Arsenal will miss out on the likes of Partey if they join European Super League in the future

Arsenal will be banned from signing players from other European clubs if they attempt to re-join the European Super League.

They have verbally agreed to abandon the project and have been punished by the Premier League and UEFA.

However, Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus are still pushing for the competition to go ahead.

The trio insists that everyone on the original agreement is still bound to it, legally.

This means that the competition can be revived in the future and they will force Arsenal to partake.

If that happens, it would cost them signing players from outside England with the FA prepared to deny work permits to their future signings, making it impossible for them to play for an English club.

Arsenal has signed the likes of Thomas Partey from Spain and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang from Germany in recent seasons.

FA chief executive Mark Bullingham insists that they would make signing new players hard for Arsenal and other top six clubs if they re-join the competition.

Bullingham said via Mail Sport: ‘We may tweak some aspects of the visa system to make sure that people only get visas for our competitions which we accredit. 

‘So, you can’t pull in talent from abroad to play in competitions that we don’t sanction. They couldn’t bring in foreign players to play in that [breakaway] competition.

‘[We will] make sure our rule book is tightened up. The Premier League are doing the same, the Premier League rules were voted through at the Premier League AGM. We’re working on a few tweaks.’

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  1. Nonsense article about a nonsense subject that will never happen and can never happen. And those who run JA know that every bit as well as all on here.

  2. Cant really see it happening but it doesn’t just affect Arsenal, but also all the other clubs who pulled out.

  3. I don’t even believe that a document Will force a club to participate in a competition he says it is no longer interested in. On the other hand is it possible to make a rule to prevent a private company from employing staff because he is not involved in your competition?

  4. Given that work permits are applied for by the employer and issued by the home office the FA has sweet fa to do with the process. In addition that it would essentially create a monopoly for the FA contrary to the monopolies statute, this seems to be complete BS.

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