Arsenal will give Santi Cazorla a new contract – if he is fit again

Come on we surely know that we will not be seeing Santi Cazorla playing for Arsenal’s first team any more, it has just gone too far past the point of no return by now, but then again Wenger gave the little Spaniard a one year extension last season, even though he was fatally injured in October after playing just 8 League games for the club.

But Santi still has that contract and Wenger admitted today that he expected Cazorla to return to the Emirates soon. “The latest news is that he is supposed to come back now. He had his latest surgery and we have to see where we go from there.

“I sent him a message two weeks ago and wished him well, hoping to see him soon. He has not come back yet because he has just had surgery. The medical people know much better than I do whether he will play again in 2018 before the end of the season. Before the end of the season will be hard for him.”

So the Boss was then asked if Cazorla could be given yet another contract, and he replied: “That depends on his medical availability at the top level. We have to assess that until the end of the season – if Santi is fit and available to play, then yes. Of course, we have to see that.

“That is why I tell you it is a complicated situation because first of all we love him, second of all he is a great football player but the third situation is that you need to be healthy today to play at the intensity that is needed in the Premier League. So we have to see if he can absorb that or not.”

Let’s be honest, can you really see him getting back to that level of fitness again? He turned 33 last month and even if he was fit he would be unlikely to reach the levels required for the Premier League ever again. Maybe Wenger will turn him into a youth coach like Mertesacker….



  1. Kroenke Out says:

    Santi was great, he really was unlucky with this injury. I don’t think we will see him play for Arsenal again.
    On another note.

    Manchester City agree club-record £57m deal for Aymeric Laport

    Arsenal is still not close to Auba.

    1. Sue says:

      Jesus they get their players straight away! Us on the other hand…. takes ages with the penny pinching, then it all falls through at the last minute, to then hear ‘we tried’ ?

  2. John Ibrahim says:

    santi is good ..its nice to keep the club to lead and guide the youngsters…but he has to remain fit

  3. Innit says:

    By all means keep him. He was World Class. Exactly what we are missing in the back of Central Midfield innit
    His injuries were awful. He nearly had a foot amputated due to Gangrene.
    If he can come back it would be amazing. If not keep him anyway as a coach

  4. Hass says:

    We love him but let’s not worry too much. Remember- all these guys are multi- millionaires including Cazorla. Be ruthless, it’s over. Move him on at end of season and push the money toward a dm or cb.
    I feel bad for the guy too… but when you realise the guy has been living a dream for his whole life, banging 10’s with millions in the bank, it’s easier to say fug it, move along

    1. Drayton says:

      I’m split a bit on this. On one hand, Santi age doesn’t really affect his ability as much as it would others, sort of like Pirlo when he started aging. On the other hand, we’re paying a handsome pound for his “services” and he might never return. I say keep him, otherwise his wages will likely just go into the board’s pockets, so what the hell do I care?

      1. Hass says:

        Good point about the board. We are brainwashed into thinking transfer fees and wages matter!!!! Not to us!!! I just want to watch great football… 25mil for a player? Round it up to 30 for all I care just give me good football

        1. Drayton says:

          Spot on!

  5. Beko says:

    It all goes back to when we played Norwich a couple of years ago and Wenger kept him on the pitch even though he’d sustained an injury because he’d used up all his subs. I’ve never understood why teams allow expensive players to try and run an injury off; far better to get them off and assess it.

  6. Gelz says:

    WIth the the amount of time he’s been out and the severity of his injury, also taking in to account his age, he may never return to be the little midfield wizard we love, his style of play comes from his ability to be able to turn on a six pence and weath in and out of people like they are ghosts, to go from being told he will never be able to kick a ball again to doing all that would be amazing but what are the chances. My sentiments say keep him, maybe not as a first team player but maybe a coach in the youth set up, his technical abilities and love for the game would be good for our young players to learn from. I fear with his injury record, if he does make it back he’s only one serious knock away from another lengthy injury.

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