Arsenal will NOT sell Alexis to Man City

The speculation in regards to the future of the Arsenal star Alexis Sanchez is turning out to be the transfer saga of the summer. Despite reports linking the player with a move to Bayern Munich and Juventus, it appears he wants to stay in England and fight for the Premier League, but with the Gunners’ rivals, Manchester City.

According to the latest rumours, the latest twist in the saga is that the Chilean has been given a brutal ultimatum by the club in which he has to choose between signing new terms at the Emirates and finding a new club abroad. The report further claims that the Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has more or less given up on the prospect of his main man signing a new deal and would therefore be willing to listen to offers from abroad.

Despite Wenger claiming earlier on that Alexis will not be let go no matter what, it looks as though the financial loss of losing the player on a potential free transfer next summer would be too much for the North London club to take. But even with that in mind, it is understood that Arsene Wenger will not sell to a domestic rival, despite the fact that City and Chelsea will be willing to pay almost twice as much as Bayern Munich and Juventus.

Well, if this story were to be true, then I must say I completely agree with Wenger. At no cost should Arsenal strengthen a rival, especially considering the fact that the Sky Blues have been taking our players for quite some time now. With Wenger claiming that Arsenal are no longer in a position where they have to sell, standing up to Manchester City and saying ‘no’ would be a great statement of intent.

In my opinion, I would rather have Alexis walk on a free next summer than to have him join City in the coming days. If the Arsenal board are indeed serious about the ambition they claim to have, perhaps a better approach would be to sign some world-class players, prove to Alexis during the season that the Gunners’ can compete and convince him to sign a new deal around January, failing which, the Chilean can leave on a free transfer.


  1. So, does Wenger want a medal?
    He is not supposed to sell to our rivals
    But if he gives Alexis £300,000 to stay then he can have a medal I got in primary school.
    Just pay him that £20,000 per week extra he wants. We won’t go bankrupt

  2. Looks bad for us getting Lacazette
    Lyon President is pushing Lacazette to go to PSG. He wants him to stay in France

    1. Suppose we success to keep Alexis , then this striker things should not be our main issue. Our main problems last season were at the back and middle. We scored lots of goal.
      If our buying options are as far as Lacazette and Benzema, then I don’t think it’ll be an upgrade for us . Because like or not, Olivier Giroud is Deschamps main target man at front, overcome those two. Giroud is fit for their formation of three strikers, as finisher or wall passer. That’s sounds like Arsenal for me.
      Thing will be different if we are looking for someone like Aubameyang. But how can we get him or any marquee signing without ECL involvement? That’s another Arsene’s problem, and I doubt he has the answer.

  3. This is what happens when you let your best player/s contract run down.Arsenal have only got themselves to blame for this situation.

    1. Once upon a time Arsenal had hard men (eg Peter Storey, Bob McNab, Tony Adams, Martin Keown, Patrick Viera etc) who would have a quiet word in Sanchez’s ear. “After what you have had to say to us at training, playing against us in the Premier League may be career ending!”

      1. true, those guys were serious about football, and they were strong. now we have money lovers (Alexis) and soft core (Xhaka)

        1. Money Lovers ?? Alexis left Barcelona where he played with the best players to join us….just for money?

          He wanted to feel important and play all the games. If it was just the money he would have said long ago:” Enough is enough Arsene”

          He just wanted to give Arsenal the chance to show some ambition…which obviously won’t happen.

          And if we are talking about Money Lovers…how about Kroenke ? How about Wenger and his new deal after achieving….nothing.

          They prefer to keep wage structure instead of fighting with big clubs for glory…. Welcome to modern football Stan and Arsene….or do you expect to run in the F1 with a Mini ?

