Arsenal will not limit their options over selling loanee

Real Betis has enjoyed the talents of Hector Bellerin in this campaign, and they naturally want to keep him with them permanently.

The Spanish defender was surplus to requirements at Arsenal, and they allowed him to join the La Liga club.

He helped Manuel Pellegrini’s side to win the Spanish Cup and secure European football.

The Seville side wants to keep him, but a report via Sport Witness claims it is a matter of economics.

This suggests that they will look for some favour from Arsenal in terms of their demand for the former Barcelona teenager.

However, the report claims Arsenal has refused to limit their options to just the La Liga club.

Instead, the Gunners are prepared to place him on the transfer market, and they will sell him to the club that offers them the most money for his signature.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Bellerin’s fine season in Spain has improved his value, and Betis should be willing to spend some good money to sign him.

If they don’t, it is very likely that other clubs have been watching him, and they will make their move for him when the transfer window reopens.

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  1. Should’ve done that to Mavro, Guendouzi and Torreira too.

    Whoever negotiated those deals cost the club tens of millions.

    1. Guendouzi was a maverick and needed to go.
      Torreira hated England and wanted out.
      And Mavro had played like twice for Arsenal in 3 years so any cash return is better than nothing considering what the cost….

      1. I thought the guy was talking about the negotiation of the price they were sold for and not with retaining those players.
        Like yeah they all needed to go, but for a better deals supposedly.

      2. Yes but we look silly with guendouzi and mavropanos – we seemingly pre-agreed prices for them with their loan clubs, only for the players to demonstrate that they’re both worth substantially more after playing a few games. Whatever the players’ individual faults, stuttgart and marseille are getting massive bargains at our expense – both clubs could sell those players for a profit *immediately* if they wanted.

      3. Im sorry Pat i dont agree, first not all needed to go and there was no excuse for poor negotiations, or no negotiations.

      4. You are right Pat”was” and no longer” is”.what he needed was an experienced coach.what people called arrogance was just frustration,the guy is a winner and hates to lose.if only someone had taken the time to teach him how to channel it,lastly we could have done with his fighting spirit,he is exactly the type of characters we need in this dressing room.

    1. What exactly was incorrect in the 1st comment? Seeing as you needed to inject facts

      Speaking of an injection of facts, here’s one for you. If the loan to buy clauses were done better we could’ve easily gotten 5-10mil more than what we are getting.

      What they cost is irrelevant, what they are worth is the metric to be looking at….this should be basic knowledge.

  2. @Admin,

    You missed the point completely. As it’s clear from my message earlier, the criticism was for the amount received for those players. Obligation to buy is one of the worst clauses to be put on.

    And since you are on your high horse about telling facts, I’m sure you followed Mavropanos’ 2 loans before this season? You didn’t? Well I guessed it from the nonsense you wrote. Mavro was already impressive on his first Stuttgart stint as well as on Nurnberg loan. Point being no reason to put obligation to buy for minimal fee for a player WHO ALREADY DID WELL earlier there.

  3. ..” The TALENTS of Hector Bellerin..etc!
    Just what are those “talents”, I would like to know?

    Modelling clothes perhaps, planting trees, lecturing on environmental matters maybe?!

    All laudable no doubt but JA is a football site and as a footballer, I see ZERO “TALENTS” IN BELLERIN

    My eternal puzzlement lies in wondering exactly how and why this non defending so called “defender” ever stayed so long at our club.
    I have concluded it must be ones of lifes unfathomable mysteries!

    1. Jon, just read again what Bellerin has achieved and won this season.
      In your opinion, along with others, he’s not good enough for our club, but don’t diss the man and try to make him out to be a useless footballer.
      He’s been a successful player, never caused a problem at The Arsenal and I, for one, wish him well.

    2. Jon, would you mind answering a question for me?are you as hard/critical with yourself as you are with others?are you using the same measuring stick when it comes to yourself??

  4. Nah,Hector will end up in Betis,otherwise he’ll go back to London and sit the last year of his contract.i can’t see us paying his wages for another year.

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