Arsenal WILL rotate but stick with Giroud

After the umitigated disaster of the Champions League defeat, Arsenal will certainly be making some changes to the starting line up for the visit of Everton on Sunday. Arsene Wenger admitted as much in his pre-match press conference earlier today and the Frenchman knows it is vital for the Gunners to get right back on track in the bread and butter of the Premier League.

But although some angry fans would suggest that Wenger should make 11 changes after the terrible performances all over the pitch on Wednesday, that will not happen and Olivier Giroud is one of the players I believe the boss will stick with.

Danny Welbeck is the only real option at centre forward but I think that he is clearly second choice to Giroud at the minute. Wenger admitted that Giroud had a shocker but he also backed his striker and we should not forget that up until the Monaco game, Giroud had been in sparkling form.

Even on Wednesday he kept getting into position to score, it was just a shame he had forgotten his shooting boots. The fact is that Arsenal play better with Giroud leading the line. Plus he needs to get a goal quickly to put that performance behind him. Let´s not kill the man for one bad game.

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  1. If you look at Giroud’s goalscoring record of late, even including the game against Monaco, it isn’t half bad. He was truly awful on Wednesday. But Welbeck missed a sitter too, so who would you play if you dropped him?

    1. Spot on. We have nobody who can play ST and offer all he does. When fit has he ever been used as a sub? Nope. Cos he’s our only ST!

      1. Most target men don’t ve outrgeous pace…it more abt movement nd finishin wif so much of hard work for dem.
        Walcott is deadly not bcos of his pace but rather is movement and his finishing, I mean he hardly beat his man.
        As for welbeck..menh, can’t believe he’s a man utd youth product…a very bad 1st touch and he’s so clumsy on the ball. Worse still he can’t just finish…he loses possesion too often….the main problem is wenger will continue pairing hm wif giroud.

    2. Almost everyone was praising giroud right up the Monaco game.and he misses two chances and all the sudden comments that he is worst than soldado and hes a donkey and etc, makes me wonder why most of arsenal fans never grow up.giroud had a nightmare against Monaco, but that happens to many top striker’s. Stop being so childish guys, give the dude some credit

  2. Right now stick with Giroud. He is best option. Welbeck is faster but misses more chances.

    In summer we MUST get a Top striker. Giroud will be 29 and he is good but should be a supersub.
    We should get someone like Lacazette, Dybala, Martinez.

    I think Welbeck was a bit of a panic buy. We paid £16 million but for another £14 + million on top of that we could have got a WC striker. Anyway, Welbeck is still young and has a few years to master his craft. With time he could turn into a another Ian Wright.

    But Summer we need MINIMUM
    1. Top striker
    2. Top DM
    3. Good Defender

    My choice would be Lacazette, Schneiderlin and Howedes.

    1. Hopefully this summer Wenger will realise that he’s really running out of lives as Arsenal manager, and that’ll loosen the purse strings. But I’d say a top class centre back is more important than a top class striker. As a team, we score plenty of goals. The biggest difference between us and the title contenders is that we concede too many.

    2. Literally no point in getting Lacazette or Dybala if they can’t play lone ST, both peak at 5’10 max. It’s nice that they’re doingwell in their respective leagues but in the prem you face 6’4 defenders and need a presence.

      There’s a reason Giroud ALWAYS plays when fit. Nobody else we have is half as good as him at ST regardless of what anyone likes to suggest.Giroud is plenty good enough, we just need proper depth at ST. If Villa go down Benteke is a prime candidate for me, 6’3, more mobile than Giroud, just turned 24, and has proven he can boss it here.

  3. Ospina Szcz Martinez
    Bellerin Chambers
    Gabriel Mertz Koz
    Monreal Gibbs Coquelin Flamini.
    Rosicky Cazorla Ozil
    Walcott Wellbeck Ox Sanchez
    Giroud Akpom
    21 available.
    Injured. Wilshere Ramsey Arteta debuchi Hayden Gnabry Diaby.
    On loan. Podolski Jenkinson Campbell Ryo Sanogo Wellington
    34 man squad.
    Ajayi Bielik Zelalam Niles Crowley Graiciar
    Are these 40 stellar players challenging for the EPL +ECL?
    Or is this a club full of 2nd tier 4th place champions?

    1. I think a few are good enough to challenge for the league. What club on earth has 40 players capable of competing on that level? I certainly can’t think of one. But in terms of the champions league, there aren’t enough Messi’s and Ronaldo’s to go around.

