Arsenal will improve so can we all be a little patient please

Arsenal have had a massive upheaval to the squad this summer and we now have a lot of new players and youngsters promoted from the U23’s or returning from loan. These new arrivals and returnees will obviously take time to get integrated into the team, and also to try and come to terms with the different ways that Emery wants them to play.

We can’t expect them to start playing their best as soon as they arrive, and for the likes of Pepe, Ceballos and Martinelli, they also have to get used to a new country, a new language and get acclimatised as well as learning the way their new coach expects them to perform on the pitch. It can’t be easy, and if anyone should know it is our old-boy Thomas Vermaelen, who moved from Belgium to Holland before joining Arsenal, then on to Barcelona, and who currently plays for Japanese side Vissel Kobe. The litte known Japanese side have a few ex-Gooners there in Vermaelen, Podolski and Wellington (remember him?) Also in the side is Andres Iniesta and David Villa, so I was surprised them down in 12th place in the J1

Vermaelen is also still a member of the Belgium national side so is back in Europe for their games against Scotland and San Marino, and he was asked by SkySports his opinion about his old club’s start to the season. “Arsenal have improved with the players they got in the summer. I think they did a good job in the transfer market,” Vermaelen said. “It’s a new Arsenal but it doesn’t mean it is going to be worse than last season or difficult now.

“Of course a few players have to adapt but I think there is a good manager there (Unai Emery) who wants to play football. I expect them to do better than last year.”

I know Arsenal fans would love Emery to put his best available side out every week, but we just don’t think of myriad other factors that need to be taken into consideration when picking the side. Let’s be patient and let our ‘new team’ learn to play together a little bit longer before we judge our season. It has hardly just begun!

Sam P


  1. I agree with the article. Emery has hardly started this season as yet. As a firm Unai Emery supporter, I DO havesome reservations about some of his starting elevens and who he leaves out. But I intend to give him a real chance to get ALL his own preferred team in and Wengers all gone, apart from those Emery WISHES to keep, before fully judging him. That is only fair and proper. There is a world of difference between having a few reservations on here and making final and too hasty judgement of someone who has, as yet, not had a fair and proper chance. The same could be said of David Luiz, had he not ALREADY had a wealth of evidence with his multiple faults when at Chelsea,behind him. Even so, we OUGHT to give Luiz a bit more time to change perceptions.

  2. We were not patient last season ?
    Seems to me we are going down the same road once again this season .
    How long do we as fans give Emery to sort the club out 5-6 years ?
    We have been told by numerous fans on here that this is a new regime that will not stand for the same things when wenger was in charge ,so by that standard Emery won’t be here past this season .

    1. Your final thought makes no sense. Not standing for a repeat of Wengers inactivity on improving the team , means NOT waiting for many years as Wenger had, so disgracefully too. It ALSO does NOT mean sacking the new manager after a mere 1 season plus four games. Assuming , as I must, that you have a real ability to think properly, HOW can you think a choice of two extremes – one for 22 years(Wenger) and the other(Emery) for 1 season and four games are a fair comparison to each other? It also does not mean “5-6 years”, which is a sheer invention by you. Assuming the owner properly backs Emery financially in the market, which looks unlikely in any case, a period of three full seasons would seem fair to expect real team improvement. NOT 1 YEAR, NOR 22 YEARS, NOR EVEN 5-6 YEARS!

      1. Well it does make sense . The new regime won’t stand for mediocre results so he will be gone after this season because he’s proving to be a waste of time if you hadn’t noticed our 4matches this season and the crap he spewed our last season .

      2. “Assuming ,as I must you have a real ability to think properly”
        Good one Jon ?real slick .
        If I was to assume that maybe you are a fair weather supporter,would that be just ?after you comments about Emery on Sunday and how quickly you change your mind .

        1. Dan Kit, I did not change my mind. You do not seem to have the perception to accurately understand what I precisely said. As along time ago language graduate, I have through my long life chosen my words precisely and they are clear to all who can understand stated (in words) shades of grey. My above post even and deliberately mentioned that I had some reservatations on Emerys start elevens. BUT I ALSO SAID I retain confidence in him. SINCE YOU CAN CLEARLY READ, then what part of that clear message can you not understand? FYI, I have been a Gooner and attending one since 1958. Shocked now? You ought to be!

