Arsenal will lose to Hull, Barca and Man Utd and Wenger MUST GO!

Wenger is rubbish and we always lose by Sam P

I do not apologise for the title, because this is exactly the kind of comment we see on JustArsenal every day. From where I am sitting Arsenal have a fifth round FA Cup game coming up, which we should win, to put us on course for an amazing three wins in a row, and last time I looked we were joint second in the Premiership just two points behind Leicester City, who we just happened to beat for the second time this season.

Yes we have a tough game against Barcelona next week, but it is not impossible to see us winning. The game is eleven against eleven, and as we have seen this season, you cannot predict the result of any football game at any time, no matter who is playing. But I am definitely going to enjoy it because Arsenal are playing. We have earned the right to play against the best teams in the world because Arsene Wenger always persuades his team to play their hearts out and get a result when it is most needed. Of course we could be a really good team like Manchester United, who have spent squillions since the arrival of Louis Van Gaal, and who are they playing that same week? Midtjylland. How many of you even know what League they play in, never mind spell it?

So those who think Arsenal should bring in a Van Gaal, or a Klopp, or a Mourinho (god forbid), can I ask how those managers are doing this season?

What really gets my goat is they are seeing Arsenal doing well, and they think, because they play FIFA or FM, they can do so much better, so SACK WENGER and get in a proper manager! Life is not that simple my friends, and every game you will find Arsenal are playing real people, with real managers, that also want to win the game. And the players in Wenger’s team are also real, with wives, girlfriends, kids, family problems and strange countries to adapt to. I know, it’s hard for some people to understand.

If you are an Arsenal fan (in real life, not on a computer) you understand that there are 20 teams that want to win the Premier League, that there are over 200 teams that want to win the FA Cup, there are 32 teams that are lucky enough to make the Champions League Group Stages. Compared to 99% of all those managers, Arsene Wenger comes out on top, and I am still struggling to name anyone in that possible 1% that may be better.

Can you?


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  1. Maybe you are 12 and you only started supporting Arsenal yesterday, that’s the only reason I can see for you posting this.
    Arsenal, have scraped their way into the champs league knockouts. We are second in the league only because everyone else is so crap. The FA cup is neither here nor there. Once again Wenger has ignored glaring gaps in our squad, and persevered with strikers, defenders and midfielders who are not the quality we need.
    Wenger has got this team this far, but we need change. We need someone with the guts to shake the squad up. I’d love to be as rosy and as positive as you but 12 years of the same crap is wearing a bit thin.

    1. I think you are the one who is 12 because Arsenal was winning trophies for fun prior to 2005 when Arsenal went to build Emirates stadium. How many teams would want to be where Arsenal is in terms of winning FA and being in Champions league regularly? If you say Arsenal is doing well because the other teams are crap whose fault is that? Do other teams become crap because Arsenal is doing well? Would you have said the same if Chelsea, Man U or Man city were in Arsenal’s position? Why should you always be obsessed with Wenger leaving Arsenal? How have other managers such as Klopp, Van Gaal and other new comers to EPL performed? Haven’t you heard that Man U want to sack Van Gaal and recruit Jose Mourinho who was recently sacked by Chelsea? Why do you want Arsenal to suffer the same instability? Are you truly a supporter or just a masquerader?

      1. It’s you who is going on about van gaal and klopp, no one else has even mentioned them!
        Personally I’d have simeone or koeman.
        Forget history, and Arsenal pre 2005. This is now and this is on the end of a long run without a title.
        That tells me and any other sensible person that we have stagnated and become accustomed to calling the 4th place trophy success.
        Now is time for change. Even if we win the league this year. Wenger needs to go and we need to get fresh. The man is sentimental, and he is stubborn and determined to prove people wrong no matter what.
        If you are please with 3 leagues, some fa cups and a league cup in 20 years, good for you mate. But I’d have liked a bit more.

  2. Oh dear! ?
    It must be that time of the month again Sam? ?
    I thought that the mood on here,has been quite calm, lately! Make yourself a hot water bottle and go back to bed mate. ??

    Off topic,
    It’s interesting to read that Gabriel has been sent back to his former club in Brazil, to receive treatment for his injury ?
    Obviously, it is more serious than we thought, not that we we’re told much regarding his injury, in the first place.

    It sounds as if Gabriel is going to be out of action for a while,
    Let’s hope that Koscielny is back alot sooner than expected,
    Even though Mertesacker and Chambers did okay against Leicester, We are going to need Koscielny in the heart of defence.

    1. Yes!! … That’s what he is saying. ???
      And that wenger also persuades his player’s to play their hearts out, In the most important games! ?
      I like to know how he does that?… A blank cheque? ..Or Maybe a trip to Disneyland Paris? But wait.. isn’t’ every game important? ?

      As for Midtjylland they play in the Danish league, Yes, thats Denmark Sam ? and not the land where Michael Owen is from… oh wait… thats midget-land .. Lord of the Rings style,
      my preciousssss! ?