      It’s a difficult task: unless you win trophies regularly, it’s tough to attract the big names. If you don’t attract the big names, it’s tough to win trophies regularly. It’s a slow, gradual process of getting rid of our Bendtner’s and bringing in the Sanchez’s.

  4. Yeah Giroud played awful Wednesday, but he’s been slamming in goals ever since he came back from injury. And let’s not forget how crucial he is when it comes to defending set pieces. Also he is the go to guy when our goalies need an outlet to kick to. So start him. I’m sure he’ll make amends.

  5. Giroud is still a very useful striker, i cannot see wenger over looking him! Despite all giroud goal scoring record this season has been good!

  6. I keep reading about Giroud’s awful performance on Wednesday. It is true.

    But it is also true that had the rest of the team been in decent form on Wednesday we would probably not even be talking about Giroud today.

    1. Very true. The mark of a top class striker is to drag your team through when they aren’t playing well, but we all know Giroud isn’t top class, it’s unfair to expect that of him I guess.

      Every player on the pitch deserves criticism for their performance on Wednesday, some more than Giroud. But as our striker, the chances fell for Giroud, so the focus is on him for missing them.

      At the end of the day you can criticise Arsenal for not having a world class striker, but you can’t criticise Giroud for not being world class – I’m sure he’d love to be world class as much as anyone, but we all have our limitations.

  7. Does anyone understand this “Diaby” situation? Will it ever go away?

    Why is he still with the club? How long was his contract anyway? Or does Wenger keep offering new contracts to a player who cannot play? If so, Wenger deserves what he gets.

    In a logical world Diaby’s contract would have run its course and he would have moved on. or this just a self-perpetuating nightmare for crimes committed in previous life. What is going on here??

    1. Deal runs out in the summer I think, he won’t be renewed. Sad story, but time that decision was made.

      1. He won’t get a new contract. I bet he’ll join someone else, then all his injury problems will magically disappear and he’ll be a great player. Just you watch…

  8. ………angry fans would suggest that Wenger should make 11 changes after the terrible performances……
    and should read
    …………angry fans suggest to make just ONE change WENGER, after 11 years of terrible performances and achieve anything worthwhile……….

  9. Giroud is not to blame AT ALL, everyone is entitled to ONE bad game. The entire team was horrendous on wenesday and i believe it was all due to team selection. I keep saying BFG is done, gabriel should be playing every week with Kos, also ozil should be coming off the bench and cazorla playing through the middle. Play rosicky with coquelin that’s a better pairing and LASTLY do not put welbeck on the wings ever again! he’s a CF for goodness sake, OX/walcott were both ready why were they on the bench??????????????????

    Sanchez’s game is becoming very predictable, you can’t always cut to your right side, teams have adapted to his movements, like ribbery he has to learn to go both left/right then blast a shot from there, he has the speed but his preference is ALWAYS to cut right then shoot.

    These things are so simple and the 64 year old keeps getting them wrong! I honestly don’t think he can handle 2 more years of this much stress. If we win the FA cup he really should hang it up once and for all man for his own good.

  10. I don’t fink its abt getting new players enforcer YES….the maybe throw per into sahara desert, don’t fink they play football there,…our main problem is wenger, a good manager ;maybe yes but. Very poor coach ..he can’t motivate ..not tactically sound doesn’t read the oppositions game…whenever arsenal is leadin by ago, we sud expect a defensive subtitution wch eventually leads too an equalizer I fink the name arsenal conotes artelleries to attack and not to defend..
    Mybe its actually time for wenger to go

  11. I think our midfield played fine wednesday, just bec Giroud missed sitters, our midfield and fullbacks goes too forward to get those deserving goals and we concede..

    Welback also missed sitter but that deflected by walcot, so we totally cant blame him, thats just bad luck

    Its just shame that we cant bench giroud, but we could bench walcot, rosicky, ramsey, chambo when everyone is fit. They deserve more to play in starting 11 than giroud..

    Why wenger keeps buying in atacking midfield area and not really a proper striker who really could challenge giroud for that place

    1. We should play walcot/chambo at right and welback going to middle

      I think giroud would be very good as a sub..

  12. No single player play well on Wednesday, we all blame Per forgetting that in d two goals d other defenders left only him and went to oblivion. If we can remember City game, they defend together as a team. Well, Giriod is still d only better CF we hav. Theo has not been good since return frm injury, may b Ox will help us out, see dat goal he gav us,

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