Arsenal will regret losing 23 year-old that ‘can produce magic’

Konstantinos Mavropanos is setting the Bundesliga alight on loan with VFB Stuttgart, and Arsenal will regret their error in allowing him to leave.

The defender returned to the Bundesliga this term on loan with an obligation to buy, with the only stipulation blocking his transfer being if his current side were relegated from the top tier of German football, a scenario which is unlikely but not impossible.

With Arsenal powerless to stop his departure after agreeing such an agreement, the Bundesliga website is already describing Mavropanos as ‘one that got away’ from the Gunners, with the Greek international proving to be amongst the best players of the division so far this term.

The 23 year-old has the highest win percentage of tackles made in the German top tier, is the joint-top scoring defender with some special goals of late and is ranked inside the top 12 fastest in the division also.

He is also reaping praise from his manager of late also, with manager Pellegrino Matarazzo recently stating(as quoted at “He always shows in training that he can produce magic. He’s got heart, energy and determination. We need guys like him.”

He also added: “He’s our gladiator – a monster in terms of physique,”

Arsenal still have their own wealth of talents in defence, with Ben White and Gabriel Magalhaes currently our first-team options at centre-back, while William Saliba and Daniel Ballard continue to impressively evolve on loan with Marseille and Millwall respectively, but I can’t help but believe Mavropanos is the one who is most ready for a first-team role in the Premier League.

When he was 20 years-old, he made his debut for us against Manchester United and more than held his own, but only injuries hampered his progress somewhat after that. He has since shone on loan with Stuttgart, and I firmly agree that we will rue letting him go without giving him a fair chance to prove his worth for our first-team side.


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  1. According to all of you, Arsenal will regret letting go of all the youngsters they’ve lost.
    Why is it so hard for you to come to terms with the fact that not every youngster will make it at Arsenal and some will always have their best careers elsewhere?
    If Arsenal let go of Nketiah this January and he finds his mojo and becomes the player we all know, you’re still going to blame the club isn’t it?

    1. You’re missing the point Arsenal are moving desperate for money yet they had the chance to sell Eddie and didn’t although he isn’t doing as good how we think he could. the point of loans is to see development and then make a decision on a player. Arsenal didn’t make a good decision here as he was very good in the 2 previous loans. Guendouzi is another player. Joe Willock was a good deal as he proved he had good value and he didn’t seem to fit at Arsenal. Mavropanos would be worth at least 30 million after this season alone.

    2. IT’s just that Mavro never got a chance to impress or convince Arteta on whether he could do the job. We threw money away on Mari, who obviously isn’t up for it.

      Guendouzi, Saliba, Martinelli, are others that may face the same situation as Mavro. The concern is the poor man management shown by Arteta, but not unexpected from a rookie manager. The alarming thing is no one at the club seems to step in and question.

    3. It is not letting go players but letting them go at the right price. Brighton sold white for 50m, we got Mari for 14m and we include s conpulsory buy option for 3m for a bundesliga beast. It is not bad to let him gom we cant play 50 players, but not this player at this price. He had already a strong season last year. Not dams case as gnabry who was not that beast he became when he was sold. This is a joke crazy deal, simple as that. They made a good deal for Willock, an OK one for emi but the club basically lost at least 20m on what they should have get for mavropanos, simple.

  2. Players eventually find a home for their talents or perhaps more realistically for their lack of talent. Mavropanos has found a home for his limitations at mid/lower Bundesliga team Stuttgart. Ozil Mustafi Socritis Bellerin Willian have found retirement homes and Kolasinac and Elneny will join them in the rest homes in January. Mari Cedric Chambers Holding Torreira Lacazette Auba will also be seeking retirement village life shortly. Guendouzie and Saliba seem to have found a home for their effervescent personalities at OM. The English quota brigade like Niles, Nketiah + Nelson can milk their HG status with out getting overly energetic. Once your on the gravy train it’s just a matter of riding the wave for as long as you can.

  3. The deal to let Mavropanos go after his loan period shows a complete lack of foresight and knowledge of the future.

    1. Agree Reggie – just another of our many F/U’s! But to be fair, it’s very easy to be wise after the event.
      I don’t put Saliba in that bracket as I feel it’s been well handled – in fact probably better for his development if he’s kept away from Arteta (!), but only time will tell whether Nketiah, Mavro, Guendouzi, Willock etc were wise moves. I suspect with the exception of Mavro they will be. Guendouzi is a good player but extremely disruptive to any team, and Nketiah will have success, but never at the very highest level. Willock is no loss.

  4. welcome to the ass-backwards world of Arsenal footballing club…send out those who could contribute now and continue to develop in-house, while keeping those who seemingly have no future, don’t provide them with significant minutes, thus making them largely unsellable, then spend over the number for relatively untested players, who literally play in the same position as those currently out on loan…you just couldn’t make this sh** up

  5. If what we read, that “Stuttgart has an obligation to buy Mavropanos”s contract” if they stay up in the Bundesliga, I think that many critics have missed a key point. An “obligation” confers a benefit to the party to which it is owed, not a
    right to the party who owes the obligation. It is very different from an “option” which would give
    the decision to Stuttgart. If I am right, Arsenal should have the right 0merely to cancel the obligation.
    This would be a clever device on Arsenal’s part.
    It would assure that if Stuttgart stayed up and
    Mavropanos were a failure, Arsenal would receive
    a modest payment for his transfer. However, as has happened, Mavropanos is a great success, Arsenal retains the right to recall him at the end of his loan.
    This is the only rational explanation for the ridiculously low value set for the transfer. I do not believe that Edu and his associates are idiots. I
    hope that his critics are wrong and that we will
    discover that he prformed brilliantly. I certainly hope so.

    ‘ is

  6. I don’t know what everyone’s problem is about Arsenal throwing money away? For years people have been moaning the club are too tight, but it’s not your money.

    I remember everyone clamouring for the club to spend £25m on chamakh, who we ended up getting for nothing and look how that turned out. Sure we let some go cheap, or for free, but then we did pinch almost £100m from the Merseyside clubs for Walcott, iwobi and Chamberlain.

    Every club, loses players cheaply, Chelsea remember had Salah, debruyne and Lukaku and let them go far too cheap.

    Even £3m for Mavropanos will represent a profit for a player who has suffered with injuries.

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