Why Arsenal WILL NOT be spending £85m on these players!

Over the last couple of summer transfer windows, Arsene Wenger has broken spending records with his signings and it it is being reported that this will happen again this year. The Frenchman is apparently planning to beat last summer´s splashing of the cash by spending the best part of £100 million to bring in the four players he believes will turn the Gunners from also rans into Premier League champions, but for me this is highly unlikely!

The report in Metro that details the manager’s plans explains that Arsenal are looking to sign Jackson Martinez from Porto to boost our firepower and give the boss a different option again to Giroud and Walcott. This one I COULD see happening as Wenger has already stated that Martinez is perfect for the remier League. He could become our very own Diego Costa, but hopefully play a bit more often!

They also claim that Wenger is also looking to bring in a keeper, most likely Petr Cech, even though Wenger has praised David Ospina and Wojciech Szczesny has announced that he will definitely not be leaving Arsenal. This one is very unlikely no matter how much Arsenal fans would like it to happen..

Also the report says that the engine room of the team is going to get a double boost, with both Arturo Vidal and Morgan Schneiderlin being targeted. I can certainly believe that Wenger would be considering bringing these two in, but it is extremely unlikely that he would buy both. I imagine one would be a backup target in case we missed out on Wenger’s first choice. I would personally be pleased if just one of them arrived to replace Matthieu Flamini.

Wenger may well spend the reported 85 million this summer, but hopefully it will be on one DM and a superduper marquee striker. Just those two would be enough for us to challenge for the title…

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  1. No new player will come unless we offload/loan some. There’s simply not much room in the team. Look at the first eleven and see it is really tough to take out many of our players.

    1. Except for striker. We still only have one actual striker and again he struggled as the games went on but was always great when fresh. Walcott and Sanchez can play there but ideally we would want someone else as well as Walcott and Sanchez also play well in other positions.

      Other than that we are great for next season.

      1. OG had a freak injury against Everton last year. He will be ready to go most games. DW should be able to spell him. We bought players like him and Chambers to develop not to be discarded with new signings. So many want competition for all places but competition doesn’t always bring out the best in players or the best for harmony in the clubhouse.

  2. Cech,
    Arturo Vidal / Morgan Schneiderlin
    A Striker.

    Three MUST buys for us to push on for the title next year.
    Too many names being thrown around to pin a definite signing though, and being linked with Arsenal
    But the most realistic rumor I’ve read, is Higuain. He almost signed two seasons ago, the only reason we didn’t sign him was because of the wages. And what with our wage structure higher than when we were last linked with him, it’s a real option.
    I’d love to see Vidal at Arsenal, an dMorgan Schneiderlin. However, it’ll be one or the other, and I’d lean towards Vidal, just based on his experience, and the level he’s played at.

    Be interested to see who agrees.

    1. I agree with you on the Higuain side, on Vidal, i really havnt seen enough of him to know whether hes a def mid or if hes a Ramsey type with larger physicality. Whenever i actually watched juve Vidal always seemed to be injured. For me he looks a defensive mid playing for chile, but chile where on the back foot so again not too sure.

      On this site there are many who for some reason believe a defensive midfielder should not hold ball playing skills, its like theve never heard of an all round solid player.

      Schneiderlin i have no qualms about. I know he is a defensive midfielder who is comfortable on the ball, not just comfortable confident too. Playing for France he doesnt have to use his forward passing abilities as much so as southamton require him to do, for France he gives there defenders much protection.

  3. @Budd
    I don’t Lke what your saying mate but I cnt disagree with it Id een just settle for a striker if it came to it but Im not convinced after the statements AW has sai over the last few monts that we’ll get one.

  4. I’m hoping for either
    1. Kondogbia and Lacazette (unlikely)
    2. Vidal and Martinez (possible)

    3. Most likely just Martinez (or another striker)

    Schneiderlin is most likely going to United

  5. Lets first get rid of some players.
    * Flamini
    * Diaby
    * Miyaichi
    * Podolski (hard one due to his wages)
    * Campbell
    * Wellington Silva
    * Galindo
    * Ajayi

    * Sanogoals
    * Jenkinson

    After this clear out / Loan move we have 21 Senior Squad positions, which gives us options to buy 3-4 new ones. If we buy 3 we could see how Wellington Silva performs, like we did with Campbell last year. However we might get stuck with Lucas Podolski.

    So based upon that I think there is only space for 2-3 buys maximum.

    1. I forgot if we get Chech we would sell/loan Ospina/Sczcesny. Sczcesny caught smoking again in Warsaw not doing him any favours. He is home grown though, but we have 10 home grown playes in senior squad so we can let him go.

      1. I heard Galindo’s contract was terminated by mutual consent months ago. Certainly any trace of him has been removed from the arsenal website. Ajayi’s contract is up end of this month. Neither a big deal only reserve players anyway. I don’t disagree with your list tho. Although I think Podolski despite his wages should be quite easy to shift still a pretty decent player who a lot of clubs would want might have to pay him an amount to cover a potential pay cut at another club.

