Arsenal will definitely NOT buy another winger (And Theo stays)

Arsene Wenger has been stockpiling classy midfielders at Arsenal as if they are going out of fashion, and they all seem to have played on the wing this season! It is pretty clear that we do no need an additions in that area, and Wenger has cited that reason for not challenging Man United to the signing of Memphis Depay.

“I like the player but he plays in a position where we have plenty in abundance,” Wenger said. “He plays wide and we have eight players who can play wide in two positions.”

On the subject of Man United starting their transfer business before the season has even ended, Wenger was adamant that there was no rush for the Gunners: “What you want to do, more than do it early, is to do it right.

“You have to take the opportunities when they come up but that’s not only decided by your desire, sometimes it’s created by the club that sells the player as well.

“Fix your target, be on alert and do it when it’s possible.”

Obviously one of those eight wingers is Theo Walcott, and Le Prof has confirmed that Theo will definitely be at the Emirates next season, even if it is only until Xmas: “We are already talking to him,” Le Prof asserted.

“When you go into negotiations with a player it is with a desire for him to stay. He looks keen to do it and I am keen to do it, so let’s see what comes out.

“We are always in the mode where we want to be successful. In case of failure, we’ll see.

“But in case of failure – that will only be in December next year.”

So it seems Wenger is serious about his plans to keep the current squad intact going into next season, and as we all remember the never-ending Sign Da Ting saga last time, there is every reason to believe that Walcott and Arsenal will finally come to an agreement. Maybe both sides will be hoping that Walcott proves his worth early on in the next campaign before coming to a settlement, or maybe Wenger will just leave him on the bench?

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  1. Still want Reus. Don’t need him and can’t imagine him actually signing for us, but I don’t care. For the fans, the summer transfer window is all about hoping for exciting players to join. We may not need any exciting players but it’s not going to stop me hoping.

    1. Don’t worry it’s normal…I would like AW to sign Isco even if we have no need for him at the moment. A DM and fast paced striker would be my first choice for new signings but we have to bear in mind some players will be need replacing in a couple of years.

        1. If it was my decision to sign players, I am not going to say who because it would be unrealistic. We should go all out for a world class striker and a world class defensive minded midfielder, that is all for me.

  2. I want nothing more than wanting Walcott to stay….. However, an additional winger (if need be or not) will be a Bonus

    1. We need to sort out what we need first before thinking about bonuses. Focus on need and not luxury.

  3. I cant seem to figure out how arsenal players gets injured. Team News – Ramsey, Wellbeck, Debuchy, Chamberlin, Arteta out. I Really hope next season Will be succesful nd injury free.

  4. When Giroud got injured,fans shouted at the stadium sign a striker,sign a striker and we got weleck.Now we should shout more precisely,sign lacazatte he is the only addation we need.Giroud costed us monacho game,we dropped points with welbeck as a striker

  5. I like Theo a lot and I hope he stays. Unfortunately he is too greedy. One thing I have noticed with our manager is that when you are playing really well, before you even say it, he will call you and raise your salary. He did it with Ramsey and the other British players. Walcot is earning a lot of money and has a poor injury record. Of course it is not his fault that he gets injured but if he was smart, he will realise that it is hard for a club to pay you that kind of huge sum every week while you are injured for a year. So what do you do when you recover? You try to pay the club back and not ask for more money. Walcot is the only player who makes it difficult to renew his contract and he is not even our best player.

  6. Schneiderlin, Cavani, William Carvalho, Paulo Dybala, Sven Bender, Marco Reus……..

    Take your pick, but i do think Wenger has a couple of these targets locked in. based on getting Ozil and Sanchez ( and not on the cheap ), he will get who he wants, and we will have a very strong team come next season.

    1. Wrong Bender in my opinion. I wouldnt place Dybala within the same category of Cavani Reus. If you are looking for someone with plenty of potential and dont mind waiting a number of years before getting the best from him well then signing Dybala is maybe not a bad idea. If you are looking for someone who looks a good likelihood to take you up a notch with goals or assists or creativity or all three and dont mind paying over the odds well then Cavani Reus are maybe not bad ideas.

      I think its a case of either getting the young and promising in relation to getting an experienced pro… not one or the other.

  7. Wenger like to see Walcott face on the bench but not on the pitch,with player like Walcott we will be fighting for third place or second place but not to win the EPL .Chelsea is champion but the will buy De Griezman from Atletico de Madrid they have the best defence in the league,the best Midfield in the league with De Griezman,hazard and Costa they will be came invecibles that what Mourinho want to take from Wenger and do not forget that Wenger will never beat Mourinho,we just need 3 world class players just like Henry said,But Wenger have no ambitions to win the league,next year will be the same excuses why we fail again,Mourinho sold Mata even so he was voted the best Chelsea player the previous two years,and Wenger want to keep ineffective players like Walcott,Wiltshere,Diaby,Flamini,Ryo.Sanogo.Welbeck ,sad but that is our fate with Wenger only problem for us the risk of loosing player like Alexis will be great if we do not win next year,we must to buy like Henry said,like Carzola is saying,we lost so many good players because they want to win and they are winning with others clubs.why we do not give ouself a chance of winning the EPL?

  8. Mourinho said he will strengthen cuz other top4 teams will improve their squad..Man utd already in the market,mancity will bring klop with his best players.Arteta,coq,chambers can play DM.We only need top striker and lacazzatte is the one,top3 highest goalscorer in Europe

  9. The quality at Arsenal has increased. If Walnutt doesnt accept his role in the team as a sub, then show him the door, bec he is currently not good enough and 100k a week is a lot.

    No more sentimental bs, but he did this and that. Sign da thing or fack off.

    1. Couldn’t agree more..

      Walcott scored 21 goals a few years back…
      Jack dominated Barca @ 18 years old….
      Schezney is still young and needs time to mature….

      Is Arsenal a football club with grandiose ambition or a freaking charity case? Was impressed with Jacks performance against Hull but these three players are currently not GOOD ENOUGH to be starting for Arsenal. I would keep Jack and send the other two packing, buy Reus and Cech.

      Add Lacazette, Martinez, Benteke, Cavani or Higuain with the sales of Podolski, Campbell + cash and the Gunners are in business!!

  10. The reason City, Chelsea and United buy expensive quality players is to fight for first and CL. Sometimes it doesn’t work out ie United with Falcao, Di Maria etc. Sometimes it does ie Fabregas, Costa, Hazard, Remy, Cuadrado etc

    We have 3 WC players arguably: Alexis, Ozil and Koscielny. Now if Wenger believes we don’t need anymore players of their class, then I trust him I guess.

    Walcott, Oxlade, Welbeck are all very good, quality players and I’m glad they are with us, but do we need a player like Reus to go to the next level?

    Wenger speaks about enough players but doesn’t he usually talk about quality over quantity?

    All I can say is that whatever Wenger does I hope that he is right. After 8 years in the wilderness we finally are in the right direction.

    We can’t allow ourselves to stay a top 4 team and not challenge for top honours.

    At the bare minimum, we need a top DM and top striker (if we don’t get a top striker then Reus could be a suitable alternative). I hope he feels the same way.

    But anything more of top quality will be greatly appreciated and will move us closer to Chelsea

    1. In your world you think that we are fine and doing good, little you know that actually the others are doing much more then we do.

      Manure doesnt givea damn about Falcao and Di Maria. They will contine to try till they see them selfs again on the top. And we compared to them, are only there to open them some doors.

      I rather believe what our enemys have to say about my team, then listening to Wenger who we all know is biased when it comes to Arsenal, just like so many of our owns fans. ( which of course is normal).

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