Arsenal will be one of the biggest losers if the Premier League is played behind closed doors next season

Arsenal would suffer the second-highest loss of revenue if the Premier League goes ahead next season behind closed doors.

The Premier League has been suspended since the start of March because of the coronavirus outbreak.

They have tentatively scheduled a restart for next month. However, there would be one significant change, and that is the absence of fans.

They would play the games behind closed doors for the rest of this season and that would likely be the case until the end of this year, depending on government instructions on social distancing.

If this season is completed behind closed doors, it would cost clubs a ton of money with so many teams dependent on matchday revenue reports the Sun.

The report reckons that the whole of next season could be played behind closed doors and that will be a major disaster for teams in the English top flight.

Some teams make more money from TV rights, but Arsenal is one team that makes a lot of money from season ticket sales and other matchday revenue.

Should the next season be played behind closed doors, the Gunners stand to lose the second-highest money in the Premier League, just behind Manchester United.

The Red Devils would lose £111 million in revenue if the games are played without fans, while Arsenal follows closely with an expected loss of £96 million.

The Gunners would want to avoid such losses as they look to gather money to take care of their bills and cushion the effect of coronavirus.

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  1. Yes Martin, as you say, all clubs will lose much money, esp entrance fees and the laws of economics dictate that either they cut their cloth according to their income or go bust. The former will be what happens as anyone should be able to see. By far, the biggest financial losers, albeit in erratic stages overall, will be players and overpaid manager and chiet execs. This will in time return much morality and thus be the long awaited saviour of football. A massive silver lining to this ghastly virus.
    This means that no more long contracts on high wages will be negotiated and all efforts will be made to undo current expensive deals ASAP. There will be many changes in all teams inside the next two seasons, across the whole Prem and vastly paid players and their leech agents will be drastically brought to heel or forced out of the game.

  2. Match day revenue as you described is a huge loss and pretty much makes up the salaries of the first team for a year according to what I have read. Food for thought

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