Arsenal will NEVER beat Chelsea with Wenger’s Tactics

Wenger’s tactically too far behind to help Arsenal forward! by Gooneristic Truth

I don’t have the statistics at hand to give you the exact numbers, but I’ve watched enough games to know that Arsenal don’t seem to be making any progress against top teams. In the post-Henry era, Arsenal just can’t seem to find their feet in big matches. In all seriousness, if we are to create a mini-league table of close games we’ve been involved in the past few years against big clubs both in Europe and domestically, we easily look like relegation material among the top clubs. We just don’t seem like we’ll ever hit the high notes anytime soon at the rate we are going.

We’ve heard of stadium debts & financial restrictions, etc before. However, even in those financially troubled times, Wenger still had more resources at his disposal than many of the poorer teams that did better than us across Europe. Less financially fortunate teams like Mourinho’s own Porto, for example, have looked more competitive than we’ve ever been, and even won the Champions’ League during Wenger’s reign. One can argue that, even if finances have been an issue, a team that regularly qualifies for Champions’ League qualification has perhaps only needed minor tweaks to get to be at par or do better than such teams. Yet Wenger seems stuck! With only one participation in the final of the CL in 18 years, I don’t know why we should hope to win the Champions’ League anytime soon under Arsene Wenger when we continue to look this poor.

While I cannot claim to know the inner workings of the transfer market, it is apparent that, over the years, Wenger has missed out quite a bit on some once-affordable bargains on the transfer market. He instead opted for teenage promises that never materialized. Years later, we’ve all seen headlines that reveal how “…Arsenal came close to signing Big Player X”! In addition to Wenger’s post-Dein less-than-aggressive approach on the transfer market, we’ve had persistent under-addressed fitness issues and an annoyingly inexplicable lack of tactical flexibility that appear to hold Arsenal back from reaching the very top. In the end, we’ve looked like a team stuck in first gear, only exhibiting good form in patches. (The FA Cup was okay to sellotape the trophy-less run, but not exactly something deeply satisfying). At the end of each recent season, we seem to always live up to pundits’ predictions of failure while continuing to live with ridicule from other teams’ fans.

One might further argue that, during our trophy-less run, Wenger’s squad has almost entirely changed but yet continue to exhibit similar “lack of spine” against big teams. If anything, we seem to be getting even worse. How does a manager explain the failure of over £100 million worth of Arsenal talent to register one decent attempt on goal in 90 minutes against a Chelsea side that conceded 3 against Everton? Surely, not finances! Confidence? Referee bias? Certainly, not in all 12 defeats against one manager! Certainly, not in all 17 goals conceded in 3 big matches last season! Perhaps, this might just be a sign of our manager’s inability to cope with changing tactical face of the game. A persistent hope that, with time, the same unsuccessful tactics will yield the required potent chemistry that will see us to the Promised Land.

Meanwhile, elsewhere, the likes of Diego Simeone, Jürgen Klopp, and Roberto Martinez have emerged as very capable, charismatic top-flight managers who can tactically organize a squad capable of competing against the best without reeking a strong scent of crisp-from-the-mint cash in their club’s coffers. These managers’ tactics and approach to the game appear decently superior to that of our experienced Wenger’s. Has Wenger’s philosophy of the game valued attacking at the expense of the defensive side of the game? Has age made him too tactically rigid to help us progress? Should we look to one of these young cats to deliver us from our misery? Yes, yes, yes, aaand yes! I think so! I frankly don’t see us closing down the gap at the top anytime soon. Wenger is approaching the end of his era as it is, and might as well move on at the end of the season. End of story!

Gooneristic Truth

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  1. Wenger needs to understand that his ploys and tactics are outdated and are not working! He needs to stop being stubborn and come up with new and innovative tactics to beat the big teams! time for wenger to react this more than overdue and keeps reacurring season after season! Coyg!

