Arsenal can still attract top players despite our League position

Any club can get any player if they play their cards right! (Opinion)


Sometimes it is not about where you finish in a season or how many trophies you have that can attract players, but it is down to many other factors.


As we have seen, the likes of Ceballos, Gabriel and Partey have joined the ranks in recent seasons where we have not exactly ended up in the best of positions in the league or in Europe.


And I always used to think if you are not champions of your league and you’re not in Europe and you don’t have many titles to your name, then you will struggle and you will have less chance of attracting the most sought after players. Yet the longer it goes on and the more players we manage to get I believe that it is all down to the team philosophy, the team spirit and the attraction of the club from players and managers that ultimately make the decision for arriving players.


So we don’t get top four and worst case we don’t get Europa league football or even Champions league football, yet how we managed to get Thomas Partey from a top club in Spain, who always competed in the Champions League, to come to a club in London who were not in the best of places at his arrival time, surely says a lot to the ways the club persuaded him to come. 


We have heard that the likes of Ceballos was called personally by Arteta and persuaded to come so sometimes it can just be down to how the manager makes the club attractive to a player, rather than the previous or current successes of a club.


If we can attract the likes of Partey then I have no doubt that there’s always going to be options to bring in anyone and everyone that becomes available if given the funds to do so! Here’s hoping hey Gooners?


Shenel Osman

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  1. Ceballos is not a top player.

    We can attract great players, we just need to find them from clubs who preferrably are not playing European football and who are not being courted by bigger clubs.

  2. We need to find players before their talent becomes evident to the football world at large.Two years ago I advocated moving for Konsa and Watkins when they were with Brentford.We failed to act and now they are two of the best in their positions in the EPL.Konsa is one of the quickest centre backs in the League and is close to an England call up.Like one of the better pundits, Andy Townsend, I consider him superior to Mings or Coady of Wolves who was dreadful against West Ham last night.

  3. I think our player recruitment still leaves something to be desired. Okay we’ve attracted Partey but nearly all of his performances to date have been married with inconsistencies ie errant passing and distribution, trying too much with the ball and getting caught, losing the ball in skirmishes. He came to us with a big reputation but has not really elevated us at all. Although, you can say that all he is doing is emulating the inconsistency of the team around him.

    Yeah, we can attract players like Ceballos, Partey etc but I think that in a lot of cases we attract the cast off’s. The players that are either in limbo at their present clubs and or, players that despite the media hype, have been already earmarked for replacement and wish to continue or improve their careers to either curry favour with, or as a two fingered salute to their previous employers.

    Ceballos and Oedegard I hazard a guess would much prefer to be playing their football at Madrid but for some reason, don’t fit into the plans of the current manager. As a result, we take them on, give them a wage and become a training ground and stepping stone in their careers until such time they’ve had enough and are either recalled by their parent club or move on to a bigger financial suitor.

    I’ve always maintained that arsenal is club where players can come and hide. Players as I’ve mentioned above who come to us and see arsenal as just a training facility. Players like Ozil and Aubamayang who come with a lot of hype but just want a wage and will put in an initial shift until they get a contract then show their disinterest.

    There was an article on here the other day fantasising about the signing of Agüero. This sort of signing if it happened would highlight my point. As good as a player as he ‘was’ Man City already know that he’s not up to current standards and are happy to get rid. Now city and Agüero both know he’s got a little bit left in the tank however, Agüero has an ego and will feel slighted by city’s disinterest and seek to prove that they are wrong to cast him off. We, will foolishly believe we can help him in his cause to prove city bosses wrong and get out of him what city can’t. Agüero will feign and gush about a club as great as arsenal coming in for him and how he’ll fight for us now. When all the time all he wants is a fat wage and an easy life. He’ll be another Ozil, Aubamayang, put the odd shift in but will lose interest and as highlighted, hide inside arsenal blaming the club for his own shortcomings. And in the event it does come off and he can produce the goods, will use us as a stepping stone to some other glory, somewhere other than arsenal.

    We’ve become too gullible in our recruitment and allowed players to hide inside our club. Either picking has-beens, Wannabees or bits of old coal that we try to fashion into diamonds. We have gotta stop that now and recruit better. We’ve got some good talent in the team like Saka, ESR, Martinelli, Tierney. We just need players of the same ilk, players with talent, drive, committment and ambition in all the positions on the pitch. If we have to home grow them, then so be it. But, if we are going to compete in an ever decreasing market place, then spend wisely. Don’t recruit has-beens or fly by nights and don’t be fooled that big names are synonymous with quality !

    1. Great and clued up post Lt Dan. What you are saying essentially, is that we need some streetwise admins in our club to change the culture of choosing self entitled older players who are happy just coasting through the autumn of their career, while we look on and don’t see the awful truth.

      MANY OF US SAW THROUGH OZIL, SOME FROM WAY BACK, BUT MANY MORE NEVER DID. Many fans are terribly gullible and use their hearts but so often NOT their heads.

      We also need to back the current manager when he is unpopular when doing all that is necessary to change the drift and lazy culture. He speaks well but his recent efforts are not as effective in motivating CERTAIN players as we all need them to be.

      Ultimately if a manager fails to motivate all his players he is failing and to do this he has to omit ALL lazy players, no matter who or how good their past reputation. It is all about NOW, never way back in the day, that matters

      Auba MUST now be dropped, starting on Thursday and MARTINELLI given an extended run in his place. Ceballos too should be left out and not rehired at seasons end. We MUST now give youth a proper, extended chance, at the expense of older, lazier, less motivated players, ALL of whom we could do without at our club.

    1. Thomas Partey, for one, will be wondering whether the money he is earning at the current sh#t show at Arsenal was worth leaving Atletico Madrid. In the second half against Liverpool, his body language showed he wasn’t impressed by his team mate’s feeble tackling and erant passing.

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