Arsenal will beat Man City – but not to do Liverpool a favour

Should we help Liverpool clinch the title next weekend? by Lagos Gooner

Hi friends. Have you been reading the news today? Have you read that if Arsenal should beat Man City tomorrow and if Man City fails to win again on Saturday, then Liverpool would be crowned Premiership Champions? If that is to be the case, then should Arsenal play their part in aiding Liverpool to the title by beating Man City tomorrow?

Let me state here that Arsenal does not need any extra motivation to beat Man City as they seek to return to the UEFA Champions league at the end of this season, but if we should win tomorrow, we may as well help Liverpool win the title and show them we are more football wise than they can ever think of.

Before Liverpool’s defeat to Watford some days ago, the whole Europe was talking about the possibility of Liverpool breaking Arsenal’s unbeaten record. They have been in the best of form recently and it won’t have been such a surprise if they had broken Arsenal’s record. Unfortunately for them, the little gods of football had other plans for Arsenal. The gods of football knew the record belonged only to Arsenal and they were not ready to allow Liverpool destroy our record. And so, they threw the Liverpool players to the wolves. Watford devoured them and ended their unbeaten dreams. But after that game, began the drama….

The British media went into action after the game; trying to discredit Arsenal’s record. They said going unbeaten was less important than being champions while amassing many points. They said Liverpool and Chelsea’s 44 and 40 games unbeaten record, was more important than our 49 unbeaten runs. They said a lot of things to make Arsenal fans feel bad but it didn’t work because we are Arsenal and we are proud.

Now, we are playing Man City and could hand over the Premiership title to Liverpool. My response to those who think Arsenal can do Liverpool a favour by quickening their victory dance, is that they should take a chill pill. Arsenal would win the game against the Citizens because we need the points more than ever. We are going to beat Man City because we need to beat them and aid our own qualifications for the Champions League, and not because we want to aid Liverpool. Liverpool and their fans may have been obsessed by their passion to go the season unbeaten, going by their outburst when their dream was cut short. The media may have said everything to discredit our great achievement of 16 years… all these don’t matter to Arsenal because we are Arsenal and we run things our own way, our own style.

We are Arsenal and we are proud.

Sylvester Kwentua


    1. There’s nothing you’ll say or do that’ll stop Arteta from selecting those guys as long as they’re fit. And they won’t be the reason we’ll win or lose

      So if you wish to hate them from the earth to the moon ten times back and forth, only one person will lose, and that’s you

      1. Ive got nothing to lose. Im not a shareholder of Arsenal. No one forced me to support Arsenal. Its free entrance and free exit. I’m just stating the facts

  1. we will be beaten that is my feel or a draw. 2-2. Etiihad has always been a difficult place for us to go.

  2. The premise of the article is somewhat ridiculous. As if we want to win to help Liverpool, like they need our help. We want to win every game for us, not someone else and not only that, we are absolutely desperate for the points. As for bringIng up yet again the conspiracy theory that the media want to discredit our record, come on Sylvester, why are you still writing this stuff, let it go. You need to take the chill pill yourself.

  3. I predict a defeat by at least three goals. But then , unlike many on here, I am and have always been a realist and will never fool myself with biased hopes based on nothing more than my own love for our club. I SEE AND STATE OUR MANY FAULTS AND THINK THAT HELPFUL TO US. Pretending they do not exist only harms us by senselessly raising pressure to win and then getting frustrated and showing it when we do NOT win. Truth is our ally. Self foolery is our enemy.
    I will not be betting on tonights match, as it has not the right essentials for me to bet successfully.

    1. I wish I shared your optimism.I would gladly take a point but I just cannot see us keeping a clean sheet against City, our defenders and midfielders simply do not have the quality for the job.Getting possession of the ball will be a problem .

  4. Liverpool actually doesnt need anyones favour now.It would be foolish to think that a team that has only lost once and drawn once in 29,can loose the rest of the remaining games.Because thats the only scenario that give ManCity the champions.However,if we win,then we will have done ourselves a favour of keeping Europe dream alive

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