    1. so suddenly now 64 …he will change his ways after years of the same..good luck with that 🙂

      1. To say “Arsenal will never beat Chelsea” is a bit of an OVER-STATEMENT.
        However, it more than likely that Wenger will NEVER beat Mourinho. Even Wenger supporters (like me) or some of the so-called AKBs know this. And that is just sad. To just know inside of you (and to concede victory like Arsenal fans unitedly did before Sunday) that your club will never win a certain match is just sad and should not be allowed to continue.

        1. My apologies… The admin adds the red title to the article, not me! My title is in italics… However, that said, I do the best I can to refrain from showing blind optimism when there’s an obvious deficit in the way we handle the game tactically. I said it on Friday that we would lose the game on Sunday & it was just a matter of how many goals. Not because I love Arsenal any less, but I have to be realistic about our chances based on our recent history, strengths, and how Wenger continues to approach the game. You’re right, and I do feel that Wenger just might never outclass Mourinho or even get close to leveling the 12-0 score on the pitch if he doesn’t change his tactical approach.

          1. I think that the problem with your article as far as being a topic for debate is that it is not .Because what you have said very clearly and simply covers everything. The only thing that I could add is that he might have sustained and maintained success had he believed in having good people around him to move him on from where he is stuck.

  2. Arsenal missed out on these players do to one “reason” or the other:

    Cristiano Ronaldo
    Lionel Messi
    Zlatan Ibrahimovic
    Eden Hazard
    Juan Mata
    Stevan Jovetic

    Are these all coincidences???

    1. Is Jovetic better than Welbeck? Mata better than Mesut? Hazard better than Sanchez?

      No no no no no. Not joking.
      This is a serious question. I am curious.

      1. Between jovetic and welbeck
        DRAW (man city 3rd choice btw )

        Between Ozil and mata
        (in 2nd season with chelsea mata gave almost 30 assists and scored 18 goals check the stats) while Ozil??

        Between Hazard and Sanchez
        Sanchez (but last nyt I saw the player who the difference and it was not Sanchez)

        Happy d##krider

      2. @Sumo.
        Good questions you are asking there. The answer to all of them is obviously a big NO. And rightly so.
        The other question then is why do we still have the aura of inferiority compared to this clubs? Why does it look like we are under-achieving? Or that we will under-achieve nonetheless? These are big questions for me personally. Me, who became an Arsenal supporter, who was drawn to this club because of its manager, Arsene Wenger. I fell in love with Arsene Wenger and his Arsenal because I saw that he was OVER-ACHEIVING. But now, now I feel like he is UNDER-ACHEIVING.

        1. Why does it look like we are under-achieving?

          In what sense? We won two thropies since we bought in Mesut.
          There are new deal’s and nice inflow of cash which is being utilized on players.(Long gone are the days when we sold Petit and Anelka to fund our own training ground- Londen Colony).

          Yes, our manager is not tactically as astute as Mourinho or LvG.
          So on that basis do we fire him? Is that the solution?

          1. Judging from the Mesut era, yes, maybe we have achieved with the F.A cup, considering we are still building at the moment. That is at, what I will call the Macro level.
            At the micro level, We really need to start going into games against Chelsea and the likes without feeling unbelievably inferior. For f*** sake, we now have players of Real Madrid and Barcelona quality in our team. On this front, WE ARE UNDER-ACHIEVING! And if we do not win atleast half of our remaining fixtures against the top 5, we would have seriously UNDER-ACHIEVED.

  3. Between Kloop, Simeone and Martinez, I see only the greedy spaniard coming.

    Klopp and Simeone are building their own legacy at their respective clubs. Incidentally they were first and second choice at Manchester United, Ancceloti being third.

    But they turned down the job for the most successful club in England.

    I see Pep getting fired by Brayen and him coming.(I would hate it). But after more three years though.

    Also i think Bergkamp has a bigger chance than anyone else. He and Sir Wenger shares the same philosophy.