  4. This is absurd. Keeping someone in your club against his will just for the sake of you your club is rather selfish. We are not in slavery. We do not determine where other people should play and where they shouldnt. Its up to Sanchez to decide not Wenger. If he submit a transfer request and he chooses city, it will be unfair to hold him. This is not slavery, its work and just like me and u. Your boss has no right to decide where you should go next, or hold u against your will.
    And it will be Arsenal’s Loss since he wont be happy at the club and he might even not play well. U might be forced to sell in January, thats only 4 months after the league starts. And it might be very difficult to secure that replacement by then. Why doesnt he find a better replacement now and let him go on a good cash?
    Arsenal is running a risk of loosing him, the cash and not getting a good replacement. I think its time to act now.

  5. Funny how it has still not dawned on many that City and Arsenal are not in the same league. We should not sell to Everton or Southampton because they are our competitors.

    We truly do not compete with City. We should take a leaf out of Lyon’s book, they realize they don’t compete with PSG and are happy to take big money from them for their star.

    I would rather get 45 million from City than 35 from Bayern.

    With or without Sanchez City is not our competition.

    Time to face up to reality and stop pretending that selling to City is like selling to a direct competitor. Those years are gone.

    1. How come in last two seasons we have finished above them ones and three points below them second .I hate it when people s peak through there a ss.

      1. Remind me, how many times have we won the PL in the last 8 years? Second place is for the first placed loser. As for the comment in the article above:

        “The Chilean has been given a brutal ultimatum by the club in which he has to choose between signing new terms at the Emirates and finding a new club abroad.”

        What nonsense.

        His third option is to be a good professional and to see out his contract leaving next summer on a free, or more likely, next January for a less than half of the £45m!

        If City are prepared to pay top dollar for a 30 year old that they don’t really need, [they already have B.Silva, D.Silva, K.deBruyne, S.Aguero, G.Jesus, I,Gundogan, L.Sane, R.Sterling,] then just grab the cash and dash!

        Sanchez is approaching 30, he need CL football, £45m is robbery, Arsenal would be lunatic to turn down City’s money if Wenger fails to bully Sanchez into taking one of his two preferred options.

        1. Thank you Alhpie! My point exactly. Money talks and better to take 45 from City than 35 from bayern.

      2. Look at their ambition!! They went and got arguably one of the best managers in the world. They strengthened their squad admirably last season. I am sure they will again invest ambitiously and they won 2 out of the last 6 PL titles.

        They won 2 PL titles in 5 years and still went to upgrade on their manager by hiring Pep.

        We have fallen hopelessly out of the top 4 and give our manager a two-year contract as a reward.

        Our clubs live on different planets in terms of ambition. Fact.

        There is simply no comparison between their owner’s and manager’s ambition compared to ours. You are seriously deluded if you somehow think we can match City in ambition and results.

        John put your money where your mouth is and lets make a bet that City will finish above us.

    2. Last time I checked, Guordiola was empty handed. There’s no trophy for 3rd place also. Which City are you talking about? LOL!

      1. Your point is?


        Not Leicester City, recent PL Champions, something we can’t say about Arsenal can we.

        1. I was answering Janssen dude. I admit that Spuds now is a bit surpass us. But City? I don’t think so. All those City stars you’ve mentioned, was brought Guordiola empty handed. It didn’t enough for them, that’s why they need Sanchez to add to those qualities. Guordiola still need few more to complete his team, and with 200M to spend a year, that’ll be as simple as pushing the “buy” or “sell” button. City will clear their roster a bit for Sanchez to fit in. In other part, we need Sanchez to redo his things for us next season and hope that we can fix our defensive part. But, I agree with you in this : we need Sanchez more than City need him. Moreover, I doubt we can attract any marquees signing without ECL involvement, let alone a class of Sanchez replacement. So, give Sanchez his damn 300K every week and I’m sure that’s not a lunatic amount for the board at all. Off course he’s free to go if we don’t win the EPL next year. I think that’s fair enough.

          1. dragunov why don’t we put our money where our mouth is. talk is cheap. I wager 50 pounds that City will once again finish ahead of us comfortably.

    1. How about let’s just hope he willingly extends his contract after he sees Wenger bring in a top-top striker or forward.

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