Arsenal will play a home game in front of their fans before the end of the season

Some Arsenal fans will have the pleasure of watching their team play at least one game at home before the end of this season, according to Mail Sport.

Football matches have been played without fans since the covid-19 pandemic started last year.

Arsenal fans have seen their team struggle in home games in an empty Emirates stadium.

Most fans will feel that their presence could have helped Arsenal do better and some will get a chance to cheer them on for at least one game in this campaign.

The report claims that the Premier League has shifted some matches in their calendar so that each team will play one home game before the campaign finishes.

They wanted travelling fans to also be in the stadiums, but that request was rejected.

The round of 36 games that were supposed to be played on May 11/12 has been pushed to May 15/16.

The round of 37 games would now be played on May 18/19, with the last games of the campaign being played on the 23rd of May.

The May 17th date set for allowing fans back in the stadiums means that teams can have fans in the stadiums for the last two games of the season after these calendar adjustments.

The Emirates and other stadiums in the competition will hold up to 10,000 fans or 25% of its capacity, whichever is smaller for the games.

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  1. Is it really worth it all. Is it not worth keeping the season as it is, especially as it will change the dynamics of the season for no real good reason. Financially it won’t make much difference.

  2. My prediction-the team will be roundly booed for their half-hearted performance all season long

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