Arsenal will score at least three goals against Leicester?

Arsenal are going for their tenth win in a row today at the Emirates and coincidentally we are also going for our tenth home win in a row against them as well. The stats also tell us that in our nine-game winning run we have averaged three goals per game so we should be confident we can continue our run of banging in goals consistently tomorrow night.

Paul Merson (for a change) is predicting we will win and score goals as well. “Nine wins in a row is some going at any standard of football,” Merson told Sky Sports. “The confidence must be really high at Arsenal.

“There have been games they shouldn’t have won to be honest but they rode their luck and come through the other side.”

“The thing is Arsenal, with the forward line they have, will always score goals. I watched Leicester against Everton and I just can’t see how Arsenal won’t score goals. Everton caused them so many problems at the back.

“Arsenal will let in goals, there’s no getting away from that, but you’d expect them to get a few on Monday. If they get three against Leicester that will be enough.”

To be honest, I hate it when we are overconfident as that is when we usually become unstuck, but maybe the Emery effect is changing our complacency.

I have just had a look and the price for Arsenal to win and both teams to score is 2.60. That seems like extremely good odds to me!

Fingers crossed!



  1. Gunman says:

    Leicester are a fairly well organised side and they have a fair amount of self belief so on that alone, it will be a tough game. However we will prevail.

  2. Eddie Hoyte says:

    I expect a clean sheet.. To be honest, my expectation is a big win and clean sheet. 3 or 4 goals and I’m good with the result. Chelsea and Utd drawing yesterday was the best result we could hope for, it stops Chelsea from running away from us and stops Utd from getting closer to us. Emery is gonna rotate and switch key players, I know so. I hope Lacazette grabs a brace tomorrow and we win good and neat.

    BTW, I’m not a Jose fan but I love what he did yesterday by showing 3 fingers to the fans letting them know what it did. That’s disgusting treatment from Chelsea fans towards him, absolutely disgraceful after all Mourinho gave them.

    1. Lol. He has pulled those notorious 3 fingers on reporters, the fans, everybody! Have to wonder just how badly he was wanting for Wenger to retire so that he can unleash those 3 fingers! He was like a kid waiting to open their presents on Christmas. Oh well, I hope the 3 fingers will give him the validation he craves for so badly…just joking! Mourinho is finished and 1 finger is all he will get from the utd fans at the end of the season.

      1. Sue says:

        He’ll get 1 finger from me too!

        1. Phil says:

          QD And SUE-I’m with you.It shows how highly regarded Maureen is by Chav fans that he is despised despite what he won as Manager.Can you imagine Wenger coming to the Emirates as Manager of another team?He would not be walking the pitch raising THREE fingers to remind us of his Premier League Titles.But I can think of one person who would be raising TWO fingers at his but I won’t go There).
          Maureen deserves what he gets.This is a Manager that seemed to have ZERO respect for other Clubs,Managers,Teams,Players,Supporters in every Country he managed.
          Look at the time he was caught “Tapping Up” Ashley Cole.I can never understand why Arsenal Football Club Let him get away with a slapped wrist and a tuppence halfpenny fine.We should have taken that so much further.
          But what Goes Around Comes Around and he is certainly getting it now.The man has ZERO CLASS

          1. Ladi says:

            Lol, you could have used ‘Mou’ but hell nah you chose to make him a woman hence ‘Maureen’?

          2. jon fox says:

            Well said Phil. You and I were as prominent as any on here in our both craving Wenger’s exit asap. BUT, the man, if not the later manager in him, always has a class and great human quality. A totally different level – the difference between Arsenal’s Invincibles and Macclesfield FC of today in fact – when compared to he and Mourinho as people. That is why Wenger will always have a warm and special welcome when ever he comes to our furure games, whereas Mourinho is disliked almost everywhere in football. These things are far more important than just the football. One is merely a sport( however passionate we may be about it) ; the other is how we SHOULD ALL BE, even though most, myself definitely included , fail to live up to those standards. AS A MAN Arsene Wenger is and has always been a giant.

          3. Sue says:

            Phil let me guess who that one person raising his 2 fingers at Arsene would be?!!! Would you be wearing that t shirt too?!! ????
            Totally agree about Maureen, he’s a complete bell end & it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy ?