  3. At first, I thought Konstantin changed his name, and started posting under Sam P. But I see now what the author means, and I can’t say that I disagree. There’s so much negativity on this site lately, it’s disgusting. Why don’t we just put our differences aside, and give the club, the manager, and the players all the support we can. I’m a true believer that the mood of fans translates into the mood of our guys, and therefore the results sometimes suffer. Let’s send some positive vibes their way, and wish them luck in the upcoming fixtures. Go Gunners!

    1. It’s easier for you to say, but when the prof decides to ignore the needs of the club and decides to keep the deadwoods (flame and co.) then I think some voices are needed to be heard

  4. Hey Sam, this is a good article by your own standards. But please make a list of the top managers in Europe by virtue of Champions League trophies they’ve won and also league titles, and see where you would place Wenger on that list. Those are the things history records, not how long you stay at a club. In fact the longer a manager stays at a club without achieving much in terms of silverware, the more it is a disgrace to the reputation of a huge club like Arsenal and that of the manager. Whether stadium debt or no debt Wenger is Wenger. He has never had quality in depth since he took over in 1996 because he’s not prepared to pay the wages. He said he could not sign a world class striker this gone January to give us more options upfront because they are already with big clubs. But only the untutored will accept that crap. The problem is Wenger’s undervaluation of other clubs’ players and refusal to pay the asking price, dictatorial style of management, stubbornness and arrogance. Pure and simple!

  5. Gonna stay negative because whenever I’m positive the team ends up embarrassing us like they did against Chelsea, Southampton and Stoke. You say we’re only joint second in the PL but have you forgotten the 2013 season ?? We were first for an entire half of the season but eventually gave Chelsea a 12 point lead as they won the trophy. That’s where I see us heading if fans don’t demand high standards from the team.

    1. Very true bro, when we were relegated to Wenger’s trophy in one month from the top spot, no one was here helping Wenger, but after a win, everybody hails the specialist in F, this is a great circle that we go thru evry season and some fans are so easy to forget

  6. This AKB driven article has more than a whiff of ‘I told you so’ about it, but the timings all out because the season hasn’t actually finished yet, and Arsenal have won nothing so far. Maybe it’s because we beat the mighty Bournemouth and destroyed Leicester at home, having an extra man for a whopping 40 minutes, that has reaffirmed this AKB’s belief in his all mighty God Wenger. The author seems to take great pleasure in telling us about Arsenal’s great achievements so far – fifth round of the cup, only two points off the top and another fantastic European campaign, qualifying for the last 16 yet again! All hail Wenger!!!!

    Now let’s take a closer and more informative look:

    So to get through to the fifth round of the cup we had to beat Burnley and Sunderland, both at the Emirates. Wow, that must have been really tough! Wenger’s a genius!

    To qualify for the last 16 in Europe we had to finish above Dinamo Zagreb and Olympiakos (which we nearly didn’t do). Wow, that must have been really tough! Wenger’s a genius!

    We’re only two points off the top in third position. Wow, that must have been really tough to do with the likes of ManU, Chelsea and ManC out the picture. But with those three big teams out the picture I would of thought we’d be top and clear by some points, instead of third and trailing in points.

    I’m not saying Arsenal won’t win anything this season, but up to this point, Wenger has done nothing extraordinary so far. In fact, Arsenal haven’t looked great domestically, and we’ve been pitiful in Europe.

  7. Yo Sam, I’m an Arsenal fan in real life and on computer. What’s the problem with that?
    And I know exactly and truly that Arsenal isn’t the best team in the world and Arsene also not the best manager in this world (what was struck you Sam?). He’s among the greatest but certainly not the best one. I live with all that facts, no problem.
    You can named managers from the past and present around the world who have better achievement than him, except Jose Mourinho (apart of his trophies collection). I said that because he simply can’t handle BIG crisis who triggered and was cause by himself. I was hope he survive this season to see this important quality (which is attach well in Arsene season in season out), but Roman had seen enough because Chelsea really was in the edge of relegation zone.
    Arrigo Sachi, Beckenbaeur, Cruyff, old LVG(not the new one), Lippi,etc. Or like Capello, Pep, and Simeone. I imagine if Ranieri could bring Leister the title, he’ll be the only one from this modern football money monkey managers matter, that done it with his penny pinching pocket. Good story for Hollywood, but we are going to stop that become reality. PL should be our top priority, nonetheless. Nothing to loose at ECL, moderate speed at FA Cup, but full throttle at PL. Arsene should proved himself that he could win his last gamble against all odds. Period.

  8. I hate the saying that”it is because everyone is crap this season,that’s why they must or will win it”. Bollocks! Chelsea won it last year cos everyone was shit as well and they won it four matches to go. Mou said we(other title contenders) caused it.

    Wenger is not the best! But not the worst. I’m not AKB or AOB. But Arsene should leave when the occasion is the loudest!

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