Arsenal will break transfer record to seal Aubameyang transfer

The title of this article, even if it does turn out to be true, does not mean that Arsenal will soon have the Gabon international striker in our squad, as we would still need the player’s current club Borussia Dortmund to accept the transfer offer and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang would have to agree to become a Gunner this month.

But according to a Metro report the Arsenal board are doing everything they can to get Arsene Wenger his transfer target, as the report claims that the Gunners have made a massive transfer bid of 60 million euros for the 26-year old forward who has been smashing goals for fun in the Bundesliga and Europa League this season.

At the current exchange rate that price would work out to be just under £45 million and that would break the club transfer record of around £42.5 million that we paid Real Madrid for the brilliant German play maker Mesut Ozil over two years ago.

This news comes from the Spanish journalist Kike Marin who has been known to get these Arsenal transfer rumours right before, including the one about Alexis Sanchez coming to north London from Barcelona. However we have also had plenty of very realistic looking rumours turn out to be nothing, such as the Karim Benzema saga in the summer.

Is this another one of them or could Arsenal really be about to smash our transfer record for this prolific player?

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    1. respected nigerian journalist colin udoh asked aubameyang at awards ceremony this evening- are you going to arsenal?

      He was unequivocal: “I’m not going to Arsenal.”


      LET IT GO

      1. “I never heard of Cazorla” – Wenger

        “I’m not leaving Aston Villa, I’m staying at Aston Villa and can’t wait to captain this great club” – Delph

        Moral of the story : Don’t believe everything you hear

        1. Thank you GoonerLad.

          Believe very little of what you hear from journalists and players alike. Journalists are paid to write speculative transfer articles that people will want to read. People want to read about sensational transfers involving big clubs, true or not.

          (Most) players do not want to disrespect their current club or sound like fools if something falls through, so they will never confirm a rumor until it is a done deal.

          Believe it when it has been confirmed by the club.

  1. A broken clock is right twice a day …

    He might have gotten the Sanchez one right, but he is usually wrong. In the summer, he claimed we were after Benzema or Lewendowski and all that crap.

    That being said, Wenger has always been able to surprise the fans, either by not signing anyone when we all expect signings 🙂 or by landing world class gems no one expects. Let’s all pray for the latter … AMEN

  2. Just pray that is true, with Aube,Sanchez and Mahrez front of Ozil, what attack, no more miss chances and Ozil will be very happy that all is assist will be converted, no more frustrations.

  3. Rumours peddling and speculation traficking

    that thats the season actually.

    my observation;

    of all the players link to us

    only 0.00625 perecent stand a chance to be signed.

    Dear gooners think with your brain not your heart

    Resist the entanglement of untold avalanche of delusions

    Adopt the philosophical standpoint of pragmatic realistic epistemology

    wake up and save yourself from a programme mental state

    say no to positivism

    say no to belivism in a retarded squad

    say yes to absolute and relative reality.


  4. Ha ha ha haa aaaaa

    things seems to be moving relatively easy

    we are on top of the table

    But ccome may………………………………..

    come may

    ha ha ha come may

    i hear an earthquake of wenger out come may.

  5. PFA TW A S OZILL PLAYING THEM ALL IN SC coming back OG holding the ball up FC coming back jack coming back god what a team it could be and then win the EPL AW to go up stairs and do a great job of running the club kick out the yank and then the god PEP WINNING US THE CL

  6. Done deal!!

    Done and Dusted!

    Arsenal complete double swoop!

    I keep reading these headlines, but when I go to the official Arsenal website I find out that Arsenal have signed nobody in January.

    Where are all these “done deals” signed? Mars? Jupiter? An alternate universe?

    Enough already with the bullsh!t!

  7. i will be shocked if we sign him. That’s never gooner happen this jan. That said let’s wait for elneny’s, this could really happen

  8. Why don’t we offer 60 mil for Stones. He’ll last longer, 10 /12 yrs +than a striker. All the top Europe’s clubs are looking enviously at him.I remember Rio Ferdinand costing 30mil back in 2002 and look at the service he gave Manure and the trophies. Couple him up with the Bazillian,what a future partnership with the help of our current cb’s.

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