Arsenal will make half what they made this season if they win FA Cup again

The finances of the footballing world have really been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic and that will also affect the money teams make from winning competitions like the FA Cup.

Arsenal has arguably won the most money from competing in the competition because the Gunners have won the cup a record 14 times so far.

Their latest was earlier this month as they beat Chelsea thanks to two goals from Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

The Gunners will hope to win the trophy again when next season comes around as Mikel Arteta continues rebuilding the team.

The winners of the new season’s FA Cup will make £1.8million instead of the £3.6m that Arsenal was paid when they won the last edition, according to Sun Sports.

The final prize money isn’t the only payment that has been affected as the payments for all levels in the competition has been reduced.

This will come as a big blow to the teams lower down the English football pyramid who need all the money that they can get from partaking in the competition.

Sun Sports writes: “Last year teams who won a game in the extra preliminary round were awarded £2,250 while the losers collected £750 – but those payments have been reduced to £1,125 and £325 respectively.

“Winning a fourth qualifying round tie to make the First Round proper had been worth £18,750 to a club, but next season that reward is slashed to just £9,375.

“That will be a hammer blow to clubs down the football pyramid who are operating hand to mouth in order to survive.

“League One and Two clubs will also see a dramatic reduction of prize money when they enter the competition, with a victory in the second round dropping in value from £54,000 to £34,000.”

This pandemic is going to continue to hurt clubs for a long time yet, especially the smaller clubs.

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  1. OT.. Just watching Sky Sports news… they spoke of Willian and how many appearances he’d made for Chelsea, goals scored, trophies won…. then they spoke of Vertonghen joining Benfica… how long he’d been with the spuds, how many appearances and how many goals he’d scored.. then swiftly moved on 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    With regards of how much the FA cup will be worth next season, I think it’s safe to say we’ve already spent it!!

  2. OT.. Sue, I have read Martinez has given MA an ultimatum to decide who’ll be no.1 next season because he has 10 offers on the table.

    1. 10?? Yikes!!! Although that doesn’t surprise me, he’s been incredible!
      The world is his oyster!
      I don’t envy MA, having to sort that one out!!

  3. Good article.
    It’s a real shame for the lower leagues who rely on the cup runs, especially when the league doesnt offer much as it is. Clubs get fined and penalized with pts reduction for financial issues. My brother is a Wednessay fan. I feel for him. We are a happy with everton and leeds fans too.
    So luxuries that arsenal dont have I take with a pinch of salt.
    Wining the cup, or going for it and defeating it will unfortunately be also driven by these cost losses.

    In pandemic football world, owners wealth and deep pockets for the club will mean alot. Arsenal unfortunately are a franchise business model.

    It’s another reason why William is an excellent buy and Arteta, with his reach and influence amongst players in the league who he would of played against and grew to know – he can mode a team he wants in the short and long term.

    I dont know how much money arsenal have and plan to make next year, but for such the world of football will be all affected as well noted in this article.

    Tough times ahead for the money side. Hopefully with less money in the game we might see passion and commitment again from players

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