Arsenal WILL sign Cech but only if he ASKS

If the Arsenal transfer rumours are true and Arsene Wenger really is keen on bringing the Chelsea and Czech Republic keeper Petr Cech to north London this summer, it could be a key addition and could really help to give Arsenal a little extra edge in our quest to end the wait for a Premier League title.

But that is also why it seems a bit strange to hear about Mourinho telling his 32-year old stopper that the identity of his next club would not be an issue and that Chelsea would not stand in his way of joining a Premier League rival as long as the transfer fee, thought to be around £10 million, was met.

Wenger has been burned before trying to deal with Mourinho, in the Demba Ba saga when Chelsea pulled the plug on a loan deal at the last minute and left the Gunners no time to complete another option. So as the Daily Mail have reported, Arsenal are applying the logic of once bitten-twice shy to the Cech transfer and want a clear signal from the keeper that he wants to play for the Gunners, before any moves are made in the transfer market.

The last thing Wenger wants is to be embroiled in talks all summer for nothing to come off, so is he right to demand some kind of early agreement with Cech?

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  1. misoko says:

    No Need to sign a Keeper we’ve got 3 quality keepers competing!! Sign a DMF, a winger if Theo Leaves and a Top quality Striker, and we are ready to fight for Next Season….

    1. YingYang69 says:

      Szczesney has always been an accident waiting to happen and indeed duly obliges. Seeing balls being whipped into our box and having Szcz step over to or under them makes me fearful every time. Clearances… how many have we seen go straight to opposition and even when were not set up right. He flaps…. simple as.

      He can be a good shot stopper even against the best but ive heard many a pundit say every pl goalkeeper is a good shot stopper so it is the other parts of their game which is telling. Catching high balls/crosses so to take pressure off defenders or getting a strong fist to it… distance, organising defence, pushing teammates forward from your box to stop congestion, distribution. One more thing, you should be confident in your goalkeeper as flapping or blundering will not breathe confidence among your defence.. quite the opposite.

      That might seem too harsh with many, but for me how i feel is an accident waiting to happen describes our no2. Until he proves otherwise that has been the case thus far.

  2. ButtFlaps says:

    The Cech in the mail to Emirates stadium!!!

    1. bayjerkoff says:

      Na only buying dem sabi for this blog, tolk about tactics, be creative….;ust forget abt buying till at least transfer window is opened.

      All these transfer news re shit, u will c guys here creating his next season arsenal team with 7new players, none from our reserve…how easy

  3. jamesbrowney says:

    Arsenal, right now, doesn’t need Cech… Ospina has been consistent and dominant in his role…. Cech was axed because he started making silly mistakes… Same thing with Wojech…. And both got replaced with better hands…. Why buy an unwanted product when the one in use is perfectly fine…. Saturday draws nearer…. Can’t wait.

    1. YingYang69 says:

      Thats bull… Cech was dropped so che could have another decade and more of having one of the best goalkeepers in the world. People are always arguing over what world class means or who is… When youve been one of the very best GKs in world for more than a decade make no mistake about it.. that is world class.

  4. dragunov762mm says:

    Things only a bit easy for Cech if he comes here. He has to compete against Ospina. But, I agreed his move to Arsenal might up to his demand. And he’ll strengthen our goalie sector. Unlikely to be happen but worth to try.

  5. leo says:

    Wenger confirms Debuchy, Arteta, Diaby, Wilshere & Chamberlain all back in full training but unlikely to play vs Liverpool. Welbeck may play .Ramsey & Rosický should be fit for Saturday & that Wilshere might be included (from bench).

    1. supertuur says:

      Physo room says Welbeck and OX still on the list. By end of next week we should have 0 injured players. That is if we do not get any new ones.

  6. leo says:

    Wenger denies Palermo president’s claims that Arsenal have bid for Dybala: “Ask him to show you the offer.”

    next up ‘I haven’t heard of Dybala before’ or who’s dybala ?

    1. Champagne Charlie says:

      Probably true regarding Serie A, but the young talent there is better than in England. While there are also some fantastic players you could buy around the 15mil mark because it’s not so inflated there.

  7. davidnz says:

    Czech Cech Check mate 🙂

  8. 007 says:

    Mixed feeling about Cech saga.

    – His a good golie and he would strengthen that department at any club that he joins. Now that would mean we would have to loose one of Scz or Ospina.

    – Ospina – Having bought Ospina last summer and him being our current number “1” I don’t see us letting him go at this stage. Plus it would be sad loosing the Ooooooooospina chant

    – Scz – he has his issues but his a young lad who can always improve his game and his our own product. It would be sad seeing him go too.

    Its a tough one though I expect Wenger and the club to make the right call.

    One thing I know for sure is we need a goal keeping coach!!!

  9. leo says:

    Pablo Sarabia of Getafe says arsenal wants to sign him

  10. davidnz says:

    We have at least 2 decent
    players in every position.
    Another DM to succeed Arteta
    and we’re done.
    Release Flamini Diaby and Ryo.
    Hopefully we can sell Podolski and Campbell
    Loan Sanogo back to France.
    Easy peasy.

  11. maxwell says:

    forget him, not what we need. there is 10 top players we can all pick but i think El Shaarawy is a possible chance….

    yes pogba but think he is actually PSG bound next year !!

  12. maxwell says:

    don’t think many people see what wenger done bringing in Ospina. this could have been a major disaster in the premiership.

    Great move by wenger once again !

  13. Wilshegz says:

    We dnt need Cech although he is a great goalie..

    What we need is another DM/physical midfielder and a Striker.

    Any of Wanyama,Carvalho,JaviMartinez,Pogba,Kondogbia will be perfect for the role..
    I dnt see Schneiderlin as a player that has the Viera-esque strength or physique we need.

    For strike; Lewandowski,Rooney,Muller,Higuain are viable options.
    Or Aguero although that is highly unlikely.. .. If Dybala is as good as he is rated, like an Aguero/Messi… He is also an option.

    Personally I’ll take WanyamaMuller

  14. vince says:

    schneiderlin is good. ur dm shouts are valid. dybala is all hype, don’t believe what you haven’t verrified. 12 goals in the italian league? please.

    rooney?? bahahaha are you mental? lewa is not coming. screw higuain, muller isnt coming. aguero is not for sure . so i am not sure what exactly the second part of ur post is about. think ur stuff through m8, this is not fifa

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