        1. I agree with all your list except I would keep Wellington Silva. He could be one for the future and is very talented!

  6. kondogbia and vietto seems doable to me (40-50m) and in line with wengers noises … i would still bring in a strong leftsided defender which is a weak link … but need a clear out as well

  7. Ahhh it’s like Santas post room in here!

    I want, I want..

    Ok I want to see some definite stories like
    ‘Flamini sold to Cannes’
    ‘Podolski off to Siberia FC’
    ‘Diaby sold for scrap’

    Then we will know or not if we are serious about acquiring any players at all!

    1. You do know that the accepted wisdom is to firstly buy the player before you sell the one they are “replacing”.

      1. I see what your saying but when we are talking about Flamini and Diaby it’s not like we couldn’t possibly find anything out there that is comparable or better IMO.

        Arsenal hasn’t always abided by this rule either. Especially in loaning out players when we didn’t have sufficient cover.

  8. Arsenal scored 2 goals
    less than Chelsea
    and conceded 4 more
    goals over 38 matches.
    Giroud was out 3 months Walcott 4
    Wellbeck 3 Chamberlain 4 .
    If fit between them they would have
    scored at least another 15 goals.
    During the season we gained
    3 more front line defenders
    Gabriel, Bellerin and Coquelin.
    Arteta will be back fit too.
    So we are 6 players stronger
    with just one signing Gabriel.
    I think we need just one more DM.
    The loss to Swansea was because of tiredness
    and already qualified for the ECL like Chelsea lost to WBA.
    Arsenal was simply unbeatable since Monaco game 1.
    Another DM and we are fine.
    New GK and striker are luxuries.

    1. You are right BUT… this is based on last year’s season, all big clubs will buy and progress and that is why we need to look at the options available to do so without upsetting the balance. That means a RW cover as Theo will be used centrally and Ox needs to sort his injuries. It means buying a DM to replace Flamini and cover for Coquelin. Anything else is a bonus.

      1. I love the way everyone always says “all big clubs will buy and progress” or similar. Why? If it happened as an “inevitability” every year then there would be a half a dozen clubs all vying for the title. And who apart from Chelsea managed to “progress” in the last 2 seasons? Lots of teams will spend but the majority of the new signings will not make their teams massively better, there will be a sprinkling of big impact players but more will epically fail in their first season.

  9. I’d like:

    Lacazette – bought and loaned back to play CL with Lyon, will eventually replace Giroud
    Isco – to replace Theo on the right for a couple of seasons before taking over the Cazorla role
    Experienced DM (around 28, South American…) – to be able to alternate with Coquelin without compromising his future.

    Total cost would be absolutely horrendous…

    1. Nope, enjoying a great job. Which point rubbed your feathers the wrong way mr big opinions?

  10. if spending 100m can improve the team and win titles why not??

    spend the money Wenger!!! or leave

    1. If you thumbed Hafiz DOWN and and you say that is supporting arsenal, tell us what you think is right for the club and FANS. At least somebody is thinking.

  11. We need lacazette (a goal machine), Gonalons (a cheaper sergio busquets), fekir (a witch) and umtiti (a young kolo toure).

      1. boy have the impressed.. but in all seriousness we have to be careful who we sign.. with everyone playing so well we don’t want to ruin the chemistry of the team because if we had an injury free season i think the team we have could win the league!

  12. The famous lyrics of the Rolling Stones comes to mind:

    “You can’t always get what you want,
    You can’t always get what you want,..

    But if you TRY some times you just might
    Find you get what you need…ol baby”

  13. Would be great but we do need a defender good and hard because BFG is far to slow and makes countless mistakes over and over due do his lack of speed

    1. wtf. when did he make a mistake? when did he get exposed for pace? you don t get a 100+ caps for germany by being average.

      cheap criticism that doesn’t hold up. novice.

  14. I think if we are able to get kondogbia and Benzema we are good to go. I still have faith in Sczcesny and believe in what he can do just need his advisers to talk to. My first team next season Sczcesney, Bellerin, Gab, Kos, Gibbs, Coquelin, Ramsey, Walcot, Ozil, Sanchez, Benzema
    Second team Ospina, Deb, Chambers, Per, Nacho, Kondogbia, Wilshere, Ox, Santi, Welbect, Giroud. We can rotate with this team and can challenge in any competition.

    1. I agree.

      And he is surrounded by some of the best inc Ronaldo who cuts through defended and creates opportunities for everyone around him.

      I’d prefer Cavani if possible. Can’t argue against his goals especially he was played out of position many times to please Zlatan.

      He would be a force to be reckoned with our midfield behind him. Buy him, griezmann and one of the top DMs we are connected with and if there’s change left over then get cech and lets all go on holiday.

    2. Agreed, plus having strikers competing in the EPL and the French squad would be a bad move.

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