Arsenal will not be competing with Tottenham in the transfer market

The transfer window has been a funny one for Arsenal when you consider the financial restrictions that the club is allegedly under.

But there comes a time when one needs to be realistic.

The Daily Star, yeah I know, have run a headline claiming that we are set to battle it out with Tottenham for Dani Ceballos, who will cost £45 Million.

That is never going to happen for a whole host of reasons that is simply not worth getting in to apart from one, which is the focus of this article.

Arsenal cannot compete with Tottenham financially.

They can outbid us at will, we may not like that truth but there it is nonetheless.

They are not under financial restrictions at all, they made a mini fortune from their Champions League run, they have not spent a single penny in the last two transfer windows and the sort of player they are being linked with far surpass the value of the players we are apparently being linked with.

The thing that is most irritating is that us Arsenal fans accept this but for some ridiculous reason the media think we are idiots, what other reason would they believe they can splash headlines across their pages claiming that we are in a battle to sign a player that would cost us 100% or more of our transfer budget?

When I see headlines like that I basically ignore them and it is not just the usual fodder from the tabloids, have a look on google and see for yourself the so-called credible and respected sites and news outlets that make the same outlandish claims.

The bottom line is we are no longer in a position to compete with our bitter local rivals in the transfer market financially no matter what the media would like to make us believe


  1. Spurs are financially stronger
    Their squad is stronger with more quality
    Also, they are more attractive to players because they are in Champions League

    Of course we can’t compete with them

  2. Or anyone alse for that matter.
    Arsenal are a mid table team.
    Looking for someone to blame?
    Yes – look at kroenke.
    But I blame David Dein for selling out to him…

    1. Sure, a mid-table team that outplayed Spuds in the league and missed top four by a single point. We might be a shadow of our former selves, but we’re still not a mid-table team. Blame? That would have to go to Gazidis first and foremost. He allowed £246 million pounds to walk out of the club in the past three seasons, either for free, or for peanuts. I don’t like Kroenke, but he wasn’t the one calling the shots these past three seasons, that was Gazidis and Wenger.

  3. What a sad sad time it is to be an arsenal fan, I never thought I’d see this, I can’t believe how much of a joke we’ve become??

  4. Yet arsenal have a much bigger wage bill. That’s a huge contradiction to the claim. Arsenal can’t bid for the same players yet they’d pay them more. Say what you want about Levy but the bloke has the clubs best interests at heart. A good few Tottenham fans get frustrated with his transfer tactics but it’s all ended up with them in a good standing. My opinion on that though is the appointment of the manager. For years there’s been a steady line of mediocrity at the helm. The nearest to a good manager was good old ‘Arry. A manager has to have an identity in mind for his club. Arsene has one and he brought in players that fitted into it. For years it was working well….then the knives came out. Ironically, a bone of contention was being satisfied with a top 4 place. How much would that be welcome now!! Arsenal might have to go for cheaper than players now but if they fit perfectly into the system it doesn’t matter

  5. AdMart !, shame on you for reading The Daily Window Lickers !

    “Arsenal cannot compete with Tottenham financially”……….is one of the most shocking horror stories I have read in my life, lets hope it doesn`t become a film !
    Have you ever walked around their manor at night ?………it`s like a scene from some apocalyptic movie with zombie characters……Night of the walking window lickers !
    Remember a few years back when they had the Totnumb riots with all the burning of cars and properties ?………well that caused millions of pounds of improvements even without the improvements afterwards !
    Haven`t they got a new stadium to pay for to send them into austerity for a few years ?
    I`m also with Leon above in that as much as I detest Kroenke with every fibre of this muscular hunky body I blame David Dein for this situation !……How could someeone with such knowledge and love for this club sell it to Kroenke without looking to see what kind of ownwer he would be in the best interests of Arsenal ………..he basically got money blinded like every other man in it for themselves.

    1. Right as well Le Coq. I’ve always said Tottenham are a big club but apart from a spell in the sixties have never been on the same planet as Arsenal. Wondering whether you know your history Admin or doesn’t that count anymore.

      1. Please look at the headline and the content of the article, it refers to now, not historically and please correct me if I am wrong. Are you saying that we can outbid Tottenham right now? that was the focus of the article.

