Arsenal will have a problem with this player again next month claims report

Ainsley Maitland-Niles was desperate to leave Arsenal in the summer when Everton wanted to sign him.

He eventually remained at the club after Mikel Arteta assured him he would be an important part of his plans.

However, that hasn’t been the case so far, with the midfielder now just a squad member at the Emirates.

The forced absences of some players above him in the pecking order has seen Arteta hand him a few chances at the club.

However, it hasn’t been enough and The Daily Mail reports that the lack of opportunities he is getting at the club irritates him.

The report says the former West Brom loanee will likely push for a move away from the club again next month.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Maitland Niles remains one of the most important squad members at the Emirates and we simply have to keep him.

Thomas Partey and Mohamed Elneny will be away from the club in January as they partake in AFCON for their respective nations.

In their absence, the Englishman will get playing time, but he might feel he needs more than that and could still force a move away from the Emirates.

The JUST ARSENAL SHOW asks if Super Aubameyang has finally lost his superpowers?

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  1. If he is good enough he can make a impact. Also if he tries to leave it will show his mental strength is poor and he isn’t a goober at Hart.

    I think of players like Henderson for man utd and they don’t complain. He is 2x the player AMN is and could walk into any club

    I think AMN can come good but he will have ti be hungry

    1. Ur knowledge is weak too. He is few times better than xhaker but he is not given any much opportunity to prove it.

    2. His mental strength is perfectly fine – despite being messed about by our club.

      He was persuaded to stay, with the promise of more game time but that hasn’t materialised as often as it should.

      He has never let the club down (aka Aubameyang) and who could blame him if he wants to leave?

      1. Thank you.
        Both Partey and Xhaka comes back from injury to starting lineup together.
        Result is we lose midfield in 2nd half, a lot of missed passes.
        I really rate Partey and I am not anti-Xhaka, but AMN has his strong points too. He deserves better.
        MA does not even use his substitutions fully or early. If you do not want the player to play, even when there is injuries, even as a sub, for any reason, then there is no sense in holding him captive, he is mot under 21 anymore.

    3. Agree 100% with Ken above. AMN was dropped by Arteta after putting in a good performance for Arsenal. There is a major problem when the manager doesn’t make selections on form or performances and doesn’t make good on promises/undertakings to players. Mutual trust between manager and players is essential for success; lack of trust is a recipe for disaster. AMN will leave and other players will be discouraged from coming.

      1. Remember him saying Guendouzi would get a second chance, but it never happened. Said Saliba get a chance, but was immediately sent on loan.

        AMN promised chances, that hasn’t happened either.

        Martinelli likely only starting due to ESR injury and Pepe in the doghouse. If cupboard wasn’t so bare I doubt Martinelli be in starting 11.

        He’ll be first one dropped when ESR returns, Odegaard still start along with Xhaka in the midfield, guaranteed.

        1. It’s really quite simple. AMN has not shown that he is good enough to nail a spot when everybody is available.
          The whinging about playing time really does raise questions about his mental strength.
          Those whinging on his behalf are also getting tiresome. There is plenty of time for him to demonstrate that he deserves a spot during the rest of the season. If he wants to leave he can negotiate a transfer or put in a request.

          1. Let me put it simply so you can understand, it’s really quite simple but will try make it even easier to comprehend:

            -AMN wanted to leave
            -MA promised him a role this season
            -AMN got a chance
            -Played very well during the chance
            -Straight back to rot on bench
            -AMN wants to leave

            MA lied, same lie he told Balogun. Get it? Got it? Good

            1. OMG. The whinging and whining for a player that has been at arsenal for some time and continues to be ignored by all managers. Wenger, Emery and Arteta.

              Reading the comments you might be led to believe that AMN is some sort of Cescc, Diaby or Wilshere level. We know that Arteta is out of his depth but the same old moaning for okay players like Saliba, Guendouzi, AMN by some, all done as an opportunity to moan about how they can’t stand out of sorts Arteta.

              It’s okay to have a go at Arteta on performances etc but to always bring up the likes of Saliba, Guen, AMN etc as some sort of blunder by arteta is funny. Some of those players have not shown that they can add much to our progress. Saliba has not player a single EPL game but many have convinced themselves that he is better than what we currently have. There is no evidence for it apart from the fact that we paid £27 million for him and was hyped up a lot.

            2. AMN needs to buckle up and consistently demonstrate why he should be in the team. You may believe that he has done enough but others don’t and that includes the manager. As I stated before there is plenty of time for him to demonstrate his worth if he truly has the ability and fortitude that is claimed.
              If he wants to leave he can negotiate a transfer.
              As for your comments about Arteta they are malicious and slanderous.

              1. @David
                In order to “consistently demonstrate” why you need to be in the team, you have to at first get a chance to be in the team. His last stint in midfield should have bolstered his chances of starting the following match on performance alone…

  2. AMN has had some good performances, but Arteta’s promise never was going to happen.

    Sambi will soon find that out as well.

    Xhaka is a favorite of Arteta, in form or not he will start, as evidence of just returning from injury and not sharp or 100% fit.

    Remember when Martinelli posted 100% fit and ready to contribute? Didn’t see him on the pitch for months afterwards, not even a sniff as a sub even.

    Arteta gave some BS about “not ready” but doctors had cleared him and said he was fit and could play.