  3. Patience is needed!! Recent team overhaul has been massive. Anyone who has coached will explain that players need time to come together in order to reach their potential. Simply look at how long injured players need in order to return to form. Set your goals realistically and act accordingly.

  4. You don’t need patience to see Xhaka is ?
    And he’s been hear 3 years, didn’t they say emery got the job as he knew all about the players ?

      1. Actually he is a friend of mine and I can assure you he supports whoever is in the team and whoever coaches it. If that made him a Wengerite or an Ozil lover or an Iwobi fan boy then that is just one of your labels. Not his….

  5. Sorry I don’t mean to derail this article, but those saying Torreira played as a B2B.
    What? What match were you guys watching?

    Someone even went ahead to say he’s a B2B midfielder and he plays that position for Uruguay.
    What year did LT turned a B2B midfielder?
    Are you guys for real?
    Do you guys really watch football and know about the technical aspects of the game or do you just watch football to shout and cheer?
    When did Torreira ever played DM for Arsenal?
    His first three months, he was played as a DM, and was doing a fantastic job.
    Everyone could see how effective he was, until he moved from that position.
    Hell, Transfer market, Whoscored all listed him as a DM.
    We all know that’s his position, suddenly he’s a B2B midfielder? Suddenly he was playing B2B for Arsenal when he arrived?
    Are you guys really questioning who played DM between Torreira and Xhaka at the beginning of last season?
    The whole while everyone was shouting Torreira-Xhaka was the midfield duo, Torreira was playing as a B2B?
    Please FFS you guys should always get your facts right before saying stuffs.
    Torreira B2B.

    1. Xhaka replaced Coq. Was Coq B2B? Guendouzi – Xhaka started the first 3 matches. Are you saying Guendouzi was the DM? Explain to me where xhaka was when torreira played DM

      1. you’re saying crap bro.. Wenger got Xhaka to replace Coq.
        Since he’s all about players with flair, but even Wenger later knew Xhaka wasn’t the right player to replace Coq.

        “Granit Xhaka is so bad at tackling that Arsene Wenger once admitted he had told the £35 million midfielder not to bother anymore,”

        “‘I would encourage him not to tackle, to stay on his feet,’ Wenger said, and what we witnessed against Tottenham was classic Xhaka.” – Martin Keown.
        Everybody knows we stopped playing with a DM after Coq left.

        The first thing Sven did was to identify Torreira as the DM we need.
        Emery used him, and Torreira was the one playing DM while Xhaka has always been our Deep Lying Playmaker.
        How TF is a DLP and a B2B the same job?
        Ramsey is the only B2B player we had since under Wenger and he left.
        Xhaka has always and will always be a DLP, he played with a proper DM while at Monchengladbach.
        I don’t know how suddenly Xhaka turned a DM and became a DM while Torreira became a B2B midfielder.
        You’re even naming Guendouzi as a B2B midfielder because he played that position effectively against Spurs on Sunday.
        We all know Guendouzi and Torreira are DM.

        Suddenly Xhaka is no more the DLP but the DM and Torreira, Guendouzi are B2B midfielders.
        Really discussing football with some of you is tiring

        1. So are you saying deep lying play maker is a role, a position on the pitch? Are you also saying xhaka is not arsenals DM? Because his position in the line up hasn’t changed since he arrived

          1. Joe maybe you don’t know it but, this is the best and easier description of a DLP.

            Deep-Lying Playmaker:
            Operates in the space between the defence and the midfield and *aims to initiate attacking moves through pinpoint passes to players positioned higher up the pitch. He is a creative player that also has to be competent in defence .

            That’s something Xhaka clearly is, might be effective with his short passes and long passes, but his biggest flaw we all know is that he’s incompetent in defense which is why Arsene Wenger asked him to stop tackling after he got a red card in 2017.