        1. Paper Talk Admin, I’m sure your aware, they owe £1 Billion on their new stadium and a decent Champions League run won’t pay their debt. Look what it done to us. We owed under half that figure and inflation has hardly moved in the last fifteen years

          1. One other point, if they do it the Italian way and just spend, spend, spend sooner or later the banks will wan’t their money and call in their debt. Then it starts to get interesting.

          2. Interesting Kenny. The banks call in the debt and Spuds are evicted to play on the Hackney Marshes whilst Kroenke buys their “old” ground to use it to house all the money he doesn`t spend on Arsenal !

          3. So, are you saying they have less money to spend this transfer window and that we can outbid them at will?

        2. MARTIN, YOU ARE UNDERESTIMATING BY A HUGE AMOUNT THE ONGOING STADIUM DEBT PROBLEM SPURS NOW HAVE. WHY DO YOU THINK THEY SPENT NO MONEY LAST SUMMER, FOR GOODNESS SAKE! I agree we have little available but so do they and to say “they can outbid us at will” is obviously nonsense! Their stadium debt is the best part of a billion. Ours is almost zero now. You really ought to know better than this articles assertion MARTIN! YOUR ASSERTION IS BASED ON FALSE ACCOUNTING AND IS A SHEER FALLACY.

          1. I make a simple claim, Tottenham can and will outspend us this summer and that we cannot compete with them in the transfer market. You clearly disagree. Let’s see who is right come to the end of the transfer window.

          2. Martin I note how your personal replies omit a reply tag so that we cannot come back at you. CARE TO TELL US WHY?

            1. No idea why that would be, will look into it but others are replying so that is strange.

  6. Spurs do have a better squad than we have but they are not financially stronger.They have a huge mortgage debt on their stadium which and will need to generate substantial profits to service this debt.This may well limit their ability to make big signings and for this reason I would not be surprised to see Erriksen sold during this transfer window.Our financial problems have arisen due to the incompetence of the former regime led by Gazidis where our wage bill is far too high in relation to our income.Spurs wages to income ratio is much lower than ours but they are run by a financially astute individual who would never contemplate paying such salaries as those currently enjoyed By Ozil,Mik, Auba etc.

  7. Spuds can get Ceballos if they want

    Since Hazard joined Real Madrid, there is a big possibility that one of their high profile and senior wingers would leave. Such as Bale, Isco, Vazquez and Asensio

    I’d prefer Arsenal to take one of their wingers, instead of another CM

    1. Isco or asensio would be good they are the sort of player we have been missing since cazorla got injured.

  8. Once Arsenal fans finally realise the truth about the previous regime leaving the club in an absolute mess, then you’ll feel more relaxed around transfer time. Feelings about Gazidis are pretty unanimous, but there are still many in the fan base that think that Wenger isn’t responsible. Wenger was 100% responsible for the playing/coaching side, and played a huge role behind the scenes as well. The pair of them wasted hundreds of millions, and left us with awful players, on massive contracts.

    Cleaning up this mess CANNOT be done in only one year! E.g. Ozil still has a contract until 2021, so that it is another 2 year massive problem, unless a club is stupid enough to sign him. I felt that after Wenger left in 2018, that it could take a minimum of 3 years just to sort out the mess of the squad. You then have the culture that Wenger has left behind as well, and how long will that take to change? It’s easy to change personal, not so easy to change a culture.

    The new regime are doing very well so far. They’re getting rid of the right players. Last summer’s transfers was the first time in as long as I can remember that someone actually assessed the squad, and strengthened our weakest positions. EVERY signing was for a position that was weak, and 80% of the signings worked out. Even Litchsteiner was barely a bad deal (even though he was poor), because he came on a free, only on a 1 year contract, and was only ever meant to be backup anytime. He only played as many times as he did because of the crazy injuries at RB.

    I actually feel very calm about things, knowing we’re going through a transitional process, that will take time. I do not care who we sign. All I pray for is to never see Ozil, Xhaka, and Mustafi in an Arsenal shirt again! I’d rather give youth players a chance.


          1. ??
            Thing is thirdmanjw all you ever talk about is ozils wages .
            I didn’t even read your post but I bet you mentioned it again .

