Arsenal WILL be overcharged but MUST pay for right transfers

While a lot of Arsenal fans have spent the last few weeks checking the football media for the latest injury updates from the club and getting increasingly worried as the list of injured Arsenal first teamers grew and grew and now stands at 10, this current crisis in north London will not have passed the notice of other clubs in England and around Europe.

So with the transfer window just around the corner and with the Arsenal shareholder Lord Harris having helpfully told the world that the club is sitting on cash reserves of something like £200 million in the bank, Arsene Wenger is concerned that the price of any player he is interested in will suddenly go up, as explained in a Daily Mail report.

I’m afraid these price hikes are almost inevitable and it seems that Premier League clubs already have to pay over the odds for players from around Europe. It is going to be even worse for Arsenal but we really only have ourselves to blame and would not have been in this bind if the boss had signed a player or two in the summer.

The report claims that Wenger will now try to get a few players on loan to avoid being ripped off in January but surely that is not going to be good enough to help Arsenal to win the EPL title. He made his bed and must lie in it and if that means paying too much for the right transfer targets, we simply have to take it on the chin don’t we?

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  1. I really don’t care how much we pay. Buying football players is not a science it’s an art.

    Some might have thought we over paid for Ozil after a slow start. Now nobody cares how much we paid and Wenger thought he was a steal.

    Arshavin looked like a steal in the beginning and looked over priced afterwards.

    You can never predict with great certainty if a player will be a success.

    When Man U paid for Martial 36 million possibly going to 58 million for Martial people declared them crazy until he got of to a good start.

    My last worry is over paying since we don’t appear anywhere near bankruptcy, my first worry is Wenger worrying about over paying and talking about loan deals.

    The players available on loan deals are more likely to be the players that are not so great. Kallstrom

    1. Honestly he sounds like such a fool when it comes to transfers. How can you claim you want quality but then only for for a loan option ? No player on loan would be good enough to make our bench otherwise they wouldn’t be on loan ! FFS WENGER BUY A DAMN PLAYER ! Carvalho, Bender and Gungodan are available and so is AUBAMEYANG ! GIROUD OUT !

      1. His a con man that’s running out of excuses!
        he is feeling embarrassed from using the same old ones, that’s why he is now constantly contradicting himself.

        Hopefully He will overload and explode soon!

        1. When will you get embarrassed about slagging off the best manager in Europe this year? And Arsenal’s best ever manager since the beginning of time?

      2. lol! you gotta love the comments on this site…the way people are cussing and abusing Wenger, you would bet we are 20 points behind the log leaders.

  2. I don’t know if he will be available or not but the one player I want us to go for is Ilkay Gondugan. Other than that, all I want is a speedy recovery for our injured lads.

  3. Now wenger is panicking over panic buying ?
    I said it from the start that the most that he will do in the January transfer window would be a loan signing or two.

    Just don’t pay any attention to the transfer rumours unless the player in question is a free agent or costs under 5mil.

    Wenger is now saying that he has no idea on how long Cazorla and Sanchez will be out for. ? wtf!
    He also started that Koscielny, Gibbs and Walcott will be in the squad to face Sunderland but he will assess all three on Saturday, to see if they fit to play. ? that makes sense!

    The deluded one never used to bother me that much before,
    But this season he is absolutely getting on my xxxxing tits!
    It’s as if he has become braindead, he just hasn’t got a clue.
    maybe old timers disease is kicking in or something?
    It’s either that or he’s acting dumb whilst killing our season before he goes.

    1. He’s killing our team? You call him deluded lol.
      Look at yourself, you need to go see a doctor and get some Prozac. Go support some team like Sunderland and slag their manager off. Arsenal are TWO points from the top of the League and you do nothing but MOAN continually. Get a bloody like FFS!

  4. Pep in AW upstairs and this is the reason AW did nothing in the summer. Other then that he must be losing his mind if he thinks this team has any chance of winning the EPL. I’m not sure we can finish 4th because all the other teams have improved so much

  5. Have you guys noticed the pattern with the arsenal injuries? they always seem to hit one department at a time – for example, at some point last season, the CB’s would get injured at the same time, leaving us to play monreal and at times debuchy at CB. And this year the forwards got hit, ox, walcott, welbeck and now sanchez all out. Just as we’d think things can’t get any worse the central midfield got hit, with carzola, arteta, and coq joining wilshere and rosicky! the whole midfield is gone!

  6. Yeah, that’s what happens when you wait to panic buy. There were plenty of players available over the summer.

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