      2. Eddie Hoyte says:

        Lol..Quantico Dream and Sue..of cus I know Utd fans will give him the middle finger and bad treatment, but I wasn’t expecting that poor treatment from Chelsea fans. Mourinho is like their own version of Arsene Wenger.
        Can’t wait to watch some good football tomorrow night

        1. Sue says:

          I can’t wait for the match either Eddie, been too.long I’m having withdrawals!!!

    2. Break-on-through says:

      Someone, I can’t remember who, replied to an article saying no I think you’re wrong I reckon it’ll be a draw v Che and utd. That was ok but he went into detail with his reasons and he was spot on. Fair play to you dude maybe you should try give some tips on here in the future.

      1. Eddie Hoyte says:

        Break-on-through in as much as I do fancy my own match and team analysis, I won’t take credit for that Chelsea vs Utd prediction. I didn’t do it, but like u said fair play to whoever did

  3. Robin Vanpayslip - does what it says on the tin says:

    I can see it happening. I don’t think they would be able to deal with the movement.

    The real question though is how quite can arsenal keep them

  4. gotanidea says:

    I think it is going to be difficult to score more, because Leicester are going to be defensive

    I predict the goal would be scored in the second half, maybe from a corner

  5. I’ve been growing more and more confident as the days near the Leicester game. We have very few injuries and Lacazette and Ozil have been well rested. We are at home, on a run, while Leicester have a very shaky record losing their last match versus Everton. I predict a comfortable 3-1 win with an unlucky Mustafi blunder to undo an otherwise excellent result. It would be truly amazing if we won by 4 goals and usurped Chelsht. We must keep up with the big boys and stake our claim for 4th or even higher! I don’t expect a title challenge of course but it would be magical if Emery gave us that surprise.

  6. Break-on-through says:

    I’d say everyone’s feeling a bit confident but I’m the same, it feels like you’re building yourself up for a fall when you get a bit cocky. The defence done ok in the last few games so hopefully that will hold. Would’ve preferred this game played when the others were playing, all eyes will be on the monday game and that can get to the players sometimes, at least it did in the last few seasons.

    Have to mention Nelson, great that things are going well over there. Looks like a good move I’d say he’s certainly glad with it. Some of our others might not so happy they stayed, or at least in the future they’ll be looking at how it went for Nelson.

    1. Terrah money says:

      Nelson is doing extremely well at hofenheim,its proving to be a good move afterall.BTW i’m making my debut comment on here.

      1. mobella says:

        The boy is doing so well considering he hadn’t played full match. what I’m mostly happy about is the media leaving him alone to do his thing while they keeping raving about Sancho.

    2. jon fox says:

      This type of young British players going abroad for experience(on loans AND permanent moves) will surely become far more common. Jaydon Sancho is just the most publicly prominent right now and he and Reiss Nelson are both clearly coming on in leaps and bounds. This raises the important question of whether or not the Prem should ensure a certain number of Brits are included in all 18 man squads picked for a game; not just at a club which fails to ensure that many , or even ANY, Brits actually play. There are pros and cons. But to my mind the pros come mostly down to money and world wide publicity for the Prem, by having mainly big foreign nanes here and is very harmful( the cons) to our British players who remain here but not actually play and to our British identity. Young players getting experience when very young , is at least a step in the right direction , in my view , and will surely steadily increase now. On a wider aspect, young payers widening their personal horizons when still very young is definitely a good thing for their development as humans, not just as players. I know we are all excited by the potential NELSON HAS SHOWN, not merely since he went to Germany either.

  7. jon fox says:

    One problem that scoring regular and plenty of goals throws up is that our expectations then start to expect them every time. Football does not work like that. Only yesterday, I watched Liverpool struggle to win just 1-0 at lowly Huddersfield and were lucky to have won. Huddersfield scared them silly and should have won. Liverpools much vaunted front three seem to have dried up as a potent force. It happens! That is just one of many reasons why football remains so marvellously difficult to predict. Despite this I do believe we will, though do not EXPECT(which is subtly different) us to score two, three or four against Leicester, but let us learn not to expect this every week. Only City, in my view, seem certain to score several every match and even they don’t actually achieve that in EVERY game. Optimism is good and positive, when tempered by reality,. But foolish fantasy, in print and in public(as distinct from in our own private mental moments) just heaps unnecessary pressure on and can harm our team. I do wish more of the “we are gonna thrash everyone” brigade would consider how harmful some of their nonsense can be to the team we all love.

  8. kenya01 Ars fan says:

    Don’t mind a 1-0 3points clean shit am happy☺☺ wont be easy will be close never been easy in the epl

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