            Here’s another description:

            Deep Lying Playmakers are an important role in football. They come in both the MC and DMC positions, and they are the players skilled enough to make the team move forward, with a short forward pass, or long range passes. They are the organizers of the team, looking to coordinate in the buildup of the attack.

            This has always been Xhaka’s role.
            Don’t get it mixed up, if you don’t know it now you do, Xhaka played with a DM while he was in Germany.

            It was Wenger who tried to use him as a fancy Defensive Midfielder. A project which failed badly.
            You already know the job of a DM and B2B.
            Please Xhaka is not a DM.
            Torreira ain’t a B2B.
            Guendouzi is A Defensive Midfielder who can play as B2B if needed

        1. What question is that?
          I believe I answered his question which is “is a DLP a role in football?”
          Yes it is.

          Now don’t worry, I’ll take the time out to write an article an explain these roles

    2. I agree with you on Torreira Best Role. Those who doesn’t see him as a DM knows nothing. Uruguay Midfield during the world cup consisted of Bentacur, Vecino, Nandez and Torreira! None of the other midfielders are natural DM so Torreira sits at the base and he excelled (Especially when he marked Ronaldo out of the game against Portugal). Sampdoria used four midfielders too and he sits at the base, Praet, Linetty and the other midfielder ain’t DM. I have read so many articles describing Torreira as a DM sitting at the base because both teams uses the Diamond Formation.
      Emery uses two DM in a 4231 formation, in the unbeaten run we hardly see Torreira close to the opposition box but after his goal against Spurs Emery decided to change his role by telling him to attack the opposition box more that was the beginning of his problem. If you can’t reason with this then I can’t help you.

  6. Wellinton that the article mentions, is not the same who were in the Arsenal
    The Ex Gunner, plays for Internacional from Brazil

  7. Look at man utd,it’s been 7 years since Ferguson, hundreds of millions spent if not a billion, several managers incl Jose, van gaal…have you seen any progress?do you see their supporters slamming the coach,players like ARSENAL fans do?not even close!

    1. Good comment there Frédéric.
      Iread an article on Untold Arsenal their research found that negative stories and Arsenal are 4 times more likely than for any other Premier league club.
      That being so people are more likely to take the same view and complain.
      Arsenal 2-2 spuds.
      Reaction ? Arsenal’s defence is a liability (ok its true) meanwhile the 2
      goals Spurs conceded not a word . The media deflect attention away from the fact that spuds and poxy Tina have had a fair old while to get things sorted.
      Spuds have lost 0-1 and drawn 2-2 and everyone is saying they will still finish above Arsenal, see what I mean ?

  8. Emery should be evaluated at the end of the season. 12 new players and many of the passengers moved on.

    If he can’t get CL after 2 seasons then he should go; Wenger failed twice and was removed, the same standard should apply to Emery.

    It’s not hate towards him, merely a consistent application of same standard applied to Wenger.

    I hope Emery has success for Arsenal’s sake, if not then move on, for Arsenal’s sake.

    1. At the end of this season, Emery’s performance will be evaluated by the owners/Board/management to decide whether to extend his contract into the third year.
      No one knows the criteria or targets set, on which this evaluation will be based.

  9. I dont think the new playes are the problem though. Nobody seems dissatisfied with Ceballos or Pepe. I think it’s fair to expect more of Luiz though, who is a decorated EPL veteran.

  10. Since 2008 the spend of each club.
    Man City 1,500 million
    Chelsea 1,200 m
    Man Utd 1,000 m
    Liverpool 1,000 m
    Arsenal 650 m
    Spurs 650 m
    Arsenal has also overseen the completion of the Emirates
    and has a 36 million annual repayment fee till 2031.

    Both Chelsea and Man City sold to oil billionaires
    who spent vast sums of money on players.
    Chelsea is 1000 mill in debt to Abramovic.
    Utd is 350 million in debt.
    Liverpool are trying to buy the title.
    The Kroenke’s have not spent a penny on players.
    The Kroenke’s have not spent a penny on the new stadium.
    City Chelsea Liverpool Utd are driving Mercedes
    while Emery is driving a Hindustan Ambassador.
    The fact that Arsenal are on the same lap is amazing.

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