Arsenal will NOT win Premier League without luck

While I would love for Arsenal to get some good luck in the FA cup this weekend and the Premier League match against Southampton a few days later, I would happily settle for the absence of any bad luck for the Gunners. However I do believe that Arsenal will need to have some good luck at some point between now and the end of the season if we are to win the Premier League title.

In a title race as tight as this one, the destination of the trophy is likely to be decided by small details. A goal given for or against a team can have a huge effect and a decision like whether to give a red card (Mertesacker) or a yellow card (Demichelis) can be the difference.

It is not just the decisions of the referee that I am talking about either, because luck can show itself in many ways, such as the run of the ball. A shot blocked, saved or rebounding off the woodwork can fall nicely for a defender to clear or fall nicely into the path of an attacker to score.

Just one such bit of luck for Arsenal last weekend would have earned us at least a point against Chelsea and we would now be above Man City in the league table. An injury to a player can be long term, such as happened to us with key Gunners like Cazorla and Coquelin or like Man City’s Kevin De Bruyne a very similar knock might only keep a player out for a few weeks.

I am not saying that the luckiest team wins the title but when there is a very close battle between a few clubs, that little bit of luck is all important. Arsenal cannot rely on luck, of course, and must do our best to be in with a chance but we could really do with a bit of luck as well.

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  1. -You need some luck in cup competitions – FA cup, ECL

    – You need endurance, stamina, good quality squad, rotation, togetherness, winning mentality, taking your chances, etc to win the league.

  2. Last match the players went crazy attack even the defensive midfielder and there is just nothing to say other than that about the match. Can Arsene promise the fans that the team will come through and do the necessary and redeem themselves maybe,maybe not. Chelsea play football of tactical style and attack on counter maybe Arsenal should have done the same by allowing them to do the same. Mertesacker put himself in the danger zone and got what he risked for and the team paid for it.

    1. False, Koscielny and Flamini put Mert in the dangerzone. Mert was doing the right thing by playing Costa offside but Kosc lost his concentration and accidentally played the striker on side. Watch the game before blaming a player, and if Flamini didn’t try to play striker he could’ve helped in stopping the counter.

      1. makes u wonder why wenger is ineffective to ramsey/flam re maintaining defensive discipline. maybe he has to remind them before each game.

      2. Your claim about Flamini shows that you did not watch the match yourself as well. Flamini was in the centre circle when Willian won the ball, so tell me how that is playing a striker?

  3. We will need all the luck we can get as its been proven YET again w do not have the grit,mental strength and character to win it…..

      1. Typical bias criticism, Giroud actually scores when he’s given a chance and knows how to make assists, him and Ozil have the best partnership in Europe after MSN so what do you have t say now ?

  4. Luck is when Preparation meets Opportunity.
    So, if we Prepare…and take all our Opportunities, that’ll be all the luck we need.

    1. And if legitimate goals get disallowed what do you do? Re: Arsenal v Liverpool, the Ramsey goal. You cannot rule out luck in winning the league but the expectation is that lucky decisions and unlucky decisions cancel each other out during the course of the season. In the case of Man City, they were denied a last minute penalty in the Everton game so the Demichelis incident cancels out that unlucky incident.

      In our own case we were unlucky in the game away to Chelsea, unlucky against Liverpool at home, unlukcy with two of Southampton goals. I am yet to witness a match this season where lucky went our way. If that could happen in the games against Leiceister, Tottenham, and Man City it wil be welcome.

  5. Hope we can get to play this team at least once this season

    Welbeck Ozil Sanchez (Yes, Sanchez on the right and Welbeck on the left)
    Cazorla Coquelin
    Monreal Koscielny Gabriel Bellerin

    1. But what has Welbeck done to prove he’s worthy of being a starter ?? Campbell creates goal chances and Sanchez plays best on the LW

  6. I think d luck Arsenal need is with form and injury cos stats show dat with some players out or out of form, the whole team suffers

  7. FFS no amount of anything can make us win BPL with Wenger incharge.

    MSN would fail under Wenger

    Get the scrooge out

  8. We will only win the league with luck this season. As long as other teams stay as inconsistent as ourselves, we’ll have a slight chance, but if Man City for example go on good run, we won’t be able to keep up.

    We’re just not improving at all under Wenger, and we’ve been poor for the majority of the season. We could easily be around 10 points adrift right now if it wasn’t such an open league this season.

  9. Luck is useless on its own when it comes to a Lazy team ………..Hardwork and commitment is the real deal

  10. Transfer deadline day breaking news:

    luck on way to Arsenal for medical

    2 hours later:

    Wenger: sorry fax machine broke down

  11. Cahill set to leave, during this transfer window,
    I wouldn’t mind him at Arsenal, even though, it’s a few good years to late ?.. tight ass wenger, didn’t want to pay Bolton’s asking price, back then.

  12. With due respect to many of my fellow fans here but you can not hold hopes of winning a title WITH LUCK..only depleted teams hang on it and WHY? because you have not got depth in your squad which can fight in all competitions. Do MADRID, BARCA, PSG OR BAYERN rest hopes in LUCK? NOT THEY DO NOT..they invest to have at least 2 for competitions like legue and FA Cup and one for the EPL and UCL period..they look for galacticos , we do not as they got stronger financial power to buy 5 or 6 players every year but If our scouts ( I do believe they are not good enough and get paid never finding that special ones ) find players in middle leagues..that can cost decent amount and bring depth and quality to Arsenal then we will not be writing articles about DO WE NEED LUCK TO WIN. everything starts with an ambitious Coach who identify what’s needed and GET IT..Arsenal FC has been in need of WC ST and WC DM since Tierry and Patrick left..players like huntelaar, Lacazette are more than decent to help us improve..the likes of Moussa Sissoko and Capoue as DM just to mention few..will make us stronger and like Sanchez and Ozil lift the team to a next level..Pep already demanded 5 top WC players for his new Team in England..THATS AMBITIOUS..if we do not get this 2 players now..then will be another 10 years as SPUDS..even the middle table teams are getting stronger..will we?

    1. after extensive psychoanalysis of wenger, i’ve realized he values faithfulness to players higher than winning. thats why he doesnt spend the money. he’s smart: he realizes he could get a worldclass CF: but it would destroy giroud.
      the tradeoffs we’d be willing to make to win PL, are not the ones wenger will.
      he’d be a great development coach for U18 or U21 etc.

  13. Luck isn’t a consistent thing. It is a roll of a dice a toss of a coin. That is not a way a well trained top class football team can win the EPL. AW needs to think about his team selection, his rotation, his selection, but most of all about the balance of the team and squad viz-a-viz the opposing team and their coach/manager. All to often you get the feeling he over estimates our team while underestimating his opposition.

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