Arsenal will lose more starlets after Hutchinson to Chelsea is confirmed

Arsenal have always been very proud of the fact that we have an excellent academy and we nurture many talented youngsters in ‘The Arsenal Way’ so that the cream of the crop can rise to be integrated into the first team.

We often use the cases of Bukayo Saka, Emile Smith-Rowe, Eddie Nketiah, Reiss Nelson and Ainsley Maitland-Niles to illustrate the point. Also Folarin Balogun was persuaded to re-sign last summer to try and make the grade under Arteta.

But today, we have Mikel Arteta’s ‘youth with experience’ policy, which has seen many youthful players join the club, but that have already gained wide experience with other clubs around the world. With Arteta making it clear that he wants a squad tht will play and mature together into become a successful force for the future.

This policy could now backfire, as we have now seen yesterday that one of our most promising prospects Omari Hutchinson has refused to sign a new contract with the Gunners, despite being named in the Arsenal squad ten times last season (without playing one minute). He would rather join our rivals Chelsea to progress his career, and part of the reasons for this, as given by the Arsenal Youth expert Jeorge Bird, is because Arsenal have just brought in the young Brazilian winger Marquinhos who is likely to be yet another obstacle to Hutchinson getting minutes in the First XI.

Bird points out that Hutchinson is also a full Jamaica international, but Arsenal also have the full Mexico international, Marcelo Flores, who also is hoping to get some introduction to the senior team. Has Marquinhos also blocked his development opportunities as well?

The problem with Arteta assembling a full squad of young players to stick together could mean that there is simply no room left to promote any of our academy players….


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  1. There are too many young left-footed attackers ahead of Hutchinson for the AM and RW roles at Arsenal, such as Saka, Pepe, Marquinhos, Odegaard, Vieira and Patino

    At Chelsea, Havertz’s main role is false nine and Ziyech will have to be replaced after one or two years. So Hutchinson will have a much bigger chances to get promoted there

    Arsenal should’ve promoted Hutchinson instead of signing new left-footed attackers like Vieira and Marquinhos, but I understand their decision. They need to go back to UCL as soon as possible and it would likely be more difficult to achieve with inexperienced youngster like Hutchinson

  2. He was ment to be the next one in line to break into the first team signing Marquinhos as obviously had an impact on his decision to leave ,cannot blame the lad TBF .

  3. Hutchinson made his decision, besides we can’t have too many inexperienced youths, we need a mix,
    Its also a good deal IMO, I really do not see Patino flourishing in the senior team too,
    We win some we loose some, decisions must be made.

  4. Well I think he went to Chelski just to spite Arsenal because if it’s for game time let’s be honest.. he is not getting that at Chelski.. There are better options for a player looking for minutes I wish him all the best.

  5. Well, bringing Marquinhos instead of promoting Hutchinson was Edu/MA decision. Let’s see if this backfires like ie. Martinez did.

  6. Kido Taylor-Hart is 19 years old left midfield….Patino is no 8 and consider himself as a box to box midfielder by his admission he is just as good with both feet…..Joel López 20 year old LB….Reiss Nelson 22 years right footed midfield can play right and left midfield….Miguel Azeez 19 years old left footed DM….Marcelo Flores 18 years old Midfielder….etc…..they too young to be impact players apart from Reiss Nelson……so players will be bought for the first team

  7. I take a different view to many about what are called youth or young players. Football realites are that VERY FEW already aged 19 or above , who are not already in the regular squad and considered as first teamers therefore , ever make REAL top level grade at the sort of level we need.

    Its true that most of those already 19 plus who do not make it at our level, do go on to have a lower level career but being a prospective first teamer is a ruthless process, in which ONLY the very best quality, very most determined and those who can stay reliably fit, actually come through.

    Even our senior academy players are well paid and are almost certain to play football professionally at SOME level.

    So I do not break my heart by putting the hopes and dreams of ANY player , be they an unknown or an Henry, Bergkamp etc., ABOVE the needs of the team and club which I learned to love aged 5 and two thirds of a century ago!

    Club and team first; players very much AFTER that is my view

      1. Then what is the essence of having an academy when we are producing not good enough players. We bought Tavarez last year at just 21 and now we were looking at 24 to 25 years old players to replace him. If last year was an experiment why did we not promote one of 19 to 21 year old academy player that we either send on loan or playing for our under 23. We the benefit of hindsight can we say Sambi was ready last season. Now we have another early 20 years player in Vieria. Our coach should try out our young guns often to find which of them we say club money since we are in a process.