          2. And you talk about the new regime doing well ..well from where I’m sitting it’s just the same as normal .you and a few others are trying to big emery up and this new regime as you call them ,to make you look right about wenger leaving .
            I’m not going to lie I wanted wenger gone ,for me he overstayed by a few years ,but I don’t keep going on about it’s all his fault now he’s gone .
            Emery as done nothing special and in my eyes he’s out of his depth .but we will see .
            But atleast give it a level playing field ,he’s been here a whole season now ,start to judge him
            Not a manger who’s been gone 12 months

  9. I would love to see Pornstache
    Kroenke sell the club this summer
    and once again witness the revival
    of our once proud club, however how
    much is the greedy yank REALLY
    responsible for Arsenals most
    recent issues on and off the pitch?

    A few examples;

    Arsenal only needing to secure 3
    points from home games against CP
    and Brighton to qualify for CL
    futbol. Emery and the players
    bottle both games and fail to show
    up against LC, Wolves and Everton
    on the road. Stans fault?

    Paying £35M for Mustafi when VVD,
    Umtiti and other WC CB’s were
    available for far less.

    Paying around the same price for
    Xhaka when Kante would of walked
    from LC for less money. Sold to
    Chelsea for £30M

    Refusing to sell Sanchez to City
    for a reported £60M when EVERYBODY
    knew the Chilean had no interest in
    extending his stay @ the Emirates.
    Swapping him for an injured, over
    the hill Miki was icing on the cake

    Allowing Ramsey, Wilshere and
    Welbeck to run down there contracts
    and leave on free transfers. Cost
    the club somewhere in the region
    of £50-£75M

    As much as I love him in an Arsenal
    shirt spending £60M on PEA in the
    winter window when Arsenal defensive
    defiencies were transparent for all
    Gunners to see was questionable at
    best. Again love the guy but not
    IMHO the high profile player we
    needed at the time.

    Agreeing to the most ridiculous and
    paralyzing contract in the history
    of AFC to a part time player that
    would rather play video games than
    show up in a Europa League final.

    The list goes on and as much as I
    despise Stan the inmates who were
    running his Arsenal asylum are the
    ones that have recklessly
    endangered the future of our beloved

    WTS, ol Stan could forever cement
    his legacy at the club he opened
    his check book just this one time
    and allowed Emery to build his

    1. ACE, My view is that an absent and couldn’t care less owner is always more likely to let incompetent people get on with misrunning the financial aspects of the club, than would a hands on and physically present owner. So although I much agree with what you say about individual buying and contract mistakes not being directly the owners fault, Kroenke is nevertheless ultimately responsible . HAVING WORKED AT A HIGH CORPORATE LEVEL IN THEATRE AND FINANCE I know this fact full well. Andrew Lloyd – Webber would NEVER take his eye off the bottom line finance, not for a single moment. (Nor does CAMERON MACKINTOSH!) This is why he is every bit as good a financial genius as he is an artistic one. Some in theatre would say far more so than that!

  10. GK – Schubert, FREE, 21 yrs
    LB – Tierney, £20m, 22 yrs
    CB – Saliba, £25m, 18 yrs
    CM – Szoboszlai, £12m, 18 yrs
    LW – Claude-Maurice, £15m, 21 yrs

    We are heavily linked with these players. And all of these players are full of promise. Granted, they would cost £70m, so I wonder if we want to build our future on this young players with that cost?

    Granted, they all were starters for their clubs and none of them are coming from some reserve or youth team.

    Szoboszlai, Schubert and Tierney I believe are very good value for money and would possess resale value. Saliba is Super expensive, but he was a starter for 4th placed St Etienne.

    1. I’d rather leave Szoboszlai and Maurice and go for Ceballos. He is potential world class, the other two are risks we can’t afford right now IMO. Ceballos would cost more, but if we sell Koscielny and/or Elneny + Xhaka we should be able to pay the £45m Real want for him. Or try to loan him with the option to make it permanent. He is a huge upgrade on Xhaka. I don’t think Xhaka is suited to the fast-paced, attacking, short-passing system we want to be playing

  11. If I was told 10 years ago that Arsenal would be financially out muscled by the spuds I would have bet against it 100/1..

    After all the hype about how the new stadium would propel us to be able to compete with the very best I think we all feel ripped off and deflated and that bet would have been made without a second thought!

    It feels bad to admit but I’m glad I didn’t put such a bet on now. It feels worse to admit that we can’t compete with the spuds and they have a better all round football and business model than we do!

    But, then they have Levy and we had Gazidis who we all know now was completely full of s**t!!!

    Thanks for nothing (taking us south) you muppet!!

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