      1. Never stopped him from flying to our away games across Europe. Also he choose a managerial career knowing he would have to go places. I don’t think it will be a issue.

  4. He has no clue! If people keep telling you that you are an alcoholic, ah that’s what it is! If people have to keep telling him that he must play ozil in the middle, use TWO proper wingers who are willing to track, having a proper DM that can break up play while having experienced back up in defence, then that’s what is needed, whether it’s michael owen saying it or arsenal supporters. I really don’t see how people can support Wenger when he clearly shows he is not cut out for the job!

  5. Honestly, by the time Walcott returns back to the fold, if Wenger still manages to f**k things up with tactics and formation, I will shoot him. Since I cannot fire him, I will shoot him!

    Disclaimer: No real g*ns and characters were involved in the making of this comment. So no need to be butthurt

      1. ehhh…….yep! Right! Guns.

        Thanks for helping me out there @muff. And sorry for the copyright infringement on your disclaimer by the way. Wow! I just realized you are really helpful. Do you by any chance, dream about being Ivan…. sorry, I mean about being the CEO of AFC? (who loves Ivan by the way? Not me!!).

  6. On injurys.

    I still remember that interview when wenger said that he prefers players to train with a ball instead of WEIGHT, this man has his OWN METHODS and it’s pretty obvious that he doesen’t believe on what other clubs do, some former players had complained about how hard they train in a new club . (This is for me a satisfactory explanation why arsenal alway’s has half of the squad injured , I still remember when last season wenger said that HAIR PRODUCTS were responsable of our consntant injurys.

    Wenger is clinicaly mental.

    If you have different explanation on why our players are extremely fragile please post it.

    1. Maybe cos he has some favourites. Don’t trust his bench. Overplays some, rushes dem back from injury which results in further injuries.

  7. VOTE-
    Wenger was right in shoving Mourinho- Thumb Up.
    Wenger shouldn’t behave blood thirsty- Thumb Down.

    1. In my opinion-
      Instead of pushing, he should have slapped Mourinho.(atleast twice on each cheek)
      The stadium ban and fine would have been worth it.

        1. I guess you mean “thirsty” right?
          To be liked on here, after a loss or draw aginst lower teams, just say-

          “Wenger get the fcuk out of my beloved club”
          “Wenger is a spineless bestard”
          “Wenger has outdated tactics”
          You get the memo right?

          Ever seen me do that?

            1. Stick to yours theory and we will stick to ours

              Why do we need Spurs and Chelsea, when their is rivalary among our own fanbase?

              1. I think you mean
                “there” instead of “their.”

                Correct others and risk tasting your own medicine.

  8. Some 2013-2014 problems
    1) Injuries
    2) Players played out of position
    3) Mental block against big teams
    4) Poor timing of substitutions
    5) Crazy substitutions
    6) No tactics

    Some 2014-2015 season problems
    Copy & Paste

    But In wenger lovers eyes nothing is going wrong and we are improving
    All hail wenger d##kriders

    1. hes here for few more years man – gotta accept it.
      focus on the positives…there bringing back limited edition monster munch- BOOYAHHH

        1. all good man.u?
          yesterday didnt affect me like i thought it would, maybe just have lower expectations these days
          i do with women so my team would be next to follow suit i guess 🙂

  9. winning the epl+ trophies and winning chelsea which one is more important.. am sure most of us wanted arsenal to lose the FA cup just have more negative thing to say
    no matter how u insult wenger, it does not change anything cos he does not read our comments.
    lets just support the team and hope for the best..
    when arsenal loses am sad but not sad enough to Turn mad..