        1. What youth LB is good enough then and would have stopped us from getting a LB last summer? We got Sousa in January.

      1. This coach can’t be blamed for anything? I blame him for not playing champions league this year and everything else.

  8. Hutchinson was ahead of all the youngsters at Arsenal, bar Taylor-Hart and again the club messed up! Awarding him squad time is great but anyone with a pure view of players and ability could see his talent. The favouritism at the club causes players to move on. Please don’t compare him to Patino. They are completely different. You could given him a big contract and let him go on loan. Why not?
    Great managers make teams and can see players skills and values purely.

  9. He left us for money, nothing else. Let me know when he plays in the Chelsea first team, but I won’t hold my breath.

    1. Yes and we should brace ourselves for more of such moves because they all saw how much we paid our new number 14 for he contributed to our great club.

  10. Every talent won’t make it with the club, just hope they are given an opportunity to sink or swim by their displays.

    Is it true Flores wasn’t on the squad to US, but 5 goalies were? Runnerson makes squad but not Flores?

    I hope that’s not the case, it would be a poor decision, choosing a flooring never was in Runnerson over a budding talent in Flores.

  11. Arteta decision making is not top notch, like Pep. He’s average at best. Just look at all the wrong signings he has made: Mari , Lokonga, Cedric; the inability to work with proven talent: Auba, Pepe, Guendozi, Martinez, Saliba, etc. I have seen Maquinhos – for now not at the talent level of Omari, just stronger. And why take so many GKs – ones you want to sell – when young talents hoping to break into the team are ignored

  12. I cannot believe that Arsenal let that guy go to Chelsea. I have seen him last preseason. He is one of the most talented young players I have seen in Arsenal.

    1. That’s been said about many many young players. And only 1% of them actually turn out to live up to that hype.

  13. Disappointed we’ve lost him but wouldnt read too much into it. From what I read, the breakdown in the relationship with his agent (Kia J) probably played a big role.

    Having said that, I’m a bit worried with the report that Arsenal wouldnt let Flores join up with Mexico’s U21 squad. If true, its things like this that will make it harder to keep the young guns.

    1. The squad we brought to USA is very strange. Are some of these youngsters not vaxxed? I’m certain Flores is since he played some Mexico games in the U.S.

  14. The problem I have with some of you fans is, you overhype these players.
    Azeez went on loan the Portsmouth coach just felt he’s not good enough and was sent back early. Flo balogun went to boro it was just average, tyreece John Jules has been on so many loans but has not set the stage on fire. AMN went on loan but he hardly played. You know the difference between these academy players and prospects we signed from abroad? It’s the hunger. Marquinho maybe the same age as Hutchinson but he’s already a senior member in Sao Paulo team. It’s their hunger and determination of making it the hard way. Martinelli for example. They rather grind for it than be handed it over. Hutchinson to me took the easy way out and that speaks of his mentality. Saliba said he’s ready to fight it out to make it here, I’m sure he heard what Gallas said, this is the premier league, you must fight to be in the first 11 and I’m glad he’s taken the advice. The same way we overhype esr, to me martinelli is the better player. Esr does not have that pass in him. What is his selling point? His close control and ability to run with the ball. Aside these aforementioned that’s about it. But one thing I admire about the lad is his mentality, his courage to keep going and that’s what has brought him this far. He’s also humble too which makes it more suiting. Pepe has the talent but zero confidence or grit or determination. That is what sets the elites apart from the rest. Hardly will you see a south American player that does not work hard. So far I’m happy with the signings we have made. We are signing players with character. The coaches know what they see in training on a daily bases and they make calls based on that.

    OT: so Chelsea signed 31 years old koulibally for £35m. If that was Arsenal the media would have gone bananas. Lewandoski went to Barca with 1 year left on his contract at the price of £45m+ ad ONS. man u signed Pogba from juve for 100m and Pogba left for free to juve. All I’m saying is, it’s not always a straight line and on the other side there are many mistakes if you look inwardly. Let’s support our team.

    1. If Chelsea or Barca win the league or CL, then both signings (who are both top of their tree) will be genius. If they dont, then they have over paid. The utd one was well just rediculous from start to finish. Pogba though was a huge success at Juve and he probably will be again.

  15. it’s the nature of youth football. sometimes players move for what they perceieve as a better opportunity, or temporarily more money. And a LOT of them you never hear of again. Time will tell with Hutchinson. Wish him luck and that he has a good career.

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