Arsenal will get discount if they make move for La Liga star

Arsenal has been handed a boost in their bid to land Nabil Fekir in the next transfer window.

The Frenchman has been on their radar for some time now and this summer might be the perfect time for them to land him.

The midfielder is looking to finally join a top team after time in Spain with Real Betis.

He has reportedly changed representatives in anticipation of leaving La Liga in the summer.

Arsenal has identified him as a possible signing if they cannot get Martin Odegaard for another campaign.

Recent reports suggested that Arsenal will struggle to land him because of his £77 million release clause at the Seville-based side.

However, Goal reports that Betis is currently struggling financially due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic and that will force them to sell him on a cheap.

The report says the Gunners can get their man for as low as £26m.

That fee wouldn’t be too much to pay, but Arsenal’s first choice remains to keep hold of Odegaard for another campaign and they will work to get that sorted before looking to sign Fekir.

The former Lyon midfielder has 6 assists and 3 goals from 25 La Liga matches this season.

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  1. There’s no way that Arsenal will pay £77million for Nabil Fekir so Betis will have to seriously lower the price tag on him, obviously at this point in time Martin Odegarrd is our primary target for next season, but if we can’t sign him and the board can do a deal with Real Betis about lowering Fekir’s price then we should go & get in there quickly, as if l’m correct Nabil Fekir played with Alex Lacazette at Lyon so it seems like pairing them up again here would be a good move!!!!!!!! ⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽🥅🥅🥅🥅🥅🥅🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🎖️🎖️🎖️🎖️🎖️🎖️🎖️🎖️👑👑👑👑👑🔥🔥♨️♨️

  2. Are we now getting a discount because of the
    “Odegaard effect” (the ability to resurrect the career and profile of a fading superstar)?
    Even if Odegaard returns to RM in the summer, I’m convinced we will be able to find a very worthy replacement….at a good price.

  3. I am probably alone in this but I don’t believe we should rent Odegaard for another season. We should only buy players who can improve our squad, not rent.

    Let’s say RM is willing to sell Odegaard to us for a price likely to be around 60-70 or more. And let’s say we manage to come up with that money. Will we have improved our squad over today’s squad? No, he has already been with us since January.

    Odegaard has had one outstanding game against West Ham but we have the luxury of having ESR. If we have 50-60 million to invest in our squad let’s not waste 10 million or more on a rental.

    Rentals either leave and weaken the squad in doing so or require being bought meaning that window will not see new players coming in.

    You rent in case of emergency, not as a matter of policy. We paid less money for Guendouzie than we paid to RM for the use of Ceballos. Gendouzie has a resale value when he leaves and Ceballos will leave a whole in the squad with no money to cover it if he leaves.

    Renting to me is a short-term option used for emergencies. Let’s develop ESR and have Odegaard cover for ESR let’s not put Odegaard ahead of ESR unless we are sure we can buy him this summer for a reasonable price and let’s not under any circumstances rent him again for silly money without an affordable option to buy. This only creates a temporary falls sence of having a good squad.

    1. “lets say we come up with £60-70 mill or more ” NO LETS NOT SAY IT, AS IT IS POINTLESS, A FANTASY AND BEYOND STUPID!
      Your whole post about us not renting players is completely redundant and side steps all the financial realities of football, post Covid arriving. Why can’t you see that?

      You are choosing to live in the past and ignoring present reality, not just with us but with almost all top clubs! You see to fondly imagine we have a choice of spending huge money. Sigh!

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