Wenger may do something as i agree with @MARKO that Wilshere is better in the DLP role of santis than a DM of Le Coq, Ramsey would be abetter option in the DM tbh but Flamini will do until Jan until a suitable back up and challenger is bougjt for Francis! Do agree with you though on the ST position that is Welbz, Theo and G12s to challenge eachother would rther have a winger brought in to help Sanchez and Campbell as Ox isnt reliable enough for a title challenge all on his own, injured or inconsistent is a fact with him atm!

  5. Kokorin is a bargin and a half at £4.3mil,
    This has got a “wenger signing” written all over it!
    He wouldn’t be eligible for the champions league but hey,
    They wanted 15 mil for him in the summer, but with his contract running out at the end of the season, his club are looking to cash in when the window opens in January.

  6. Why a striker? Apart from Pato which would be a bargain for what he has shown before all his inuries (dribble players in a row, score stunner, world class level from a young age in the tactical minded seria A) there’s simply no need!! I think Giroud is doing a good job even thought it’s frustrating to see him miss some of them chances which can make a difference between a win, loss or draw. Walcott has been decent when healthy & given a run of game. Than we get Welbeck back. I would keep faith in those 3 (specially Welbeck who is a combination of both Walcott & Giroud with more skills) Also Sanchez can play there when everybody is fit. If come season end it doesn’t; than you go all in on a WC striker. I won’t settle for some of the names I hearing as they are no upgrade on what we currently have!!

  7. In this window I would only go for a DM and not only because Coquelin & Cazorla are out. We need depht at that position & start thinking about next season!! Arteta & Flamini with what has been floating around but also from what we see on the pitch should not be back next season…it would be sound after our UCL qualification & with it go all in on one!! Carvalho, Neves, Wanyama, Rabiot there’s decent number of quality DM out there that not only have high ceilings but play already at a certain level not just youth level!! We have not spend much in the summer + have money from UCL, well position in the league & most of those mentionned above are playing for teams except for Rabiot to win significant trophies as much as us!! We should bully are way more & just get what we need 1st or 2nd option not 3rd or 4th & hear that we almost sign him when they’re killing the game (not overpay but understand the valuation)!

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