Arsenal will only make a loan move for their long-term target this summer

Arsenal has been long-term admirers of Houssem Aouar and the Frenchman also wants a move to the Premier League side. However, he may have missed his chance to play for them.

The Gunners have been on the lookout for new midfielders in this transfer window, but he has fallen down their wishlist.

In recent weeks, they have focused on the return of Martin Odegaard as well as signing James Maddison or Manuel Locatelli.

The above targets remain priorities over a move for Aouar, according to Sun Sports.

The report claims that Arsenal is now so laid back in their plans for him that they will only make a loan offer for him if they fail in their bid to sign Odegaard or Maddison.

Arsenal was prepared to pay as much as £40million for his signature last summer, but Lyon wanted more money.

The report says his value has since dropped to £25million, yet Arsenal will not make a permanent move for him.

The report says the Gunners recognise they would need to replace Newcastle-bound Joe Willock and will try to bring Aouar in on loan for that purpose.

This bid might be rejected by Lyon, but he has just two seasons left on his current deal and could leave on a cheaper fee next summer.

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  1. Why making a loan deal when you were ready to pay 40M last season for a 22 yrs old???? How can Lyon accept a loan deal for a player with a contract ending in 2yrs???? They can better make it clear that he is not wanted.

    1. Hes injury prone and yet to perform to expectation last season…..

      The club do not wish to sign a player that spend long term on the medical bench….

      a loan move maybe a better option

      hes worth around 20m as Lyon is deperate due to financial difficulties, price will keep dropping

  2. The last thing I want to hear is the transfer of Odegaard. This guy didn’t do anything to prove he worth a permanent contract. Why are we linked with unwanted/ rejected players from their teams???? We are linked with Odegaard because he is seen unable at Real Madrid. Agais I saw Tolisso who is a surplus to requirements at Bayern Munich. Why not target Aouar at least we know he is a starter in his team. Maddison once fit is a regular starter at Leicester.

    1. Not Ode’s fault at all, no creative midfielder would do well under MA’s tactics!

      Put Ode in Leicester or Man City and you’d see how good he can be.

    2. Odegaard is a class player whom Arsenal should pursue.
      He was one of the few bright lights for us last season.
      I am a long standing season ticket holder and qualified coach so do know what I am talking about – unlike many armchair experts.
      Do not be concerned with his time at Real Madrid. Face facts – he is still only 22 and a very good fit for us. As a first team regular he will score and make goals a plenty.
      MIkel will buy him if Madrid let him go for a sensible price.
      After last night get him on board!

      1. Very well said sir l agree with you all the way , we can’t go on what way he played last year it takes most players a year or 18 months to bed in. It’s also very hard for a player of that age to commit fully when he thinks he’s returning to his parent club.

  3. Aouar was a flash in the pan, one good season, similar to Ozil’s one in n number of seasons for us.Aouar no good for the EPL. We just let go Willock on the cheap, 50M for Ben, 40M for Tammy, 60-70M for Madisson, 20M seems less. Should have been kept as a squad player and let Elneny move (incase some club is interested).Odegard – nothing special and not EPL type of a player. We are in trouble and Mikel needs help. Leno at fault for both the goals, makes Ramsdale look like Jan Oblak! Chambers another calamity buy by Wneger. Xhaka OMG! Enough said and written. Laca would do no better than Folarin and needs to be gone sooner rather than later.

    1. Last sentence is clearly wrong. Might not have saved the game, but Laca would have made a massive difference yesterday – shouldn’t be, but he’s easily our best forward right now. Balogun was just not ready.
      Auba is finished and should be the one to go

  4. Some of you keep on blaming the manager regarding transfers, bt then should he purchase players using his own cash?

  5. We seem to be requiring someone in every position except for Saka, ESR, ASL and Tierney and Tavares and Gabriel. These are the only players I rate as capable of playing this season. God help us.

  6. Arteta changes is mind so much he must be having the male menopause. Last year Aouar was our priority, now, magically, we prefer to give Xhaka a four year contract. Insanity.

  7. As an ardent Arsenal fan since 1991 am really out of words how our club is being run we have managers who are fit and willing to take the club where it should be but the Arsenal board and the Owner are not bothered at all now if you look at the moment the Arsenal Squad can’t compete for any Trophy Organised by the FA in England. That’s all i can comment May God help our Arsenal FC.

  8. Even if arteta is given all the best players in the World he won’t make any difference. First he doesn’t have the philosophy and lacks tactics

  9. Go ahead and sign aouar and not bring him on loan and also sign players like bosouma,tripier, zaha, Martinez,berge,locateli

  10. Arsenal board please get Houssem, Maddision and Martinez.
    Then release Willian, sell Toriera, and chambers, Bellerin

  11. No true Arsenal fan is happy with the way things are run by the board. Arteta is a Coach still learning the trade and should be given his wish – signing players he wants to work with. The board on the hand is not doing well in terms of transfers. Check out Man. Utd., Man. City, Chelsea and others splashing cash in order to get their dream players. It is unfortunate that Kroenke took over this club and killed it. David Dein, erstwhile Vice Chairman of the club resigned and sold his shares. Russian Billionaire did same after pointing out that Kroenke was out to kill the club. A lot of people, on seeing how the then majority Shareholder was going, decided to give up on the club by selling their shares to the American. Today, he is there to make profit and has not seen people like Abrahamovich and others spending heavily to win trophy. I will continue to support the club. Kroenke will surely leave one day.

  12. Both Arteta and Edu doesn’t have a clue about what they are doing,because they don’t have a plan. They are not proactive and visionary. It’s seems to me ,that they are reactive . They read the fans comments and try to respond. An experience coach knows the weaknesses of his team and as such, he works to improve those areas. Edu has shown us again, his incompetence and poor negotiations skills by failing to offload fringe players and to strengthen areas of need like a creative midfielder, right back and a goal keeper. Arsenal cannot score goals, yet, Joe Willock, who, scored seven goals consecutively was sold for 25m pounds. He scored eight goals in 14 games,now,Arsenal want to buy a guy who scored 2 goals in 20 games for 45m pounds. Madness. Both Arteta and Edu should be sacked asap or else Arsenal will face relegation. Aouar is now available for 25m pounds only, yet, they talk about loaning him. Although he was injured last season and his performance dropped thereafter, Aouar scored eight goals in 26 games and provided 4 assists. I can’t believe that the main transfer target of the last summer transfer window is no longer a priority . Arsenal definitely needs a creative midfielder or two.

    1. Wayne, I would have hugged and kissed you if I can see you… Edu and Arteta in a deep sea and they are drowning. Everyone, even a blind soccer fan knows that our biggest issue last season was chance creation, but we spent time this transfer, buying defenders and midfielders who chance creation is almost zero. How do we expect the players we will get now to blend with the team….How is Torreira, Kolasinac, Elneny, Niles not sold by now..why is it only Arsenal that sell on the cheap??

      Over here in Nigeria, I am ashamed to call myself an Arsenal fan because of how clueless Edu and his team are.

      Leno, cost us the Europa league during Unai time, and last season and we sold Martinez because of him…

      We were asking for the head of Wenger, now we have worse.

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