Arsenal will show they mean business when they start renewing the big contracts

Gabriel Martinelli, Bukayo Saka and William Saliba are part of the backbone of the current Arsenal team, and their form is one of the reasons they are at the top of the Premier League table right now.

The trio of youngsters have developed into some of the best in their positions in Europe despite their young ages and interestingly, all their current deals expire soon.

Arsenal has been in talks over new deals with all of them individually and maintains they want them to stay, but they are not making as much progress as fans will appreciate in contract talks.

This has opened the door for other clubs to make a move for them, and the Gunners risk losing any of them in the coming months.

However, this will show how serious they are about becoming the leading club in the Premier League, and fans will also be paying attention to how the futures of these stars unfold.

If Arsenal cannot get them all to sign new deals, it will show they are not ready to be one of the Premier League title winners in the next few seasons.

However, if Mikel Arteta’s men can get them on new deals, their rebuild will move more smoothly, and we can be sure that Arsenal will remain title challengers in the next few seasons.

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  1. I hope Josh / Edu and Arteta continue with their ruthlessness. Lets offer reasonable contracts to these players. I feel like Saka and Martinelli will sign. Lets not overpay. Lets not fall into that ridiculous trap again, we have been burned enough times already.

    Just offer them good / reasonable contracts and whoever wants to play games then just cut our loses as quickly as possible. Lets not keep making the same mistake we have been making for more than 10 years with letting players run down their contracts. Offer them contracts that you deem reasonable, if they keep playing games, dragging their feet then please sell them and use that money to replace them with new players.

    Let’s not let the situation fester. Sort it in an honest manner lets keep focusing on where the club is at right now and where we are heading.

    I have had enough of this contract renewal circus as an Arsenal fan. The club keep letting the players run down their contracts and then lose them for nothing. We should sort out their contracts with about 2 years left on their contracts instead of being duped until the player ends up in the driving seat.

    They renew or we sell quickly and make as much as we can squeeze out of it. Then we move on.

    Thank you.

  2. A bold attempt should be made to retain them at all cost, the world cup thrown in the middle of the negotiations may cost Arsenal a few more quids to settle all the contracts.

    They are all three fully internationals, they are all future players for their respective countries with a bright future of forming the back bones of the teams.

    Martinelli £200 quid a week
    Saka £220 quid
    Saliba £180 quid

    A good pen with ink flowing should be found and get these contracts out of the way, Arsenal has other fishes to fry.

  3. I guess those players want to see our achievement first in the end of the season

    If Arsenal and they still can’t find the agreement by then, the club had better sell the players as soon as possible

    1. Not sure that’s the reason, they could always sign with clause in their contract and they will be loosing money as well.

      Remember Martinelli only needs a pen and from report receiving they may have just stumbled on one.

    2. @GAI Arent they part of that same “Team” whose performance they’re waiting to see in May? What youre saying can only happen in a one man team like Tottenham. all these players have already made up their minds, DO NOT BE FOOLED! Thats why I dont waste my time on these contract shenanigans. Whatever happens Ive got a team to support.

      1. I think those young players are highly ambitious and emboldened by their World Cup participations, so I suspect they’d wait for our final results first

  4. You know when you try too hard to impress a chick, you fail miserably. And when you stay cool and act appropriately, they come begging. I think Edu is smart. And passionate. I think the club should concentrate on club success and development first before indulging into any individuals. The fans are finally connected to the club because players are treated like valuable commodities instead of untouchables kings. As a long time fan, I prefer this trend.

  5. Why £220 or £180 kilo per week wages for Saka to be earning at Arsenal as a commenter above has suggested? But wouldn’t that kind of contract extension wage increase be too much for the 21 year old Saka to be getting at Arsenal? More so, as he has not yet won anything for Arsenal.
    I think if Arsenal give Saka such a big wages per week to be earning. Such undeserved big wages money offer to Saka by Arsenal to be earning could see him spoilt for earning so much before his football grows bigger to make him earn bigger wages.
    The same thing applies to Martinelli and Saliba also. Who if he cares seriously for Arsenal and wants to see them win the Epl title this season. And be part of the remarkable win success. He ought to have rejoined the team immediately after the end of the World Cup as he only had 40 minutes cameo appearance for France at the WC. He should be in the Arsenal team to face West Ham in the Epl at the Ems tomorrow.
    I don’t support Arsenal overpaying any of their players again. After they overpaid wages to Mesut Ozil and PEA. But which later saw the overpaid duo left Arsenal in acrimonious manner.
    Therefore, Arsenal should resist the urge to overpay any of their players wages they actually not qualified to be earning at the club. But pay to them the actual correct wages they deserved to be getting.

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