“Arsenal will give everything to win something”

Arsenal’s latest (big-money) signing, Granit Xhaka, made a very impressive half game debut against the MLS All-Stars, recording a pass completion rate of over 94%. This proves that Arsene Wenger was right to pursue the Switzerland international for a year before signing him, and he could be a real asset in the coming seasons.

Just as importantly, he seems to have fitted nicely in with his team-mates, and believes that this squad is going to goall out to win a trophy this year. “It’s a really nice feeling to play for such a great and big club for the first time,” Granit said on Arsenal.com. “I really enjoyed it and I think it showed on the pitch that I’ve been welcomed really well, that I have the trust of my team-mates. I’m really pleased to have finally played my first game.

“This club fits to me and I fit to it. Arsenal play attractive football and I enjoy that. I think you could see today that this team has a lot of quality and we’ll give our all to show that on the pitch.

“We will give our all to win something. I’ve already noticed how high the expectation levels are at this club. You realise that quickly. But we’ll go from game to game and will make sure that we’re well prepared for every game.”

We will start by facing Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool in just two weeks time, and will have to be very prepared. The only problem is that it is unlikely that we will have a top striker available for that game, and will likely rely on Akpom or Walcott to lead the attack.

But we will definitely have the best midfield on the pitch!



  1. Two weeks for the season to begin yet the striker issue has not been addressed MR wenger is doweling around wasting time while time is passing by unbelievable it is starting to get me on my nerves Will somebody please wake him up to that fact now before it is too late

  2. OT: any idea why Wenger was present in Leicester’s match, to scout Mahrez or simply preparing his plan as we have first away match against them?

    1. As if the premier league player of the year, needs scouting! he was probably there for the free nuts or whatever it is they hand out there! ?

      1. Probably free tickets.

        Why else would Wenger go to the Natural History Museum EVERY day after work

  3. Now there are 2 ways of doing it .
    1.Have a lethal world class striker who could single handedly win games(griezmann, leewa)
    Example- Suarez and the Liverpool team that nearly did it.
    2.Have a world class attack system around your not so world class striker (mahrez is the only missing piece for that.)
    Example-mandzukic and the legendary treble winning Bayern team that did it all.

    1. 3rd way of doing it…by having a lethal world class striker as well as a world class attack system.
      That’s what Barcelona are doing…If I’m not wrong.
      And Arsenal can do it if only we loose the strings off the transfer wallet.

    2. Vinjoe
      I do not think that your option 1 “1.Have a lethal world class striker who could single handedly win games (griezmann, leewa)” would actually work.

      We had one phenominal season from RVP in 2011-12, he scored 30 goals in the premier league alone, won golden boot and player of the year. What did arsenal win. Nothing. We came third, 19 points behind the winners manc, also 19 points behind manu.

      Football is a team game, look at belgium in the euros, fantastic individuals, poor team.

    3. I agree we need a Right winger, but not sure if Maharz is the answer. he is too monotonous and defenders/teams will figure him out this season. Top strikers are off the market, you have to pay 70-80m and I trust AW not to do that, so not much to choose from mid tire strikers 🙁

  4. The only way to make up for lack of top signings is for every player to play their butts of every match and for us to play together every match like a well oiled machine where every part works together for one purpose

    That’s highly unlikely

    We need a decent, experenced reliable CB. If we can’t get Mustafi, Koulibali, Howedes etc
    Then Ashley Williams would be perfect for a couple of seasons and would only cost between £5-10 million (not Jonny Evans)

    We need a very good Winger to play with Alexis and to take over from Alexis if injured
    Mahrez or Draxler (not Turan or Jese or kokorin)

    We need a Top striker capable of over 20 goals per season
    Lacazette or Lukaku or Icardi (not Mandzukic who is as good or maybe worse than Giroud)

    BTW- Vardy is saying it was “easy” decision to snub us.
    LOL is that why he delayed the decision

    1. Ramterta, to get players under contract you have to persuade the player and their club to agree, big transfer fees also require big wages to get the player to sign. Say £250k per week each for lewa and griezzman, £150k per week for mustafi. That is £650k per week, that is £34m per year.

      Presumably you are expecting arsenal to spent most of their cash reserves for the transfers. You have not explained where the money for wages will come from. Have you analysed arsenals current wage bill, looked at players leaving and joining ie xhaka. Will arsenal have to put up ticket prices or sell players?

      When RM and barca made one stellar purchase each, suarez and bale, they sold sanchez and ozil to help fund it. You are suggesting that arsenal make two stellar purchases, lewa and griezzman in one transfer window.

  5. “Arsenal will give everything to win something” ?? ?
    But don’t you dare! ask them to pay the asking price! ?
    What a load of ?..

    The Mustafi deal has stalled,
    because of a small matter of €3 million!
    Nice going mr pennymonger! ?

  6. @ramterta
    Thats called spending a lot to see what happens. Ask ManU. 1bn and counting. Read Arsenal_Girl’s approach. It might give you an idea of what giving everything means…

    1. Utd’s downfall can only be blamed on their lame managers, since SAF retired.
      But with Arsenal, it has been the same old senario’s for years, we have been missing two or three pieces from a jigsaw puzzle that would reveal a picture of trophies and champions!… Yet, Nothing is done £££ to fix this issue.

      1. @FbG
        Tactics aside. Favoritism is AW’s main downfall. This in turn holds AFC from reaching the pinnacle…
        He holds onto players he himself knows are not good enough to execute the style of play he wants AFC to aspire to. All out of a misguided sense of loyalty. I wish he would take a tip from Jose’s play book. “You’ve got 3 matches in which to impress. If you don’t, then you’re shipped out”…Guys like Aaron, Ox, Jack and Theo know they’ve got it made. They play like AFC is a 9 to 5 gold mine for them.

          1. @jamaican_gooner
            There are better English players out there than the ones gettin rich off of AFC…

  7. I have no doubt the players will give their best to win something I would expect nothing else.
    But the Question is their best good enough Arsenal are still missing a few quality players
    Wenger and the Board know this but choose to ignore it because it cost MONEY.
    “OH” I said the bad word MONEY, please don’t cry Mr Wenger I won’t say that word again.

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