Arsenal WILL miss Ozil – Check these facts!

Ozil still our best midfielder by Big Gun

Our German playmaker is under fire yet again from fans and the media, people just cannot seem to leave him alone since he joined Arsenal last season. I’m guessing it has a lot to do with his almost lethargic style of play, seen by many as lazy and uninterested. I have always admired Mesut and I think the criticism he is receiving is unnecessary and without merit. It is easy to hop onto a forum and point fingers with bias opinion, but personally I like to back up mine with hard, cold facts. Mesut is and has been our best midfielder since joining last season and the stats below will show why.

In his first season, after 26 appearances he created 76 chances, higher than any of our other midfielders. His shot accuracy was 80%. The next closest was Santi Cazorla after 31 appearances (5 more than Ozil) he was only able to muster 66 chances with a shot accuracy of 60%. Next on the list is Jack Wilshere with 33 chances created after 24 appearances. Aaron Ramsey after 23 appearances created 32 chances. He did score 10 goals though so that definitely makes up for it.

So as we can see, Mesut Ozil outperformed his peers last season in terms of creativity and assists. This season so far, Mesut has created 14 chances with a pass accuracy of 88%, the highest AGAIN of any of our midfielders. He may not be the most scintilating player to watch like Sanchez or Hazard, but the guy does what he is required to do, create chances and opportunities for our strikers to capitalize on. He managed 76 chances with a players like Giroud and Sanogo in front of him last season, just imagine what he can accomplish with Welbeck, Sanchez and Walcott in front of him this season and in the future.

In light of the above, it is a real shame he is injured because we are going to miss him more than we realize. As for those who keep bashing the poor guy, I hope you have had a good long look at the facts above and eating your words. Mesut is class and what he DOESN’T need are ignorant fans berating him all the time, because remember he joined Arsenal when we had not won a trophy in almost a decade and were an extremely undesirable destination for world class players.

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  1. Carzola and Wilshere are good midfielders, but they excel in captivating the fans while Ozil excels in creating chances and goals. They will dribble and run with the ball and win MOTM but we will end up with few scoring chances or even loose. Ozil will not captivate the fans alot(at times he will) but he will CREATE SCORING CHANCES that may lead to goals hence wins.

    1. chances create goals. goals win matches, simple!
      i blame wenger for putting him on the wing!
      hope ozil bulks up a bit like walcott during his spell out injured, and shows more fight!

    2. Fans are always easily excited by some dribles and runs here and there but hardly consider the final product…the guy doesn’t excite but delivers(assists)

    3. Last season we were robbed of watching Ozil feed Walcott. And we still finished fourth.
      This season we had the chance of Ozil feeding Walcott Sanchez and Welbeck. Premiership winning stuff as long as our, (low on numbers), defence held up. Again as an Arsenal fan we are robbed from watching what we are capable of.
      As Santi now has two more (3 with Walcott) players to feed. Maybe his ratio will be higher. More players more chances? Hopefully.
      And come Xmas (Ozil Return) hopefully we can finally unleash our full potential on the Premier League

  2. I don’t know which is longer, waiting for two more months to see Ozil + Theo + Alexis + Welbeck or waiting for two more years to have a Wenger gone…the latter seems much longer!! πŸ™

    1. I meant the former, i.e the two months.. my sadness for Ozil is making my mind unstable πŸ™ πŸ™ I need to solve some vey tough math problems so as to relax

  3. OT: 10 years ago today Arsenal went 49 unbeaten!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Winning the league at White Hart Lane was the highlight to the crown already in place. Great season and what a squad we had, world class. πŸ™‚

    This is one thing we still hold and can brag about in the EPL and Wenger has this over Mou and co “great coach’s of Modern time”

    Wishing for such days to come back to our beautiful and unique club.

  4. I am not missing Ozil Walcott
    Debuchi Arteta Diaby Ramsey
    Rosicky Sanogo or Giroud.
    To be honest I only miss Szczesny
    Chambers Koscielny and Sanchez.

  5. Some people think that football is all about running, running, running, running and committing fouls. Let every one do his job. I have never seen people complain that Kosh does not run his ass upfront to assist goals to the strikers and why is that? he is a defender. You cant use your arms to do the seeing for you. Its up to Wenger to make his players coordinate well. Ozil should improve his work rate though

    1. Not Ozil bashing but football is about what you see with your own eyes on the pitch. You watch Xavi, Silva, Mata, Ozil, Cesc, Hazard, Yaya, Cazorla, Ramsey, Di Maria, Suarez etc killing the game and that is what you should go by.

      You don’t wait for the STATS MAN to tell you who played better. You watch the game and come to your own conclusion, not the stat man to make a conclusion for you. Football is a simple game, what you see is what it is, no hidden tricks..

  6. Seriously I don’t know how these clear cut chances created seem to dodge come of our eyes.. I watch every single game back, all the full matches are online from last season to this one, I go back and re-watch them time to time to see where our team is lacking.

    I can’t see all these clear cut chances Ozil seem to create, has football become a magic or tricky mind game sport where it’s never what you see or think.

    I thought you watch a game and look at a player like Ramsey, Kossy, Ozil, Cazorla, Sanchez, Mert, The Ox, Walcott, Giroud running the show, getting MOTM and you have absolutely no hesitation about it because you watched that player influence that game with your own eyes. But then the stats man comes out and says, not Arteta was the best player, the stats say so..


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