  10. May the Almighty God bless whosoever wrote this Article !.
    When some idiots here, were praying for Arsenal to Win the FA cup, i said we shouldn’t … But they all thumbed me down. Now we won the FA cup and we’re still stuck with wenger. Imagine if we had lost and started this Season with Conte or Klopp?
    I have 2 dreams for Arsenal now.
    ¤1. I wake up 2mao and see ” BREAKING NEWS – ARSENAL FIRE ARSENÉ”
    ¤2. Wenger honours his contract and leave when it expires.
    It is not what he’s know for in the past… It’s what he’ll be remembered for in the future..

  11. Everybody, except Wenger, knows that Wenger’s tactics are outdated and therefore not working and not employable in present day reality. I came to my own conclusion last season; as shitty as Man U were, most teams took points against Man U and Man U rather took points off Arsenal. If Arsenal could not beat Man U of last season, what is going to happen this season?
    I will not delude myself that Wenger would change; no he won’t. I will only endure his tenure while it lasts.

  12. Wenger as a manager is outdated not the tactics. Every manager has some certain style of play they want the team to play.

    Moro is all about strong defense, same goes for some other teams like Atlectico Madrit.

    Bayern, Barcelona are all about attack. Ticky tacky bs, with having deadly players. They concede goals but they can outscore you anytime.

    Some others teamm are all about Super Stars. Do whatever you want, players talent is the main factor in the mayority of the time.

    What has Arsenal to offer? Are we strong in the defense? NO! Are we Strong at the Attack? No. Are we playing good football? Used to be Yes. Now its a No.

    We are Spurs. Other teams do not take us seriously. Manure was about to fall in the catogory but money knows how to make others fear them. Di Maria, Falcao. Bamm, bamm

  13. When everyone is fit, this is my preferred lineup.

    Sanchez Cazorla Walcott
    ____Diaby Ramsey
    Gibbs Kos Per Debuchy

  14. Ahh gone are the days we go into a big game and I feel confident.
    Gone are the days I have hope in those games.

    It is for the best as you don’t feel like crap after.

  15. @admin: You were going to stop moderating me from today for good behaviour. But still can’t Post without being moderated.

  16. @muff diver

    If it helps I apologise for using muffscheesesandwich.

    Should never of taken your cheese sandwich

  17. I don’t understand why people are upset. Did everybody think we were going to win against Chelsea in the Stamford bridge?
    I was under the impression that everybody was thinking a draw was a very good result. But people here are reacting as if we were going to win easily but our team screwed it up.
    This was the game Chelsea was built for(from last 2 yrs) and we are not. It is the bitter truth. I am disappointed but I did not see something I din’t expect.

  18. The Wenger Issue!
    Here’s the solution. Since Arsene Wenger gets all the credit for building the Emirates stadium, turning the club in to a financially self sustaining one, saving us lots of money, posting profits year after year, attracting the biggest sponsorship deals, dealing with players contracts, transfers and salaries to name but a few, and being so successful in the above mentioned. On the other hand failure in transfer dealings, Failure to strengthen the most demanding positions in the team, failure beating the top teams like Man utd, Chelsea, Man City, etc.
    Not managing to get past last 16 in European league and list goes on. I’m you guys get my point. Looking at all his credits and failures , it’s clear he does not belong on the bench. So I say move him up to the Boardroom just make sure he has an interview now and then, cause he loves them. And we have the right balance in the team. So only headache now is the abundance of talented managers out there to take over. Who do we choose?

    1. @dboy
      Then what do we do with the under performing players? We’ll still be stuck with them. And I do doubt that the board is going to give anymore money towards buyin in essence half a team.
      Good luck with that dude…lmfao

  19. Look Wenger dent have tactics he has a philosophy of play and he wants his players to play in that manner it’s fine if you have the best players on paper but as soon as we play any team with equal quality of player to us or better we get beat the majority of the time as in these games we need Wenger to actually set us up with some structure and tactics.
    To me he just looks like he turns around to the team and says I ha e faith in you go play it just doesn’t cut it.
    For me either Wenger leaves and we bring in a better manager or we buy the best players in the world and start beating teams because we are superior on paper or we just carry on being a mediocre big club.