    Yet Xhaka walks back into the starting 11 immediately after doctors said he was no longer injured. Xhaka was not sharp or fit, and his legs were gone by 60 minute mark.

    Players are treated differently by Arteta, and I don’t want to hear about Xhaka’s “leadership” from anyone. That “leadership” seen us out of top 4, out of European football, and two 8th place finishes.

    Where’s the leadership in that? Spare me the “left footed” midfielder tripe, he obviously has 2 left feet, his lack of pace and technique is evidence of that.

    I don’t wish an injury on any player, but I do wish him gone. Can’t rebuild the midfield and keep players like him.

    1. Durand on the baffling MA love in affair with dismal XHAKA , I could not agree more.
      How this paceless, immobile, hotheaded, “ten minutes to send a pass and telegraph it first to the opposition”, ever gets anywhere near a club of our stature is a baffling mystery!
      It is widely known that pace is key across the successful PREM teams . Pace in movement in passing , in seeing danger and in making key passes; all are vital .

      Yet this statuesque, ridiculous, donkey consistently gets picked, even when patently unfit. Discuss please!

      Because clearly I and most Gooners must be far too dim to comprehend why he plays. Or why he is anywhere near AFC!
      And after SIX tedious long years of giving his statue impersonation!!

  3. at one point I deemed AMN as a luxury player, who’s performances thus far simply didn’t warrant a regular starting selection, but who could do provide us with a defensive presence in the midfield, depending on the tactics against specific opponents

    at that time I was under the impression that we were in the midst of a fairly extensive midfield rebuild and as such I didn’t feel that it made sense, financially-speaking, to retain his services simply for some sort of specialist designation, especially if any other clubs were willing to pay a decent transfer fee

    of course, this assessment was largely predicated on the misperception that Xhaka was justifiably on his way out and we would be replacing him with a much-needed positional upgrade, which might further hurt AMN’s chances to get significant minutes…when this didn’t happen, to the detriment of the team as a whole, it simply meant that we were going to be subjected to the underwhelming stylings of Xhaka on the regular and AMN would have to fight with the likes of Partey, the veteran Elneny and the manager’s own acquisition, Lokonga, for one singular position…this didn’t seem like a very promising situation, baring injuries, as it was clear he was never favoured by our manager

    in light of all this, if I was AMN I would push for a move elsewhere immediately…in my estimation, there’s no reason whatsoever that he shouldn’t be seeing significant minutes instead of Xhaka, as it would allow Partey or Lokonga to assume a much more natural box-to-box role, without leaving our defenders unnecessarily exposed, as they currently are whenever we pair Partey and Xhaka in deeper-lying positions

    for whatever reason, likely due in some part to Wenger’s propensity to shoehorn ill-suited players into deeper-lying positions, like Arteta himself, our negative leaning manager would rather have Xhaka on the pitch, than allow Partey to push forward and have AMN providing defensive cover in front of our backline

    of course, even though Xhaka has underperformed massively since signing here, he’s still a far better passer than AMN, but if we adopted a more direct approach to our attack this would mean that Xhaka’s pivot role, which has yielded very little going forward, except on the rarest of occasions, would be infinitely less important and we likewise wouldn’t be so reliant upon AMN’s ability to distribute the ball…just saying

  4. AMN is capable of playing well for Arsenal as a RB or RWB.In central midfield or elsewhere he is decidedly average and I’m afraid he will never develope into the quality performer I thought he might.Like Bellerin in many ways, and like the Spaniard I think he will move out in the summer window.

  5. He’s not going to get a fair go as we Australians often over say. Good he really be that poor to hardly ever get a look in when other players get rushed into the first team All past sins blessed and forgotten. For your own sake AMN move on and work hard to prove your point that you will be Arsenal’s loss.

  6. If we had improved as team by the strange ostracised players decisions, there could be an argument as to his reasoning but there isn’t. He has relied on “his” type of player, bought “his” type of player, spent more money than any other manager and not improved us at all. In fact the players he has ostracised are showing him up week after week. Arteta is failing in tactics, player management and style, we are no better under him, stop making excuses for him. The football is awful.

    1. Regardless of your never ending hostility towards Arteta, some of which is justified, the fact is that AMN along with the likes of Bellerin, Torrerria,Mari, Cedric, Kolasinac,Chambers, Mari and perhaps two or three others are not good enough to restore the fortunes of our Club.I wish them all well , but I hope they are all moved on in the summer.

      1. @Grandad
        And yet, you, like Mikel, feel that Xhaka is the man to restore the fortunes of our club. Yeah right…

      2. Grandad, the debate is “are the ones keeping them out better” I have no problem with Arteta dropping players, relying on players, that is his job but when he is clearly making errors in judgement, it is clearly costing us. AMN of course (just using him but there are more) is no worldy but like so many that get far different treatment to him and can do little wrong in the eyes of the manager are no better or to be brutally honest worst. Was Pepe worse than Willian, keeping him out, was ESR worse than Odegaard, keeping him out, was Lacca worse than Auba, keeping him out. Do Partey,Auba, Xhaka, Gabriel and Odergaard deserve to be treated differently to other players who make one mistake and are banished. If he was getting it right we would not be treading water like we are and looking like sinking rather than floating.

  7. The fact that I did not include Xhaka, does not mean that I rate him, in fact I have been a critic of his for at least four seasons.No need to apologise for making an assumption.

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