Arsenal will cost any potential buyer at least £2 billion

Arsenal valued at a massive £2 billion by French Ligue 1 team owner.

Arsenal has struggled under the leadership of the Kroenke family recently and Nigerian billionaire, Aliko Dangote has claimed that he would be buying the club in the next few years.

He has, however, not established contact with Kroenke at the moment and he may not want to now that he has been given an indication of how much buying the Gunners will cost.

That is because Nice owner, Bob Ratcliffe revealed that every team has a price in the Premier League and he went on to reveal how much a potential buyer would need to land Arsenal.

According to Team Talk, the Gunners could be available for a whopping £2 billion, if Ratcliffe is right.

“‘They’re all for sale,’ said Bob Ratcliffe as quoted by Team Talk. While he claimed a move for a lower team in the Premier League would cost between “£150 million and £350 million.”

Arsenal’s current owners have never indicated that they want to sell the Premier League side.

The current poor form of the team has caused fans to call for them to sell up and leave but Kroenke has never said he would sell the team and the American could remain interested in staying on as the club’s owner even when Dangote makes contact with him to sell.

However, if results do not improve on the pitch and the club continues to lose money then anything is possible. You have to hope so anyway.


  1. Please footballing gods let Dangote buy arsenal. I strongly beleive arsenal was one if the biggest clubs I the world. However, with the injection if cash into Chelsea and city they slowly caught up to us. since kreonke has taken over the lack of funding and investment has seen our once huge club which was arguably the 4th biggest club in the world after Madrid Barca and utd. We have dwindled and allowed city liverpool chelsea and spurs etc to catch back up with us.

    Now I do beleive not all is lost. I think with heavy investment arsenal can ho back to being a big hitter. We make more money than most the prem clubs because of our early 2000s when social media and technology really stepped up. Allowing us to spread our Influence across the globe to asia and Africa. However, to dominate and allow arsenal to become self sustaining we do need to spend big and get big names in and win a few trophies.

    Now dont get me wrong it’s not something that is easy. But I do think it’s easier for arsenal than any other club bar utd.

    I think we all agree kreonke has been bad for the club and a owner who is a fan and has vision for the club could get the best out if it and get strong rewards laterb

  2. Dangote is all mouth and no action. He’s been saying for the past 5 years he will buy Arsenal but has never made an offer. Now he says he will buy us in 2021 when his current projects are finished. Whether he’s serious or not it’s all down to if Kroenke will sell and the way Arsenal stock is steadily rising, I very much doubt he will sell.

  3. The damage has been done by financial mismanagement and poor on field performances, such that the road back is a difficult one. Under Fair Play Provisions, it is not a simple matter of the current or future owner massively injecting funds without sanctions being applied.

    1. Exactly OG- whoever buys Arsenal are bound by FFP and after what’s happened at Citeh, the penalties are there to see. What is required is good management, a good youth policy, and not pay inflated prices and wages for players as we have been these last few seasons.
      It’s almost as though we are starting again and this will take time. And for anyone who thinks we are in the quagmire, just see what happens to those muppets down the road if they don’t get CL Football. They have their 3 best defenders out of contract this summer and will have no money to replace them. They have players who now know they will NEVER win a trophy if they stay so will be looking to move.AND SOME FEEL WE HAVE IT BAD?

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