Arsenal will need to spend big to get Gabriel Barbosa

Who is Gabriel Barbosa?

In a summer transfer window that is expected to be relatively busy for the Gunners it comes as no surprise that the club is once again linked with every player under the sun. However, one player that may not have crossed your footballing minds is a young Brazilian called Gabriel Barbosa!

I must admit apart from a few reports that have surfaced over the past couple of weeks, I haven’t heard too much about Barbosa. However, the young Brazilian has been dubbed ‘the next Neymar’, which is always promising to hear. Barbosa is an upcoming star in world football and currently plays his trade for Brazilian side Santos, where Neymar of course also started his career. Barbosa has a 50 goals in 150 appearances for Santos, which is a decent feat of course for a 19 year old and such has been his spectacular rise to form, Barbosa has since been picked to represent his national side Brazil, in this summer’s Copa America.

Now that Barbosa has found his feet in football and is starting to look like one of the biggest upcoming talents in the world, of course he is going to start attracting the attention of some of the biggest clubs in European football. Again much like Neymar, Barbosa however isn’t going to come cheap and so if Arsene Wenger really wants to get his man, not only is he going to have to cough up big money to Santos, but also to beat some of the biggest rivals for his signature. The Daily Mirror reports that in England alone, Arsenal face competition from both Chelsea and Manchester United, whilst I’m sure he will also be attracting the likes of Barcelona and Real Madrid who have a knack for understandably attracting some of the brightest upcoming talents.

The biggest issue aside from cost for Arsenal is of course work permit issues. Arsenal have been desperately unlucky with securing work permits for young players being brought into the club from non-EU countries, even under the special talent measures that football permits have in place. Even though Barbosa has made his international debut for Brazil he still may not qualify for an automatic permit and so will be reliant on securing a special talent permit, if he was to move to England.

Personally I don’t see the transfer happening, due to a number of reasons including transfer fees, work permit issues and probably the biggest challenge of all, fending off competitive European interest from other clubs. However at the end of the day, you never know what to expect in football and this could be a transfer story that picks up some more credible developments in the coming weeks.


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  1. Gabriel ‘Gabigol’ Barbosa.
    I promise you…this guy will be a hit.
    I’ve watched him before…and boy, was I impressed.

  2. We always go for the big next thing.. Look at our current squad, full of the players that were labellee the next big thing, most have not improved from since we signed them..

  3. and how many years till he gets to play for Arsenal…….Talk of work permit, visa and all the Nonsense?

  4. Cech

    1. You’d really play Aubameyang out there? Who’s a better outright centre forward? Is there one?

  5. I doubt that there would be any problems whatsoever regarding the work permit. A 40m player you will have no trouble proving a special talent. They even have a rule now I think where it goes by the expense of the player, you’d only have issues if you had to convince them they might well become a forty mil player.

    It would be very exciting to add one of S Americas most highly promising. If we could pull this off, get in you beauty. Adding a Brazilian striker to our other hopefuls like Malen, Adelaide, Zelalem, Bielik, Iwobi, it would be fantastic, but this one would surely be the jewel.

  6. Why always us?? Who don’t we want?? According to youtube he is fantastic tho! But let’s be realistic here; we are not going for him, simple as that. Why worry?? Alex Texeira . Yeah!! I like. More proven and is familiar with Europe. Or Andre Ayew of Swansea. Plays anywhere in attack. Great work rate. CL experience with Marseille. £20 mil. Will do. Why worry?? There are sooo many options. We just need to be sensible and satisfy our real needs. Getting a winger is enough to shake Walcott. Either force him out or he competes. Or we can add £20 mil and swap for Aubameyang. Also we can get Chicharito. (Just saying)

    1. Yeah I’m sure Dortmund would think Walcott his 1 in 4 strike rate at Arsenal & his £110,00 weekly wage + £20M would be a pinch for probably the world’s best centre forward- they’d bite our hands off, steal of the century. Alex Texeira’s European experience of which you speak is in the Ukrainian league- hardly immediately translatable to the Premier League, not to mention he is a mercenary who moved to the Chinese league on a £150,000 a week. contract. Andre Ayew is no significant step up on our fringe players.

      Pretty bad comment all-in-all.

  7. Ozil is either bored or he wants to get something of his chest! With his #AskMesut on tweeter.

    This answer to one particular question, caused a melt down on tweeter….. “You Never Know… ?⚽”

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