  20. Just tired of seeing the name Wenger on every website i go. Is there anything new to write about. I have been reading the same type of news for 14 years now( yes 14 f##king years). We are almost going to 20 years without a premier league and not a single european trophy. We keep discussing the same issues year in year out. When is this guy retiring? I need to see some fresh news on any website i go. SHIT

  21. I totally agree with yu admin. Wenger was a great manager and has done all he could do for Arsenal. However, i believe his time is up, should resign and give chance to hungrier managers who have better tactics and ready to win trophies, NOT 4th place.

  22. The debate keeps raging on whether Wenger can ‘still do the job’ or
    Whether Wenger can ever recreate the ‘invincibles’ team..

    Whether Wenger can adapt and change his tactics in tricky games

    Whether Wenger can ever beat the so called ‘big teams’

    Whether Wenger can actually spot talent anymore

    Whether Wenger will ever buy a defensive midfielder instead of constantly buying lightweight fancy dans with no spirit or manly (wilshere apart) power to ever realistically win a PL title??

    Or adequate defenders that aren’t constantly making errors or found floundering because they are as slow as hell when we are on the attack and look helpless against any team with an ounce of pace!

    Whether Wenger can ever get us past the last 16 in the CL

    Or whether Wenger can actually win us the PL ever again..??

    The simple answers to all these questions are within everyone who know anything about football..

    What can be done….?

  23. We will never beat Chelsea or any other big outfit on a regular basis with Wenger… Simple!
    He is outdated, backdated, tactically poor and most of all not ambitious.

    The next 2 years are just going to be a repeat of the 10 previous years, get use to it.
    Nothing new as he is way comfortable in his routine.

    Trophies are not a priority at Arsenal, otherwise the transfer market would have been more focus and sufficient…

    We are not challenging for anything because there is no real objectives, but staying sustainable and shares healthy.
    This is not a club, it is a sporting corporation… At least we know the club might never suffer the potential faith of Chelsea, Man United, Man City and Liverpool swimming in unsolvable debts.
    Personally it is the only comfort. I know that the money put by the fans is “quite” safe.

    This team has no room for improvements and it has been the case for years.
    As long as Wenger is around the board will not feel the pressure to take risks.

    But like any company, the only way to make money is to invest money, loads of it.

    If we start winning CL and leagues, those £173millions will be a drop in the sea even if we spend it all. The repercussions of being a “force” in world football are endless.
    Barcelona uses to have huge debts, but they kept winning and they are now in profit (£150millions/Deloitte) despite massive contracts signed by their star players.

    Wenger was dreaming of the financial fair play as a tool that would slow down some of those big clubs… how wrong was he? Again?

    Anyway, we still have 2 more years of this “farce” unless he resigns if we make a “faux pas”. It will never happen because the players still have their say and will fight some way or another.

    Under Wenger guidance, the club CANNOT move forward in a football sense. We are playing basic passing football and getting out of the trap due to the pure talent of our players (Example: Winning the FA Cup).

    How can a manager said that we had most of the possession (and accommodate our worse midfielder) and assume that we should have won the game… Is he deluded?

    Long weekend and frustrating results coming up people…

  24. I strongly believe that Chambers is Patrick Viera 2.0. Kid has the size, vision and defensive awareness to play the position. Its time to graduate Bellerin which will then free up Chambers for DM role. Arteta and Flamini simply cannot do the job to the level we need.

  25. Think if everyone was fit chambers might have been given a few games as dm by now its only cos we are short on numbers in defense that has forced wengers hand into leaving him where he is but think its only a matter of time before we see him get a opportunity to play there!

  26. Something worries me. It seems wenger isn’t shameful of the way we get mauled by the so called top team. Aren’t we suppose to be a top team? The man indirectly justified Joses statement that he is a specialist in failure. I expected Arsene to prove him wrong in games like this but clearly he proved the guy right. Shameless tactician!

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